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I haven't seen any mention of it always pointing in it's direction of travel. Indeed, that seems fairly impossible, with no forces acting to change the way it's pointing, but it's trajectory being changed by the gravity of objects it passes by.Erosion of asteroids by solar wind (or the interstellar medium it likely spent a significant portion of it's existence in) is virtually nil. There is certainly space weathering, which is likely responsible for the color observed, but...
Not for the Fury.
Only real problem was the ultra presets. Game runs fine and performs well for the IQ delivered if you tune the settings yourself.
Just installed it on my secondary system, seems to mine and bench fine on my Fury. Will try some games tomorrow.
Unless there is a clear vibration problem that's probably turblence from air being forced through the heatsink's fins. Not much you can do about that other than add a spacer so there is less of a deadzone behind the hub and less pressure over more area.
Without a distance qualifier, you can make such a statement about anything and be completely accurate.I'll blow you a spit bubble that will withstand a 50 megaton thermonuclear 1000km.Even armored glass generally survives less overpressure than a human...eardrums are another matter though.The fact that this has a 500 mile range and isn't a cab-over design strongly suggests it's not for those markets.
Not any more than some simple anti-vibration mounds, not unless you were compromising airflow. Fans like that make most of their noise from raw air flow and the turbulence of the fan blades cutting through air.
I can sink 5k hours into a game I really enjoy. I don't think I could sink 5k hours into this game.
It's one thing for arbitrary difficulty to replace gameplay, but if success is assured, the gameplay becomes redundant.If I was just trying to get a story, I'd read the book, or watch the video edit someone posted on YouTube. Normally, I play games not just to experience a story, but to participate in and create one.
There is a lot of radiation in space, but not all locations are equal, nor all all exposure durations.The Apollo mission bypassed the inner Van Allen belts completely and spent a few hours in the outer ones.In interplanetary space, there is nothing protecting a space craft from solar wind or other high energy particles and Jupiter's radiation belts are much harsher than Earth's because of Jupiter's much stronger magnetic field.Juno spent years in interplanetary space with...
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