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Skyrim makes the list for sure, I would also put in Euro Truck sim 2, its fun to do and has a lot of play time plus you can play it offline. I do like KOTOR but I have a problem with some of the cut scenes ruining the game.
Still on my i7 920 and its Overclocked at 4 ghz and i get around 55C load temps. Its been a good chip, had it for almost 6 years and its been overclocked at 4ghz since the day it left the box. I also had a qx6700 which ran a light oc at 3.2 ghz. I have a dual core amd x2 250 regor at 3ghz. It runs cool and is a work box running linux.
I was curious about the performance of the current AMD chips and ran some tests with him. The AMD is about as fast in games as a 1st gen i7, slower in individual core performance and faster in rendering, So the cpu is a bit better at multitasking but for the most part the my intel still keeps up with AMD hardware. Seeing this, if your on a AMD cpu and thinking about intel, you will notice a difference in speed.
Turn off hyperthreading and try overclocking like that especially with that weak cooler.
I have a Q6700 and it can not play bf4 for its life and its not the video card (7870). My i7 920 plays at 100+ fps perfect. Keep in mind though that this game is cpu intensive. I even think its about time to upgrade my 5 year old i7. If you cant afford a new cpu and board (IDK why not the i5 is dirt cheap) you can get away with an i7 920 but it will still bottleneck.
I put too much time in the game ~210 hours and I really enjoy it, but I am more of a fan of the franchise and I also play with 6 others on a daily basis which makes it a blast. There are tons of faults though, which might turn off the casual users and as a competitive gamer I dont ever see this game taken seriously in the competitive community and I know clans that pulled out because of that. But we all still play it because its battlefield and the diversity is really...
Sorry to say but its server side. You can keep looking for servers until you find one that works.
It doesnt matter the distro. I tried ubuntu, mint and open suse. All do not recognize the HDD.
I have a Dell inspiron 15z laptop. Now when I boot up and launch the install. it does not recognize the hdd. I have tried disabling secure boot and also enabled the controller as ahci. Any ideas on how to get it to work? I have installed several linux os's on custom built desktops and had them work flawlessly but am stumbled with the proprietary based system.
So bummed that site was pretty awesome.
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