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That was Gingerbread. ICS brought it to developer options but it didn't do that much. But ICS was a lot smoother because of other tweaks on the OS. I have a Galaxy S1 Fascinate as my backup phone, when I updated it to ICS from Gingerbread, it's day and night difference and that's on a single core.LOL, you seem to be way out of loop here. Doesn't look like you've done any research and were just sold a phone.First, Google Nexus was made by HTC, Google Nexus S and Galaxy...
All in all, a decent little bump over Llano. Hopefully those sleekbooks are discounted soon.
1) Do you prefer to build your own PC’s or buy a branded system? a) Prefer to build my own 2) How often do you replace or upgrade your PC? e) 3 years or longer 3) How important do you feel an SSD is to system performance? a) Extremely important 4) [Canadian residents] What is 120 plus 45 divided by 4 minus 11? non-Canuck
Interesting, I might pick it up.
I have this old Logitech wireless keyboard Y-RJ21, but the batteries run out after like 2 weeks. Looking to get rid of wireless and get a solid wired keyboard. Budget is about $50. What do you all recommend ? Nothing fancy needed, whatever gets the typing done and has a few multimedia shortcuts like changing songs and volume.
Intel Mobile World Congress News Conference with Paul S. Otellini - Feb. 27, 5:30-6:30 p.m. CET (8:30-9:30 a.m. PT) Stream is here
seriously you need to use chrome
Have a Pentax DSLR here. Probably wouldn't trade it in for any of the competing systems as I just need the image shooting and don't do video. Legacy lenses are just nice! Just got a 100mm 1:1 manual focus macro for $85 the other day.Yes, the 645D and it's the cheapest medium format on the market.
Lol I love marketing graphs for laughs. 0 - 1 has lesser area in the chart than 1 - 1.6
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