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I think a universal is good enough for just the core, but doesn't cool the other parts of the card as well. I'm not looking for aesthetics and I'm not really looking for max clocks on water anyways. I use water when testing, setting up an OS, or if I'm running a certain bench that doesn't really need Ln2. Now my card clocks poorly on LN2 and I have never really tested it on water.
I need to get more up to date with some of these specifics. Lately it seems I can't find any gear thats worth swapping too. You meantion azurewrath, I have found 3 of them recently while playing on my wizard. Maybe I should start playing with other people, solo'ing is getting boring.
April 14th
Thats insane, I'll stick to my universal block when i want to run it on water.
april 13th
Don't think T6 is going to be a good idea. I just tried T3 and it was a bit more difficult than I would like. T2 isn't so bad, seems a tad bit harder than T1, but T3 seems a lot harder.
I saw those clip on probes the other day at frys and the thought crossed my mind, just didn't know how I'd integrate them. I just ended up solder cables and stuff. For Vgpu, I attached a 3pin fan header to easily remove the vmod if necessary. I also had issues with a 2k vr the first time. It seemed to run out of range rather quick and upwards of 1.5v, it'd shoot up to 1.6v and more and was all over the place. Using a 1K made things more stable. My card looks terrible...
I haven't even seen T6. Been solo'ing T1, but thats starting to get boring now. Not sure if my wizard is up to the task of much higher than T1.
I have scores with single, sli, and tri-sli.
april 11th
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