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You gotta start binning k-probes. All my flukes read down to -198. The ones that came with my uei do -198 and vince's rope kprobe does as well.
The usb thing for file playback might be an issue for good sound quality. When I think "home theater" I want to take advantage of all the audio that is recorded on the film. Be that dts-hd for blu-rays or even Dolby digital or dts for the older dvd quality stuff. I guess it all depends on the source material that you are watching. A lot of the stuff that one might get on the internet only has a stereo track and nothing else. You wouldn't be getting the most out of a...
I've used a few mid priced thermometers from reputable companies and also own a fluke 52-2. The first one I bought was a uei dt302 and also own an amprobe. The biggest difference between the fluke and the others is really have fast it is. The rate at which it can refresh and show subtle changes is what I like most about. The battery also last's a very long time and it turns back on with just a quick press of a button. The uei DT302 is nice and solid, but it goes...
Just the leaderboard and the opportunity to start the grind from scratch. In the past there were season exclusive items, now it's all the same.
Personally I like the the hold down at the top of the pot and haven't had any issues. I've never used a pot with a lower hold down, but I can imagine it getting in the way of a memory pot or something if it's too low and too big. I also don't like having to use something to wrap the lower portion of the pot and then the top portion. I have tried that when I used the extension on the F1 extreme.
5 ban waves i think.
found video, skip to end about 16:00 mark that high clear feels just as good. At the end it was your gameplay and dedication to fishing that made the clear happen. The botting and farming just helped in being able to shoot for a higher clear.
I was totally legit, got banned for no reason Reminds me of startawar, so funny. Gets clear, claims legit and banned next day. Too bad he deleted the video
or do like me and start season 6 with fresh new account.
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