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Season opener is every 3 months, how long has it been since "date night"
Its the first time that I have the weekend off when the season staaarts, but I don't feel like playing. I also would need to buy a new account. I really didn't enjoy solo wiz this past season and next season doesn't look any different. Safer was kind of fun, but I tried that for less than a week. Didn't even have full ancients. Hated WD and don't like gen monk. Seems like their is no incentive to play. Apparently thud is no more. The game is painful without it.
I have really good wd gear, but hate playing it. Really good gen monk gear but hate playing it. Really good wiz gear and got a clear. Now trying sader which is kind of fun. People with P1000 have done near gr100. I cleared a 95 a little while ago and now i'm trying 100's. Pretty much need the god comp to clear 100. I'm using 2600dps weapon and a about half is ancient. Put in left over 90 augs.
Crazy did that like 3 seasons ago, made a sader like last 3 days, got rank 2 or 3. I'm hoping to clear 100 or so. I just blew like 8k dbs trying to craft some ancients, only got 2 pieces. I still need boots, gloves, helm, shield and better weapon. Also could use a strength compass. I'm using a dex compass at the moment. I do have a gg travelers though.
So I decided to do like crazy and craft a sader the last week of the season. It's actually kind of fun when you don't have high expectations. Right now I only have like 4 ancient pieces. So far done a 91, but working on getting some more ancients soon. I got tired of fishing for R1 on the wizard.
I tried d2/a few months ago. Couldnt play more than 1 day. Selecting and using different skills is done terribly. Then the slow movement speed is pretty bad too. I played hundreds of hours years ago, but couldn't do it after playing d3.
They reduced manald heal procs by 25%. But I hear that in ptr they made it so that hydras can proc MH now and supposedly it's a thing. On the bright side, I finally got a clear, finally on the leaderboards. For my paragon, not very impressive.
Yea, using the lightning wiz. Getting smashed on buy guys with 1k less paragon. Feels bad. Need that god comp on open map, haven't gotten it yet.
I'm still around, but having a difficult time getting a clearable rift
I finally got a good sacred harvester yesterday. Might be time to augment and learn to play WD.
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