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Still playing, but lost all hope. That bugged Firebirds is dumb and the reason I play is to do solo wizard.
My 780 lightning has been sitting on the shelf for years. Used maybe 2-3 times. Even had Samsung. Maybe one day it'll get used again.
I like that tal's/vrys twister solo build, now that looks fun.
In Diablo 3, you can get banned and then purchase a new key and add it to your existing account and play with the same account you did before. Only you start from scratch.
The Lian Li T60 isn't very practical at all. It works for something that's set and forget, but for an actual benching set up it's less than ideal. I had one and got rid of it, but I only used it for my daily. I use a dimastech hard for my bench but also had a few other dimastech that I recently sold. I wouldn't buy anything directly from them though. You'd likely never get it and if you do, who knows what condition it'd be in.
You gotta start binning k-probes. All my flukes read down to -198. The ones that came with my uei do -198 and vince's rope kprobe does as well.
The usb thing for file playback might be an issue for good sound quality. When I think "home theater" I want to take advantage of all the audio that is recorded on the film. Be that dts-hd for blu-rays or even Dolby digital or dts for the older dvd quality stuff. I guess it all depends on the source material that you are watching. A lot of the stuff that one might get on the internet only has a stereo track and nothing else. You wouldn't be getting the most out of a...
I've used a few mid priced thermometers from reputable companies and also own a fluke 52-2. The first one I bought was a uei dt302 and also own an amprobe. The biggest difference between the fluke and the others is really have fast it is. The rate at which it can refresh and show subtle changes is what I like most about. The battery also last's a very long time and it turns back on with just a quick press of a button. The uei DT302 is nice and solid, but it goes...
Just the leaderboard and the opportunity to start the grind from scratch. In the past there were season exclusive items, now it's all the same.
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