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I showed a video the other day of the big gap between the heat spreaders and pot. It needs tim in between. The spreaders themselves are also junk. One time use if you're lucky and they don't strip out.
Almost into the 53's, very nice
I'd rather have two kits of memory collecting dust instead of three
Maybe I should reconsider that offer I received, lemans might hate me too.
Honestly, i can't remember on all the lightnings. The last one that I ran was the 780ti and it was very noticeable at high voltage. On the 290x, I'm not sure. I have a 780 lightning, but I only used it about once while I was in taiwan. With the 290x, I do remember the original ln2 bios and then a different one having different voltage. I don't think i ever cared much or noticed it until I ran that 980kpe. I returned that thing quick as soon as I realized it'd be...
Evbot built in to keyboard is ridiculous. Gonna need a benching keyboard now. I will say that voltage stability/regulation or whatever you want to call it is much better on the classy/kpe than on lightnings that I've tried. Even my 780ti lightning has voltage going all over the place. The 980kpe that I used was solid and didn't move. I must have set about 1.8v on the lightning to run 1.7v during benches.
I own both a dt302 and fluke 52II. The uei isnt as responsive as the fluke. With dice it makes no difference but its something that is noticeable when you are at the edge if a cold bug. The uei also goes through batteries like crazy. Then something that bothers me is when the screen times out. On the fluke you just push the button and its back on. With the uei you have to hold the button. It's a small inconvenience, but it always happens right as you are pouring. ...
The old KP pot aligns with only 1 dimm using the ek spreaders. The You can't screw both dimms down with the dominance. It also requires different screws. I was trying to figure out a way to do this just a few days ago. I have some ek spreaders and both a ney pro and dominance. The ney pro just doesn't get things cold enough.
You need the USB 3.1 version
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