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You're not going to find any good 4770k at MC. Those are long gone. Only options are to buy used from people "upgrading" to 4790k or just take your shot at a few 4790k.
He'd kill it, mods or no mods
If it gets you a free refill, I'd do it.
I'd rather have one or the pair of those 5870 lightning's.
That only happens if the first thing you try to bench is a 780TI KP
show us the ddr4 then
I just did bclk in bios and used control center lite for CPU multi and vcore. Input done in bios too.
I do, I only have like 3 kits but I have a bit of psc. Yesterday I just wanted to try samsung. Been messing with them so long for all this MOA stuff that I wanted to try on a proper board. I also didn't have much LN2 left and psc would have gone through it too quick.
Not too happy with this memory. Was trying 2933 on a little bit of cold and it wasn't having it. One loop in and not exact in round, settled for this just to get a time.
I don't have time to play these games, if it were me I'd want my money back.
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