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With .95v rail mod, card works flawless. Easy 1600 with my card.
The very basic tweaks are all on hwbot. It looks like you set the theme to w7 basic. Aero does wonders for the transparent windows score. At 5ghz that should be much higher, at least 10x higher. A raid 0 array also helps a great. deal.
You guys are too funny. Slowing xp startup is easy. All you need to do is run something at the same time in order to slow it down. Moving files from drive to drive or a program like iometer gets the job done. Ramdisk aren't allowed either.
Would be awesome, can finally get rid of the old GS2 and get something fast without paying a fortune.
I have a few items for sale with maybe more on the way. -Ship only within the USA. -Paypal 1. Z97 Mpower Max AC $180 shipped Great shape, comes with retail box and just about all accessories. Never taken anything out of the box other than the board and possibly vmeasure probes. 2. Z87 Mpower Max $120 shipped Board is lubed up and ready for LN2. Comes with retail box and just about all accessories. Never taken anything out of the box other than the board and...
As long as people keep buying them and not benching them, it doesn't matter to them.
Nobody really makes DICE pots, but most pots can be used for LN2 or dice. But if they did make them and if the amount of materials involved were about the same, they'd probably cost the same. I wouldn't see a point in buying a pot specifically for dice if it was not going to work well with Ln2.I have an F1 EE that I bought when I first started doing sub-zero and it worked fine for dice and is still my go to pot for ln2. I've had it for a couple of years now and it...
Nothing wrong with DICE, it's a good starting point and don't really have to worry about things freezing up too quickly or cold bugs. For older hardware it's almost just as good as LN2 and for new stuff it's still a good place to learn and have fun.
20Kg of dice is a lot. I used to get around 30 lbs for $6 or so, and it'd last me two days and had some to waste.
Yeah, but phase isn't as cold and dosn't hold a load as well. My single stage hasn't be turned on in months. During the summer it's just too hot to use and I can't get the desired results with it. Honestly, the only use I can see out of my SS is pre-ln2 testing, but I just do that on air or h2o. Current platforms that I use need to be much colder than what a SS can provide.
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