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I still play, but I took your advice and left the clan. Nobody was playing anymore. I was on the brink of quitting this season. Now I'm actually trying to push for high solo grifts, higher than I ever expected. I also gotta keep crazy from catching me
Did I mention it wsd a pieced together, 3 day old wizard
Crazy did a 54 with non ancient aether walker
You cant post that you bought all that nice equipment and not post pictures.
Gotta hit them goals, I'm trying to do a 58 before season ends
If it had a socket in place of one of those useless stats I'd be in the same boat as I am now. I really needed one of those to either roll 10% damage or any damage would have been nice and then i can roll the other to ias. 7ias would have also been nice as I could roll the other to 10% damage and then use a gift for the socket. Still, it's slightly better than my other one.
Wizard is capable of 40's easily without an ancient weapon. I had done a 50 with a non ancient aether walker and serpent sparker. Also did a 50 with an ancient devastator. The hydra build really benefits from ias since the hydras have breakpoints. An aether walker, meteor build, doesn't really need ias. Both builds rely on 6 piece tals set. The game still hates me though. Got another sparker but still not what i need
Up for sale is an i7 4770k Shipping is included in price. ship only within the US Price is $250 .
You know whats worse than not getting an ancient sparker, First ancient I've ever gotten in all seasons.But you can still do nats, it's best for solo rankings.
Nope, I play 2560x1440 windowed on my ultra wide monitor. I keep a webpage or something else open on the side.
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