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Yeah, but phase isn't as cold and dosn't hold a load as well. My single stage hasn't be turned on in months. During the summer it's just too hot to use and I can't get the desired results with it. Honestly, the only use I can see out of my SS is pre-ln2 testing, but I just do that on air or h2o. Current platforms that I use need to be much colder than what a SS can provide.
too bad my local frys doesn't stock them
I'd buy a couple more at that price
Queue the music maestro
You're not going to find any good 4770k at MC. Those are long gone. Only options are to buy used from people "upgrading" to 4790k or just take your shot at a few 4790k.
He'd kill it, mods or no mods
If it gets you a free refill, I'd do it.
I'd rather have one or the pair of those 5870 lightning's.
That only happens if the first thing you try to bench is a 780TI KP
show us the ddr4 then
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