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First rift I attempted today, about 3-4 keys in. Then 80keys later and haven't seen an RG again
gotta make all the z-class, then join the empty communities, then hate your life for spending so much time and getting hardly any paragon. I still need some good apd and a compass rose, then i'll be set for some solo. Have had terrible luck with both. Maybe get R1, then ride off into the sunset.
don't think d4 will ever come, I'm ready to try some solo though. Mid-way through the season and i'm pretty tired of it.
edin still playing? what happened to ocn teamspeak, its deserted now.?
doing big things, climbing that leaderboard
Solo wiz also uses halo of arlyse, which freezes everything.
I did gold streak first try in Corvus
the gold streak, clear gr 75, and level a few gems to like 65 or so.
No difference between ancient or non ancient cow stick. The toughness thing, it depends by class and build. I'd still stick main stat augs on everything. Vit or anything else can be made up with paragon and you can mess with it to suit the difficulty. Some monk and sader builds can use all res gems, but still augment with main stat. On wizards, there's not much that you can do to boost toughness other than getting better gear, some armor rolls and elite damage...
Extra tab space is nice. Wasn't that bad or time consuming. Only had to go out of my way on a few things to complete it.
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