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I got a picture like that, but it looks a little different now.
I'm pretty sure thats the same one that I got. I love it.
I feel the same way, nothing I set out to do will be achieved or even attempted. No shot at Rank1I wouldn't be scared, there are still several people who have not been banned. It kind of upsets me. I was so bored yesterday, I attempted to play diablo2. Then I realized no force move, and can only cast skills with the mouse clickers. Having to toggle different skills sucks so bad.
Nice clocks. Looks like you need a proper pot. Dice with a slim is a bad time. Even ln2 on a slim, you have to keep pouring to maintain reasonable temps. I can't remember the card that I used, it might have been two 4890's for country cup or something, but I remember temps shooting up on load.
i know, need group to carry me so i can get augs to 100
i play with everything on high with 34" ultra wide, works fine for me.
Card looks just like the one I have. Sure does look beefy.
I've never done ocp on a 4850, not sure if it needs one or not. You should definitely do the vmem mod on it. My 4850 with samsung ic's ran over 1400mhz on the memory. Perhaps the card just needs more cold or more voltage or both to run over 1ghz. I think on dice I only got around 1ghz with my old reference 4850.One more thing, you typically need to open up the details tab for 03 submissions.
The chip is one of those golden batch chips. I bought it on ebay when 4770's were the thing. Sad part is the cold bug. Its something like -80 or so. iirc, it can do something like 6g at that temp with very low volts, but temps limit it from going higher. I pretty much only used it for 5g 32m stuff. It can run 5g core/uncore on h2o with like 1.35v or so. I usually have the worst luck when it comes to binning chips. I do have 2 pretty decent 3258 that run around 6.3...
I didn't try past 1.52v. I think 1050 needed just under 1.5v and 1065 didn't pass until somewhere near 1.52v. 1070 and the screen would go gray. I didn't feel like pumping any more volts, but temps never really got higher as I increased voltage. I think it was running around 32°c. Cyclones are pretty good for ln2. I also have a 4870 that clocks pretty well. I even bought this cheap looking msi 4850, but it came with samsung memory. Unfortunately I think its dead along...
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