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I finally got a good sacred harvester yesterday. Might be time to augment and learn to play WD.
Has delsere ever been good? I can only remember playing firebird, tals, and vyrs. Hopefully I get to push solo this season. Right now I'm not even ranked. Think I've done gr86 on wiz in something like 5 min. The last few days I've been trying to gear my WD and get augs for it.
@yahu pylons spawn based on progression. You need to get x amount of progression for another pylon to spawn. Sometimes you get that 0% at the beginning of the rift, but usually you need more. Then another set amount before another pylon. There are certain spots on the map where pylons can spawn. If you uncover that spot, then you can no longer get a pylon there. If no pylon spawned, then you need more progression before uncovering the next spawn point. Not sure if...
Bounty cache seems like a lot of work. I can farm t12 on my wiz and get 50-60 mil easily on open maps. That's only using boon and avarice.
twice last season, none this season
I'm still playing, but under a new alias. Staying off the leaderboards for now. I've only done a gr84 in about 4:25.
It'll be nice waking up in the morning before work, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, and then sorting through a bunch of junk and finding a nice primal item.
yes, season starts tonight
This new mob density sucks. It's taking me on average 4-6 floors to clear something. I'm playing on wizard, I skip the majority of the map hunting for elites or trying to get a really big trash pull. I can imagine when pushing very high and where I can't kill stuff on 1 archon cycle, i'll never be able to win. All trash will die and no way to stay alive to kill elites. Right now just did a 69 with 500 paragon, took 5 floors and thats one shotting all elites and RG.
So let me get this straight. Had you paid for the tuning plan and the same thing happened, you wouldn't have an issue sending it in to get replaced? I also suggested rma before your daughter killed it.The tuning plan is like paying extra for the same warranty that already comes with the chip.
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