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If you're using w7, you're doing it wrong. XP is a must for 01 unless you're trying to run 3 way or more. I did have some message trying xp 64 the other day, but i just hit ok or whatever it asked and then ran the bench.
waiting for your comeback
At least your score is around where it should be. I ran at 5.5 and score was in the 8500 range. Something was way off. Ran R11.5 and R15 and score was about right though. Must be a java version issue.
Shamino is the man
We all need better cpu, my old one use to do 6.2, which isn't great but better than 6.0.. I tried 6.1 for about an hour or more and it just kept shutting offf. That run at 6g was only run i finished.
Yea, you have option to do advanced rma instead of the standard procedure. They charge your card for the cost of the cpu and there is a non-refundable $25 charge or so. Then they overnight a cpu to you and include a return shipping label. I did rma on tuesday and cpu was waiting for me when i got home from work at 4pm weds.Well, only two 4770k. Both were legitimately non-working. I think one 4930k, a few 3770k.
I have a hard and an easy that I use and a mini that I've never used. Worth the money really depends. They're not really needed, but it's nice having the hardware mounted to something that isn't going to move. Cards don't lean over and if you have any water cooling, the tubing doesn't pull on stuff.
The fact that you have to buy additional mounting hardware and it already costs around $80, I wouldn't buy one. I like simple to use and simple to swap. I have a pair of xspc rasa gpu blocks that mount in a few minutes. No need to swap mounting hardware for different types of cards and it fits with QDC on any card that I own.
Tested out rma cpu yesterday. Gotta love that intel advanced rma. Next day air FTW!!! Too bad cpu is as expected
I have roughly about the same amount of boards as you, but nowhere near the amount of cpu. All CPU combined would never reach that amount. You sir qualify as extreme hoarder.
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