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I'd cringe, I don't like the cold weather one bit. Ln2 is all I need, I don't need to rely on ambients.
Usually people get the hang of it on cheap older cards.
I don't know about the wire, but I use ide cables. I got tons of them here and they work well.
Added some more boards.
I had the same feeling, then found an etrayu and used on that. Good or not, I used it on that.
don't know about 04, but never had a wmp issue with 05 on w7.
In 06 there isn't anything to disable, you need to run entire bench. In 03 hitting escape works. In 05, it's better to hit esc than to disable cpu tests. When you disable cpu tests, it takes a long time to give a score. When you hit esc, score pops up right away. IN vantage if you hit esc you don't get a score and without a key you have to suffer through about 6 "features" tests.
Logged in real quick to get a screen shot just for you. Only left with whats in the picture since I used one a few days ago on etrayu.
Finally get one of these
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