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Thanks. That archon isn't bad once you get used to it. I didn't like it at first either. Snapshot makes a huge difference in how much time you spend in and out of archon. Play style is a lot like last season. Just teleport a lot in huge packs while mashing other buttons.
After a few close calls and several where RG was impossible but had plenty of time.
Gavel For SaleNever been used, only taken out the box for pictures and re-roll.
I found that out the hard way as well. My g3258 clocks better than my 4770k. Its a really good 4770k, but due to terrible cb, I can't run it at the speed that it should be capable of. But at 6.3-6.4ghz through 01, 03, and am3, the scores were terrible with the g3258.
Went to closet, looked at card
I'm missing out on all the fun
it'll work for farming torment but doesn't seen like a good option for groups or doing high solo. I think it was a gr60 that I was getting wrecked on after the patch went live. No stun makes the build useless.
Too funny
I should be fine, met all end season requirements. DL was away for a while though. 4-5 days shouldn't hurt. Most likely I'll test stuff out once patch goes live.
Going to try and enjoy the week off.
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