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Too funny
I should be fine, met all end season requirements. DL was away for a while though. 4-5 days shouldn't hurt. Most likely I'll test stuff out once patch goes live.
Going to try and enjoy the week off.
That orb gots just about everything. For high gr group play, extra arcan as 2ndary helps with star pact and vitality is useless. 8% elite damage is better. For solo aether walker build, its good.
i'd have to look for the guide. I don't remember shorting the pads on mine. There were several mods that I didn't do and was told aren't necessary. I only removed some small resistor and that was it.
Just a little over 2 weeks left. Time to start farming up them trial keys, need to solo at least a 60 before season end.
601s are nice. I have some 601s3 that I use for surrounds. Originally got talked out of buying two pairs for 601's and instead bought 600 for rears and 601 for fronts. When I upgraded the fronts to 805 I moved the 601 to surround duty.
Never heard the new line
could have been top of the leaderboards wtih that nats dh this season.
I still play, but I took your advice and left the clan. Nobody was playing anymore. I was on the brink of quitting this season. Now I'm actually trying to push for high solo grifts, higher than I ever expected. I also gotta keep crazy from catching me
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