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Who says you have to play the entire season
Thursday, that's dumb. Can't pull an all nighter.
I can't get over toggling skills. If I could assign them to be cast like in D3, it'd make life good.
another upgrade tonight
Those were the second pair that I have gambled from kadala. I also got a chest, but it's unusable.
got myself an upgrade today from kadala
Grants yourself for getting a primal, lol. I've gotten a few, but probably got a lot more hours played.
I geared out a WD last season and never played it. Tried solo a few times and said never again. I am enjoying the sader though. I've even tried 2 man a few times but keep getting screwed over by bad maps after huge leads in first floor. Maybe one of these days I'll get a high clear in solo and 2s.
Season only ends when the paragon monster gets ahold of you.
Happens to me just about every season it seems.
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