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Those are the only two CHV I have. I also have two DFI 790fxb-m2rs for the locked multi chips.
At least the gpu are safe for now.
Another CHV, always good to have a backup
I have 3 sets of 2600 c10 gskill. None are great, but they can all do over 2800c9 with just a hair over 2v. More voltage just let's me tighten up seconds and thirds even more. That's using an asrock. On the giga, I have to manually type in justabout everything for it to work right.
Are you giving those Samsung the juice? At least 2v for average clocking kits to run 2800c9 tight.
You had a board not boot for multiple reasons.
It buffs the time wasted looking for cows
Its bound to happen, just give it some time.
I think eden needs to try out the solo WD leaderboards.
If running stock, I'd look at the graph and see if the card is down clocking or doing anything unusual. Is the OS a fresh OS? I remember ULPS issues back when using that card if it wasn't a fresh OS. The power thing that attaches to the back helps with ocp when on ln2. Alternatively there is a bios that does the same.
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