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Never had a problem overclocking memory without anything covering them. When i do testing on water, just a single fan over vrm area. If the card comes with a vrm sink, then i use it. If not it's bare and just fan over them. Nothing on memory ever. Here is the example
Had to go to town about 10 times or around there, lost track. That was in a rift.
ran into a pack of blood thieves
Nvidia powermizer can help force 3d clocks. I used it once or twice on a 780 lightning. Which bios was it that helped you reach higher clocks?
that sounds like fun, i'm in So when does it start, I don't see any buffs as of now. Looks like 5:30 pst
Too much work to start new toon from scratch, but at this point I feel playing season or ptr are both equal in terms of time wasted. I'll most likely never touch my non-season toons again, just like happened this season. I'd rather just play ptr even if once it goes live it would have been a waste.
Probably because i'm playing with wizard and can't do very high trials. But I noticed the gold reward scales.
I've been playing around with hydra using TnT and also messed around and stacked as much ias as I could. My sparker isn't a very good example. I think the ancient gear is pretty cool as it gives another incentive. I found a few last night, but of nothing useful. An ancient sparker would be ideal. I did play with old build and it seems inefficient. I can't kill anything with only relying on apocalypse, like i could before. It also seems like DoT doesn't work unless...
I'm downloading ptr right now trying to play. Will see how much wizard is affected
Running Gpu's on ln2 requires a different approach than it does on air or water. On air or water you don't have to worry about finding optimal operating temperature. Obviously temperature is important, but it isn't a variable that you can change much once the system is running. Benching a gpu on ln2 requires finding the best operating temperature for the card. Not all cards are equal. Finding the right voltage is something that most know, but typically in an...
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