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If running stock, I'd look at the graph and see if the card is down clocking or doing anything unusual. Is the OS a fresh OS? I remember ULPS issues back when using that card if it wasn't a fresh OS. The power thing that attaches to the back helps with ocp when on ln2. Alternatively there is a bios that does the same.
I think I must agree. Since thursday I've been having issues. Run speed tests and it's all over the place. As low as 5mbps down and 0.2 up. I'm pretty upset with my isp. Connect straight to modem and it does the same. Different computers also have the same fluctuation. So it's either ISP, modem, or something in the lines.
Still having them, don't know what it is. Since thursday night its been terrible. It's almost unplayable.
Depending on the condition I arrive when I get home, I might play while heavily intoxicated or just fall asleep.
I saw nothing of the sort
That OG triple point keeps getting it done. All credit goes towards SF3D
I tried that slow time wizard build yesterday, not sure i like it. I'll just have to wait until the weekend to play and start collecting gear. Need a list of WD gear that I need.
The old F1 EE works well for dice, It was the pot that I started off with and that was using dice. It still gets the job done today with ln2. With these 5960x heat monsters, glazing the pot works wonders. The same thing goes with the tek9 pots. I was benching my 7970 last night and it'd take a long while to pull down with almost no control. Fill the pot about halfway and it barely moves. After glazing the pot, a splash of ln2 to an empty pot and temp goes down and...
Thats the OG sf3d triple point, before the ek nonsense.
I don't think a small nick will be enough, but i'm no engineer. I'd say with the pot being frozen, the ice build up and what not would probably make enough of a seal for ln2. Who really benches with a pot filled with liquid. The term "full pot" usually just means you've pulled temperature all the way down. I can't remember the last time I actually had a pot filled with liquid. But with any pot, you drop it on the base and risk damaging the contact surface and it could...
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