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If it's for the z97 board in your sig, you can't change memory timings in windows on that platform. It's basically used just for reference. On x99 and Z77 platforms you can however.
Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Only ship within the United States and maybe Canada but it will cost a fortune to ship there. Box is very large and heavy. 1. Rampage V Extreme -$400 Board is solid and comes with everything.
Mikecdm -- 5960x -- 5545 Mhz -- 2239
I guess I was but for some reason I thought it was tatmMRKIV that posted about sb-e issues. I only had like 1 of them and could do 5ghz on water and 5ghz on single stage. Never tried any colder. Thats why I didn't quote since he posted right before I did.
I'm pretty sure sb-e, just like sb chips hit a wall eventually. Looks good and all of a sudden they won't budge. A ton of cold and voltage makes a tiny bit of a difference. Maybe that's the issue.
Apparently there are pics online. I know there is an NDA, but it's funny that everyone at the giga secret event thing posted results. Dinos posts results, other people post results online too. Maybe it's limited to which results can be published, I dunno. As for RMA the RVE, there is no way Asus would know it's open box. IF it's a refurb, then thats an issue. I've rma'd one ROG board and one regular asus. No issues with either. The ROG board I did advanced rma. ...
From what it seems, the NDA is only on pictures since everyone has been posting results for weeks but yet to see one picture of the board.Open box shouldn't affect warranty. Open box carry same warranty as retail unless it's refurbished. If you can't return it to place of purchase, just rma it.
100% humidity looks like a bad time, time to invest in a dehu
I doubt it'll ever be produced, probably only one in existence.
I'd take longer than watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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