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yes, season starts tonight
This new mob density sucks. It's taking me on average 4-6 floors to clear something. I'm playing on wizard, I skip the majority of the map hunting for elites or trying to get a really big trash pull. I can imagine when pushing very high and where I can't kill stuff on 1 archon cycle, i'll never be able to win. All trash will die and no way to stay alive to kill elites. Right now just did a 69 with 500 paragon, took 5 floors and thats one shotting all elites and RG.
So let me get this straight. Had you paid for the tuning plan and the same thing happened, you wouldn't have an issue sending it in to get replaced? I also suggested rma before your daughter killed it.The tuning plan is like paying extra for the same warranty that already comes with the chip.
Should have listened to me and rma'd it while you still had a chance. That Apex sure looks good though, but it'd be hard to buy that for daily use.
I heard there were some decent upgrades to dh.
I've set it to M.2 and auto, same results with either option.
Yea, not going to read 700+ pages looking for something. I tried searching and read several of the search pages, but luck.With the sound card, the 960 no longer shows in bios. It doesn't boot and goes straight to bios as if there was no drive installed. If I try 125 strap without the sound card, it does the same thing. So using the 100 strap works fine in the regard, but I still can't use my sound card.I've tried the bottom 16x slot and it doesn't work either. I...
I meant which lanes are connected to each other, which run off the chipset and which run off the cpu. Then I came across this in a review for the x99A I don't understand why a sound card in the 1x slot makes the nvme drive go away.
Does anyone know pci-e lane distribution for X99A-II and what the m2 slot runs off? I did a bit of an upgrade with some spare parts and also got a 960evo which I'm using as the boot drive. I've already noticed that using the 125 strap makes the nvme drive disappears, but today I tried using my soundblaster Z on the bottom pcie1x_2 slot and the nvme also disappears. I'm using a 5960x and didn't think I'd have any lane issues.
Swapped some hardware around and finally got the 960evo 500gb working. It's a pain in the ass though. With my sound card in, it detects once in bios then on restart doesn't show up anymore. Using it as a boot drive with w7.
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