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I dunno why he posted it,, but needs to put it to good use
Obviously vince had to bin them before they were sent to him. How do you think vince found that 2ghz card.
I've gotten the hang of the samsungs on the Mpower max, but psc is a bad time every time. Didn't really mess with them at 2400, but 2666 is a bad time. I just stick to samsung on it. Even then, it took a bit of work to get samsung to work well. Time is still a good bit off though. I had to loosen up a few things to get 2858 to run compared to 2800.
Here are some pics of set up for moa. Results will follow at the end of the month.
You seem confused. OCF is the best board for clocking psc. I'd say it's probably the most efficient board when it comes to 32m with just about any IC. The ln2 board is for breaking WR with mfr. Sadly, it won't come out the box ready to break those records. Even with the IMC needed and the right ram, you'll still have a hard time it seems.BTW, when does all this stuff come in? I'm looking forward to some results.
I don't know what he's done with it, most of these cards have died. There was an issue with them when overvolting too much, or something like that. It could be that he didn't bench it much if at all. I still wouldn't buy it though.
You need more than just the board and good mfr to set records on that board.
That ti is being sold by Tolsty. He won the MSI moa competition last year. But spending that kind of money for a card with no warranty doesn't seem like the best idea.
Thats the most important lesson any one can learn. Sadly, everyone learns it the same way.
Only way is to do the vmods.
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