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Probably because i'm playing with wizard and can't do very high trials. But I noticed the gold reward scales.
I've been playing around with hydra using TnT and also messed around and stacked as much ias as I could. My sparker isn't a very good example. I think the ancient gear is pretty cool as it gives another incentive. I found a few last night, but of nothing useful. An ancient sparker would be ideal. I did play with old build and it seems inefficient. I can't kill anything with only relying on apocalypse, like i could before. It also seems like DoT doesn't work unless...
I'm downloading ptr right now trying to play. Will see how much wizard is affected
Running Gpu's on ln2 requires a different approach than it does on air or water. On air or water you don't have to worry about finding optimal operating temperature. Obviously temperature is important, but it isn't a variable that you can change much once the system is running. Benching a gpu on ln2 requires finding the best operating temperature for the card. Not all cards are equal. Finding the right voltage is something that most know, but typically in an...
Him having a bad time with free cpu is nothing to feel bad about. Now having a bad time with cpu you paid for, now thats something to feel bad about. I just tested 5960x on cold, Quick test to confirm how bad it is with last drops of ln2 i had. Managed to run R15 at about 5.38ghz with low uncore. Still can't get uncore to run even 4.5ghz. Thats a bad time.
That collection of hardware that I have, it's kind of like an obsession. Every day I used to browse forums and ebay just looking at the classifieds. Mostly just randomly and sometimes something would pop out at me or it'd be a good deal. Most the video cards I bought used and only the latest top end models I bought new. I have never had a gpu given to me other than the ones that I got for qualifying in MOA. The same goes for motherboards, years of collecting and...
The deeper you get into it, the more you realize that your 24/7 rig can't be your benching rig. I learned this years ago. Now my 24/7 rig is made of older components that I don't bench anymore. I'll share a few pictures with you guys. These include all of my gpu, my motherboards, some msi lightning boxes and the tower of mpower.
my non season toons are junk, might as well delete them all. Gear is junk on them too. With seasons, the non-season toons are worthless IMO. I'll most likely just play the next season as I think most will. It's just fun to start a fresh grind compared to grinding the old toons. I did the same on D2. I never touched the previous season's toons but always played the next season.
That calculator is pretty cool, best one i've seen.
Dropped prices on Lubed boards.
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