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making me jealous, I'm barely at 36 right now. and had about 30 seconds left
Got 3 more today to add to the collection
At the moment I use an AX1200i and haven't had any problems. I also have an AX1200 and a cooler master V1200. The cooler master is a seasonic build. However, I have some issue at home that keeps taking out my psu. I've heard the AX1200i has ocp type stuff and you can disable it with the software. Also heard that shamino complains about them being too smart or something and prefers the older AX1200.
Ask shamino what he thinks about corsair's "intelligent" line of PSU.
I nominate LemansSounds about right, i did 3 days 10 runs a day, and 1 rrog which i scrapped.
Think the gpu was loading somewhere around 35°, cpu and memory can run those clocks all day on water. GPU had to be very cool to run that. I used the classy tool for it. It's not very reliable and often locks up the computer when making voltage changes.
Just ambient temps but window is open and a little bit of ice and snow outside. Not much compared to other places, but a lot for Dallas.
Using the x2c bios.
Ok, got something that abides by the rules Mikecdm -- 5960x / 4.75ghz --- gtx 980-- 1773/2300 -- 8806
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