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A fossil exposed to the atmosphere naturally? Seems unlikely. Does look photoshopped IMO, but well done if so.
It's $4 per month for a service that most consider to be better than the competition. Running that service costs money, so why do you have the expectation that you should get it for free?
Your reliable source disagrees with the science community as a whole. Please leave unsubstantiated doomsday claims out of a science thread.
*couldn't care less.And I agree, who cares what their intentions are? So long as they have the same view on the subject.
It most definitely was. The fact that you have to re-download the OS as a "firmware update" on day 1 is a sign of that.
These are internal stats, so I know these ones are accurate. It's easy to track piracy for games that require logins, a username logs in that hasn't paid for the app, it's a pirate, simple as that.
Free games for Android phone? I thought all games for Android were free. The stats I've seen show 1 in 10 people are paying for the paid apps (even $1 apps), 9 in 10 are pirating them. Of course, some of those 9 in 10 may actually end up purchasing and ending up contributing to the 1 in 10. Anyway, less off-topic: Free games are cool, but how is this news? There are thousands of free games out there for download.
Yes but should they stop making larger hard drives? As they grow the amount of data lost would always increase, but the amount of data being used by assets is increasing over time as well. My 8088 had two 20MB (not GB) hard drives, I couldn't fit more than a few MP3s on that entire computer back then. If you want to put uncompressed 4K video on your PC you're going to need more space to do it. If the data is important then the size of the drive doesn't matter, all of that...
Heard this on the news this morning, I'm definitely excited to see what the news is. Pretty cool that they've possibly found something after only a few months. Oh, and Mars is always capitalized.
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