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hi, i recently got my friend a comp and relucatntly agreed to set it up for him. what my problem is, well for starters this was the first 775 mobo that i have ever worked with and in my opinion the heatsink mechanism sucks. it took me ages to fix the heatsink on and when i mounted it to the case, it simply popped right off, thee wasnt enough space because of the plastic spacers holding the mobo down. anyway now i have that fixed and in my proffesional opinion it should...
lol after akll the money and spending he didnt know what sli was no hard feelings mate but i woudl want to know every single peice of information about a product before i bought it. lol ur 6800GT is an expensive piece of machinery very nice
hi guys, just wanted to make a thread where we could take about the fairly recent surf maps in counter strike and condition zero. my personal favourite is the old surf_egypt. also if anyone is struggling with surfing (cos i know it frustrates the ****T out of ppl) you are more than welcome asking for tips and pointers to become a real cs surfer other than that any news on cool surfmaps or anything else post it here dudes
Quote: Originally Posted by YiffyGriffy Sheesh, give it a while, it's 2:40 in the morning I dunno, since the operating systems are so similar, installing them on the same partition could cause problems. I know the current beta can really screw up your current XP install if it's on the same drive/partition. lol its 6pm in Australia here
cmon guys reps will be awarded
hi, is it possible for me to install windows 64bit edition on my HDD when i have windows XP pro already installed, will i have to reformat my HDD or can i keep all my files and programs? also this is planning for WHEN 64bit comes out
hey dudes i got x64 windows witht my new AMD 3500, but do i have to completely doa new install of my OS, or can i keep my settings and programs etc?
k guys thanks very much for info i can see now. the problem is i do alot of multitasking aswell as gaming
could somebody plz answer my question??? reps will be awarded dudes p.s the qeustion 2 posts up
Quote: Originally Posted by Bindusar In simple terms, architecture. Intels will do better at handling multiple applications at once (multitasking) but AMD has better single application throughput. ok, so if i have a 3.0Ghz intel prescott 800Mhz FSB, would that outdo the AMD64bit 3500+?
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