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Names I haven't seen in many years ---- hi@Lord XebNoel, to your question:The short answer is: maybe, but it doesn't matter.There's a lot to consider in your setup, and the first thing you need to ask yourself is *where* you want the performance to increase -- a 4k benchmark probably won't translate directly into real-world performance for you -- and a RAID card might not be the best place to spend the money.Let's start by establishing some facts.1 - The OCZ Vertex 3...
The bigger brand monitors (at least the higher end ones) are targeted mostly to professionals who buy them for a wider gamut, higher color accuracy, and the warranty/guarantee. And tons of connectivity options.
This. Most startups have almost no assets so they tend to go out of their way to try and find free software.But most of the time I've seen it, you can tell it wasn't really intentional. Like, a startup might have bought a sever from Dell with 5 CALs, but they had no idea that they're supposed to buy more as they grow, so they don't end up buying them until 5 years down the line when they need to upgrade.No-one who wants to keep their job is going to report anyone. This is...
It's quite ironic how their solution to making the Metro UI better is to make it more like the desktop UI.
Wow, this game is horrible. I mean, lots of people complain about how a sequel isn't quite like the old ones, but this is actually a really bad game.
Railroads sounds fun.
Lycan Hypersport
Heh. VMWare vs Citrix vs MS. The IT world will never reach a conclusion.
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