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His modified BIOS is as good as it gets. 
 Make sure you reset afterburner OC to default before flashing. Hopefully you won't get BSODs that some other people have been getting.
To disable boost you need to set all entry's in the common tab of MBT to Entry 0. I don't know about voltages on idle clocks.
Found this inside. Have Seagate forgotten how to build harddrives? PS: The drive in question is this one, also bought from Newegg.
Really? Then why did his score jump from 4500 to 5500 ocing his CPU from stock to 4.5 GHz while leaving his GPUs at the same speed? SLI setups rely more on the CPU than single GPU setups. AI isn't the only thing that cripples CPU utilization.
Good. Valley shouldn't bottleneck being a GPU intensive benchmark but it relies heavily on one of the cores/threads. If you see 100% usage on one of your threads, then it's bottlenecking. I haven't tried turning HT off to see if it would make any difference. Might try that now.
You're getting 4500 in Unigine Valley with SLI 780 Ti @ 1228/7900? I'm getting 5500 with the same cards @ 1202/7800 (344.75 Drivers). I smell a CPU bottleneck, you might want to overclock it.
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