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Mmmm just can't help to drool at those 1500 MHz+ overclocks. Really enticing, but since there's jack all to be gained going from 780 Tis to 980s other than lower power consumption, I think I'll wait for the big Maxwell with 3840 shaders.
No. It's a waste to use that card for PhysX or anything else really, unless you play MLG Batman or Borderlands (pun). What is your 2500K clocked at?
So apparently the 980 has a boost clock of 1216 Mhz. I'm speculating a reference card will run at around 1250 average under load, maybe as high as 1300-1400 MHz for higher end AIB cards. It's no secret that the 750 Ti clocked much higher than equivalent Kepler parts. That 2048 Shader count though just bothers me. Essentially NVidia is pulling the same thing they did with GK104 and GK110. Releasing the baby silicon first before unleashing the beast a year or so later. I'm...
Yep, NDA's suck.
How do you know that? Have you got insider information?
Anti-aliasing (Supersampling included) isn't that big of an issue with higher res screens as jaggies are much less apparent at higher resolutions.
The higher resolution isn't up to the card really. It's a Display port limitation. With the current DP 1.2/1.2a 4K is the maximum you can achieve at 60 Hz. DP 1.3 is being finalized and it will support 4k at 120 Hz and even resolutions higher than that such as 5K. You can't blame the graphics card for that.
You guys seem to forget that jumping from older generation of graphics cards to the next doesn't always translate into better performance. Remember GeForce 8 and GeForce 9 series? If we're comparing single GPU cards, 8800 Ultra was always faster than 9800 GTX (rebadged 8800 GTS) and about the same as a 9800 GTX+ which came later. Sure the power consumption was lower on the newer card but not the performance. Who's to say we won't see the same thing repeated going from 800...
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