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I don't know. I don't have any X99 or Z97 boards.
No, not at all. Different tools were used differently to measure sound at different conditions.
If your chip is as good as you say it is, keep it at 5 GHz and 1.36V. That will be safe for quite a long time from now. I've worked with a dozen or so Haswell/DC chips and you don't want to run those puppies higher than 1.4V for a prolonged period. I had a 4770K degrade at 1.42V within months, your mileage may vary. PS: Don't ever use Prime95 on Haswell/DC or Skylake chips. it draws way too much power and is completely unnecessary.
Don't know, haven't tried Windows 10 and won't for a while.
Yeah, it's safe.
Here are some Cinebench 11.5 results:
No clue. I don't make the software .
Can't change target clock for GM200 cards right now.
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