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 You need to save the BIOS of your card using GPU-Z.
Like djthrottleboi said, you need to boot from another GPU and re-flash the 780 Ti.
Willing to pay 260 USD shipped for one. I need it to do at least 4.5 GHz at 1.3V or lower. That's an average frequency for a Haswell chip and meh for a Devil's Canyon chip. Let me know what you have!
That can happen. That's a shame.I've seen a few Zotac cards do that.Problem is that the 780 Ti BIOS usually has a lot more options to play with, but the Zotac 780 TI has quite a few less than usual. In fact, it mimics the normal 780 BIOS. I think that's the reason for incompatibility and I don't know why Zotac used slightly modified 780 BIOS for their 780 Ti cards. Other vendors use their own custom BIOS that's much closer to reference 780 Ti's BIOS.
He's trying to save the BIOS to send it to me. GPU-Z hasn't been updated since August.
Saving it with GPU-Z, right? It hasn't been updated in three months so I assume the BIOS saving feature is not yet 100% polished for GM204.
No, your primary GPU will be the one that your primary display is connected to. By the look of your control panel screenshot, you have your monitor connected to the second graphics card.
Maxwell cards aren't fully supported by KBT for obvious reasons, so there are limitations. Post the BIOS, I'll see what I can do. 
 Voltage isn't really adjustable.
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