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I wouldn't worry about it if the performance hasn't degraded.
You've all got it wrong. a 7950 GX2 is all you need for 4K, 256MB of VRAM is more than enough.
 Let us know how it turned out.
Try saving and sending in your BIOS.
Unfortunately there isn't a tool out there that I know of that can modify the Hawaii BIOS.
I've never tried to change those settings.
GPU-Z just released the 0.80 build. It now fully supports 980/970 and the issue with the save BIOS functionality has apparently been fixed: •Added full support for GeForce GTX 970/980 •Fixed BIOS saving on NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs •Fixed GPU memory usage sensor on Windows 8/8.1 •Fixed system hang when playing video on systems with Hawaii GPU •Fixed system stuttering on CrossFire with ULPS active •Added... Quiet, a bit more powerful than a 560 Ti and super low power (bellow 70W). Take your pick, any 750 Ti card.
Don't know what else to tell you but to try using afterburner see if it makes any difference.
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