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Card is running at 1.28v. Software reading is incorrect.
Just Q-tip. The green stuff you see is copper sulfate. It's actually normal.
980s don't put out that much heat anyway.
Apparently not that much higher. Maybe 5-10Cs higher into the mid 50s but nothing dangerous.
So a customer brought me their system for a service and this was the state of the waterblock. From my understanding, the coolant used was distilled water and regular anti freeze: 24 hours bath in vinegar and some q-tips later:
You mustn't have worked an honest day in your life if you think 140 dollars for a 3 dollar replacement part is a trivial amount of money or a "first world problem". Not to mention that I'm in Canada and after the conversion it'll be more like 180 dollars. It's good to know that you hold these "companies" in such low regards for customer service which seems to be the norm to you.Sapphire, EVGA, and a lot of other AIBs have excellent customer service and cover scenario...
I've done that. Unfortunately it is still a bit off balance and have a very annoying buzzing noise and quite a bit of vibration.
Yes. I think I will give ASUS GPUs a pass in the future. Their motherboards are still pretty good, but they've gone backwards in terms of warranty and customer service.
Yeah. Sad state of affairs. Turns out ROG actually stands for Republic of Greed.
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