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I didn't realize it was that hard to comprehend a simple chart .
You have 1 Kilobyte of reps.
Heh, thanks for the reference.To be honest, this has been the case since I got my 144 Hz panel back in 2013. I saw PCPer's review of that 165 Hz panel and I brought the problem to their attention and they investigated, good on them. Nvidia should have fixed this a long time ago, but I don't think they are entirely at fault here.The work around I have for this is to set my panel to 120 Hz, then manually overclock it to 145 Hz (Maximum stable refresh rate for my particular...
I used 780 Ti's and still do. I don't know why you're getting that error. Then again Black edition isn't the same as the basic RIVE.
I think that's a flyer. I've looked around and it should get 1.33. I'll re-test later but for now, I'll change it.
IPC, or Instructions Per Clock, is an important part of a processor's computational performance. Generally speaking, the more instructions a processor can execute per clock cycle, the more processing power it possesses per core/thread. Most games these days tend to prefer higher IPC than core count, however, this trend is changing as more triple A developers are allocating extra work to extra processing threads that a CPU might have. I've been benchmarking a huge number...
Should be fine then.
A 6600K is all you'll ever need. Best all around CPU, currently.
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