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Info like that is more useful when added to the OP.
I wish people would pay attention:
Both BIOSes have the same 450W TDP. Only thing different is the voltage. I'm not sure the voltage slider changes anything with my BIOS in place as they are set to hit a specific voltage under load. You can try see if makes a difference.
Guys, don't put too much faith in GPU-Z/Afterburner/etc. voltage reading capability. They are unable to report voltages higher than 1.275V for Maxwell cards just like they are unable to do the same with Kepler cards when you run them higher than 1.212V. It's not the programs' fault, it's just that these cards have a maximum voltage reading threshold defined by software and the GPU itself so unless you use a multi-meter, you won't get an accurate measurement. Both of the...
Too much voltage can sometimes be a bad thing and cause instability. Here are two different BIOSes. One with 1.281V, the other with 1.312V. Lower ASIC cards like higher voltage with lower temperatures. Higher ASIC cards don't like higher voltage.     You can put them in the OP if you like.
Witchcraft. Better have watercooling.
You know you're missing out on life when you don't have Teflon Nano Bearing in your fans. I don't know honestly, they could be a flop or be the next best thing since sliced bread.
 You can try that oneSure.
They're all reference cards anyway.We're gonna need a new MBT for more voltage I'm afraid.
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