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Ah, sorry, mate. I went with an AC Twin Turbo III and forgot to close this .
If you want to learn more about computers and not just listen to hot air, a.k.a Linus, subscribe to PCPerspective. Their podcast is infinitely better than the WAN show and way more informative.
Hello. I have a reference 980 Ti, and the reference cooler is very loud for the usage I have in mind for it. I won't be watercooling it, but I want lower noise which leads to me wanting an aftermarket cooler for the reference 980 Ti board. EVGA, Gigabyte, etc. had their own coolers on the reference board upon launch so I'm wondering if anyone has a left over cooler that I can buy. Shipping will be to Toronto, Canada.
1.275V is maximum for Maxwell cards.
I don't know how to fix that. I'd say set your windows power profile to maximum performance, see if that fixes it.Setting the fan to 100% does not damage it. You can do it yourself by simply editing the 75 to 100 in Kepler Bios Editor and save the resulting BIOS.
two times as long = two times longer....3 hours is 3 times longer than 1 hour = 3 hours is 3 times as long as 1 hour.
"400% longer life span" = 5 times longer, because 100% longer would mean 2 times longer, 200% longer means 3 times longer, etc etc.I know it's counter intuitive... but it's how math works in this case.
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