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Sandy Bridge 95W. Ivy Bridge 77W. Haswell 84W. Devils Canyon 88W. Skylake 95W. Are we going back to the 5GHz territory that Sandy Bridge was dominating so easily? Terrible reasoning, but it seems like Skylake is going to bring back higher average overclocks than previous couple of iterations.
I have those fans, expect a review soon.
CPU PhotoWorxx and other benchmarks in that section constantly get updated so old results aren't really comparable. I get almost 32K with a 3930K @ 4.7 GHz with HT disabled: And CPU ZLib, 431 MB/s:
Does this driver support my SLI GTX 260 Core 216s?
Uploaded the wrong one. Grab the new BIOS
Would be nice to know what the chip is capable of.
Voltage is not unlockable for that card, and the TDP isn't holding it back either. There's nothing I can do with it.
Thanks, fixed.
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