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After the GTX 970 debacle, I did some research on GTX 980M and GTX 970M which are the mobile parts of GM204. The GTX 980M is advertised as having 1536 Cuda Cores, 64 ROPs, and 96 TMUs. Given the GTX 970 true specs are 1664, 56, 104 Cuda Cores, ROPs, and TMUs respectively, I don't see how the 980M could have all of the 64 ROPs of the GM204 enabled The GM204 has 16 shader clusters each having 128 Cuda cores, 4 ROPs, and 8 TMUs. Four of these clusters are disabled in the...
It's set to 1.281V.
It's in a "beta" stage right now. There are quite a few glitches to be worked out before any sort of judgment can be passed down to NVidia.
PCPer just confirmed this. Thanks Allyn:
I agree.
Wasn't trolling, just stating facts. Made a mistake with the H81. I meant only H97. Cheapest H97 mobo on Newegg is about 80 bucks.
Interesting. Well, buying the 9590 just doesn't make sense to me. For the money you save on the processor compared to 4790K, you need a beefy motherboard and a beefy cooler. You can run the 4790K on a 50 dollar H81/H97 motherboard with included heatsink and get better performance without any overclock.
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