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Never tested a Sharkoon fan I don't think. Corsair fans are decent but nothing special. Silverstone FM121s is what I would go with.
That's about it.
 You are right about all of those things.Removing boost doesn't really have a benefit in the real world, some users just like not having it. With this BIOS, all you have to do is change the core and memory frequency without having to worry about throttling.
I can't edit that BIOS. It's not supported. 1.21v is maximum.
Lot's of tweaks.Not sure exactly but in my experience it's usually caused by TDP limitation.
 They were identical in terms of TDP and voltages. Only the fan speed was different. At any rate, the new one should perform better.
You can't disable TDP.
@PimpSkyline Post your BIOS, I'll see what I can do.
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