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Desperate times call for desperate measures and it is with utmost regret that I must ask for a GTX 1080 BIOS. I know the cards will be available in a few days but I thought I'd take a look at the BIOS see if it's mod-able with current software. Anyone got one?
4GB is fine even for 4K. PC elitists do love to run all the games maxed out all the time and hate compromise so they want all that VRAM.AMD did the opposite of Nvidia. Nvidia's top graphics card had twice as much memory as the one just 1 tier lower. AMDs top card had half as much as the one just bellow it. It just wouldn't fly,
Excuse Moi. I had too much coffee to drink.
I didn't know you were an engineer at Nvidia that have determined a certain type of memory will bottleneck a certain type of graphics cards built on a certain lithography scale.It's not like Nvidia didn't know what they were doing, because if they knew there would be a problem, they would have certainly used HBM2 and not the old worthless GDDR5X running at 10 GB/S.
3770K - 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24-1T (XMP) 3770K - 2200 MHz 9-10-11-24-1T 4790K - 2400 MHz 11-13-13-31-2T (XMP) 4790K - 2666 MHz 11-14-14-14-1T (XMP 2nd and 3rd timings)
Check the BIOS, see if it's disabled there.
Damn, I didn't know AMD being so innovative with so many FIRSTS like those YouTube commenters would be so far behind in market share. What was it this quarter? 22.8% for AMD and 77.2% for Nvidia? Those FIRSTS better count for something. On a serious note, I'm not hating on AMD. Just stating the fact that being first at something doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Sure, everyone loves an innovative company with lots of bright ideas, but that's not enough to...
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