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You forgot to mention which card runs hotter. I assume it's the top one. If that's the case, it's primarily because the pump isn't strong enough to push the liquid from the bottom card's intake to the upper card's intake. All the pressure is going through the bottom block and exiting out the top outlet while very little liquid gets to the top block, again, due to low pressure. Tilt the computer 45 or so degrees backwards so that the rear I/O is facing your desk/ground,...
Thanks! Goodluck with the competition
This thing is still alive, eh.
I got my hands on a working D5400 and I'm trying to look for a case to fit it in. I also have a SR-2 build in which I used a Lian-Li PC-A76 and heavily modified it. I'd like to watercool the CPUs and the motherboard if possible but I'm not sure I can find a block for this board anymore. As for the case, I'm looking for something relatively small, so basically no Caselabs.
Not quite clear. The few times I've tried messing with it, everything went wrong so I've learned to leave that tab well enough alone. Some games have internal frame rate limiters and if they hit that limiter, the graphics card downclocks to a state where it maintains target FPS. Either that or you have Vsync on, or a possible software/hardware issue.There's really no point in trying to edit those voltages. Nvidia cards have excelled in idle power consumption since...
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