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Try changing your power plan to High Performance. Right click on desktop, Personalize, Screen Saver, Change Power Settings, then switch to high performance.
I've suspected this for a long time and I suppose it does make business sense for a company to promote their newer products to sell more units, but GK110 cards are barely two years old and it seems like that NVidia is completely ignoring driver developments for them. According to this article from Techspot, in Project Cars, a GTX 970 performs better than a GTX 780 Ti and a GTX 960 does the same when compared to a GTX 780. We all know that the cards in those comparisons...
Coming very soon.I've gotta contact Arctic see if they've got any samples.
One side done:
Been a while but I've made some progress:
Less than a feet away.The old 140mm test rig is retired. I started testing 140mm fans on the 120mm testing rig not too long ago so you can directly compare results.Most fans have advertised lowest speed that you typically can't achieve unless you have the fan oriented in a particular way to decrease rolling resistance.
Good info. I doube Asus would update the RIVE. Last BIOS update came out almost a year ago. The 400GB 750 is about 570 bucks in Canada. It's a bit of a thing to swallow that cost and figure it's not fully compatible.
Thanks. I want to stick to Windows 7 for the time being, which is why I asked.
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