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From samsung: Warranty Product 5 Years Limited Warranty or 300TBW Limited Warranty
If that's a Samsung 850 Evo you have there, it's certified for 300 TB of writes per week for 5 years. Don't worry, you haven't degraded its life at all.
You can find the maximum stable clocks for that card and bake them in with a BIOS mod so it would always perform the fastest out of the box.
Where are you getting these prices? 810 + tax for a 1080: 525 + tax for a 1070:
Yep. Tweaked and improved. Better than factory.
  You can flash that BIOS for a more consistent experience. Doesn't need any OC mode after that.
Yeah, so it's as advertised. It puts an auto overclock on it. Advertised on box but not as fast out of the box.
Bad idea. That thing is cooling the VRM and memory modules.
1085 (Boost Clock: 1150) (OC mode). Switch to OC mode? Maybe afterburner has a setting or there might be a switch on the card.
Maybe it's a different sku than the one you have. They could be sharing the same cooler but binned differently.
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