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And as I said, Reducing core voltage will gain you the most in terms of lowering temps.
This should be in the GPU section of the forum but I digress. Forget about the GPU that your friend linked. You can't find those new anymore. These are the best options for the money right now: NVidia: $200: $290: AMD: $180: $260:...
If you're undervolting and not overclocking, you don't need to increase any voltages. Reducing core voltage is your best bet, leave everything else on auto unless you want to save a few more watts by optimizing System agent voltage, etc.
Depends on the CPU clock and game really. You can't expect a 70 dollar CPU to be jack of all trades.
TDP is set in a way to prevent throttling, percentage doesn't matter.Do you have the 970 Strix? That card has crippled power delivery and there's nothing you can do about it software wise. 
Read Post #1. It's pretty simple.
Just flash them and dial in your overclock without having to worry about Voltage or TDP adjustments.
Edit: Actually, you sent me 2 660 BIOS's.
You can't go past 1.21 on Kepler cards.
 1.26V should be unlocked now. Try it and let me know.
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