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Lot's of tweaks.Not sure exactly but in my experience it's usually caused by TDP limitation.
 They were identical in terms of TDP and voltages. Only the fan speed was different. At any rate, the new one should perform better.
You can't disable TDP.
@PimpSkyline Post your BIOS, I'll see what I can do.
Heh, thanks. I actually went with a Z87 Gigabyte motherboard that's working fine so far. Default Vcore was 1v which I managed to drop to 0.9v. Pumped an extra 0.1v to the iGPU instead and hit 1350 MHz @ 1.2v. I also had the processor de-lidded to better cope with the thermals since the T sku coolers are even smaller than normal Intel orb coolers.
By modifying the BIOS. That's what this thread is about.
Just max out the power target.Yes.
If you set the power target to 110% and under load the TDP doesn't reach 110%, then you won't be throttling.
Won't throttle at 59C. 90.4% TDP doesn't give me enough information to tell you if it will throttle or not. If the TDP is 150W at 90.4% yes, it will throttle. If it's 300W, it won't.Can't get more than 1.21V.
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