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If you can't set the the memory clock past 1333, then it doesn't matter what the manual says. It could be the chip that doesn't have multipliers past 1333.
This will help: TLDR: Your SSD is overheating.
That board doesn't support anything higher than 1333 MHz memory.
Why won't one of you guys make a fanless system? It's not hard with the correct components. You've got fanless PSU and CPU coolers, and you can use a Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Plus to cool your GPU.
Do you mean a certain cat?
I don't understand either.
As long as suckers are willing to pay 1200 dollars for a desktop graphics card, Nvidia will keep raising prices. The consumers are feeding this habit, synergizing Nvidias marketing strategy.
You need to run the link and download the corsair program. There's a procedure you have to follow to deactivate virtual multi-rail. I don't remember exactly what it was but should be able to find it with a quick search.
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