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Shadowplay has close to zero performance hit. Using a CPU to record a video is not an optimized approach, specially at 4K..
Use Geforce Experience. With a 1080/980 Ti, you can record at 4K 60 Hz no problem.
Darude - Sandstorm.
Update on Rocket 88. They have reduced the international shipping to 10 dollars.
I can only lock to 1.281V.
With the right motherboard, yes.
Ramdisk always slow down the boot and shut down times as it has to load whatever was the last state written to the hard drive before a shutdown. It's only ever gonna be useful as a scratch disk. Expect an increase in windows load and shutdown times as much as an additional 90 seconds even if you have a fast SATA SSD.
No one has an answer, which means it must be worth about 12 dollars.
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