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I had to enable UEFI, or disable CSM. That's pretty much it.
Don't know what they are.
Not that I know of.
Need to max voltage slider with afterburner.
How's that relevant? Skylake has IPC superiority over Broadwell, not to mention that on average, Skylake overclocks higher. 4.5 - 4.7 GHz vs 4.2 - 4.4. So no, Broadwell is not faster.
 Yeah, you've got 350W TDP headroom under load which is more than the card will ever need.
Heh, yeah, if only.
The whole purpose of using G3258 is to save money. I've always paired these chips with a MSI H81M-P33 or a ASUS H81M-E, often using stock coolers after delidding. I've gotten anywhere from 4.4 to 4.7 GHz with about half a dozen chips that I've worked with, using the aforementioned setup. Temps under heavy load @ 1.35V were around the 75 - 85C range with the stock cooler which is acceptable to me. Don't buy Z97 boards and expensive cooling solutions for this chip. It's not...
If only "somebody" would test fans here They've sent me 6 different RPM versions of their 120mm eLoops but only one of each, which is why I haven't tested them yet. I contacted them to let them know but they never replied to my emails.
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