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Location is St. Louis
If anyone has an LGA1155 cooler they're looking to get rid of, I wouldn't mind contributing a few bucks for one. I need one for my MAME build I'm doing so this will be cooling a 2500k running hyperspin, a few emulators, mame, and not much else. Nothing to special.
goes for 280 on amazon currently.
I was 1 hour away of getting Berserker Prime on my server (2nd 60 zerker on my server, 5th 60 on the server and 12th 60 nationwide as far as playtime goes since some realms were down when the launch occurred). I literally finished the content in 4 days from 32(early access) to 60.Those last levels were nuts...especially since I got level locked because I skipped dungeons.These are some of the images I took of my adventure my character is named...
I'm absolutely loving FFXIV-ARR. Great pace, great content and it caters to both the hardcore and casual crowds. You can get a weapon that's down a few levels by casual play or REALLY go hardcore and get your relic weapon and stand out. It's quite the accomplishment to finish your relic.
I particularly like the content pace in FFXIV and the content length. IE: Raiding is no longer an all night affair.SQenix seems to maintain interest and pace while providing new and interesting things to do.
Demon hunter - saw that coming for some time. People get bored with the current classes and they need to keep it fresh New zones - eh, not that excited about it, more areas to level up in and I guess more story. Other thoughts - Did they use the relic weapon idea from FFXIV-ARR/FFXI? Interesting approach but I don't think they'll get it right. Overall - Honestly I'm not that excited. I was kinda excited for WoD but I made max level in a weekend immediately after release...
Oddly enough, even as a Unix Engineer, I shy away from Linux as a primary gaming OS simply because it doesn't meet several of my needs.Now that being said, it's quickly gaining steam with a major distrubution platform released on it (see what I did there?) and I hope that one day linux will be as big as windows but right now, in my opinion, the support just isn't there for me. It's not just a simple uproot and plant elsewhere.
Mine was smooth. All my settings and all my programs retained... Have a slight issue with my headset that I'm assuming is a bug. (It recognizes the device, shows up in hardware mixers but when a program tries to use it, it forgets what it is.)
As I recall, the navy has implemented a few automated radar tracking lazer weapons to fry missiles and torpedos. I'm not exactly sure how they work but I remember reading how they had to "unadjust" them because they were originally intended for gatling weapons and forgot to remote the compensation for bullet drop. When calibrated, they found that the lazer weapon was much better suited to shooting down missiles given a variety of testing factor (movement, weather,...
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