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bumping this since I'm still searching good suggestions thus far though.
Oh no problem, it's free advice, can't argue if you take your time on it.Where can you get those Swans? I'm ok spending that much if I can find a reputable vendor. Everyone I found wants 900+ for them.
I don't know the ohm raiting on the speakers. Yes I've got optical out.
We will see what happens in the future. I've got two Maxwell Titan-X superclocks that I'm probably going to see about trading one or both+water blocks+air cooler+back plate for 1080ti's.
Mine First :-PI think I was one of the founding members come to think on it.
I appreciate it and yeah...I think that would need to be on sale. I can't find anything non Chinese that's under 850 dollars
Yes but I prefer newBoth. I'd prefer immediate or VERY near future IE: I order center channel from one site and sattelites from another. As long as things are moving together. If things are out of stock, I can wait.I'm in St. Louis so that opens up Microcenter, Best Buy...etc. Online is also an option as well.My budget is an arbitrary number, I'd prefer not spend 350 dollars on a speaker but I certainly don't want to blow $1000 on computer based sound system either.
I'm ok with that but I know exactly zilch about recievers and speakers which is why I'm adamant on if someone recommends it, give me suggestions.
Yeah I'm sure. I wish it was but the control pod functions fine. It's the sub. Z5500's are finally biting the dust. It looks to be an issue inside the subwoofer itself as I've tested cables, speakers, etc... and can't get the sub or the center channel to function properly anymore. As such I'm looking for a suitable replacement system. My budget is 350 dollars and surround sound is a must. If you're goign to recommend a full receiver and speaker setup please PLEASE include links to purchase them and which receiver and speakers/subs you're...
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