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bibbity boppity boo!
To be honest I've been exploring a DX racer for a while but I have no idea which one to buy...Their site is a little overwhelming and I'm not sure what series/options to get.... Obviously color is on me but everything else...what's the difference between these models? Can I get a hand here? lol
Glad I held off on this iteration.Source
would you be interested in a socket 754 system at all?
Shotgun sniping in BFBC2 was amazing....Hardcore, slug rounds, infinite range with a shotgun and no bullet drop. I ticked off SOOOOO many snipers with that*crackow* where'd that come from....*Crackow* dance a little more*crackow* oh there he is *CHUNK*Dead sniper.My favorite memory was in vietnam, someone stole the chopper I was flying around in so I fire a random shot across the map at him...ended up headshoting him out of the chopper by mistake.
I still play DOS classics: Quest for Glory Gabriel Knight Warcraft 1 and 2 King's Quest...
in please. Thank you much.
NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH WITH THAT BLASPHEMY....Square would never import ANYTHING that had to do with final fantasy 13 into 7-remake......would they? In all honesty though, 13 was the worst final fantasy I've ever played. The combat mechanics, the level design and the whole feel of the game was severely off. If they change the ATB battles for the FF13 model then it's not 7.
fascinating....who knew?
Final fantasy 7 was 3 disks. 8 and 9 were 4.That being said, I sat down and strongly though about multi-player implementation into ff7 and thought of some REALLY interesting ideas to play with.Think about this concept for a while -Turning the gold saucer into a massive multiplayer area with the option to revert to single player.The gold saucer was supposed to be this major hub of activity and mini games and there's hardly anyone there to interact with but PLENTY of stuff...
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