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I've yet to meet someone who didn't like this game that knew what they were buying. I've truly fallen in love with this game and have even taken the time to write some mods for it (for personal use.) It's amazing game and I keep getting in over my head but keep getting further and further with more and more organization.
If this game was striving for realism than it missed the mark entirely. Likewise the game is about progression and moving to the next cars up and up buying what should be progressively better cars. What encourages me to buy the lambo over the C6R if the C6R can beat the top end cars? There is literally no incentive to move up.
I played enough of it to satiate my NFS thirst. In my opinion the acting was GOD awful and really distracted me from the game. Plus a lot of the game didn't make sense. Why can my C6R keep up with the McClaren with the same upgrades but half the cost?
Not going to read through 17 pages and I'm late to the party. I can see both sides of the argument. On one hand, Blizz is protecting it's IP, on the other, the fans are pissed because it's taking away a service that was obviously in demand that blizz refuses to provide.
K...dont know what's with the corsair hate.. My 900D has been rock solid. Probably the best case I've owned which also includes my silverstones. My Corsair Vengeance ram has been stable as can be. and my Rm1000I has performed like a beast under load. Only issue with my RM1000 was the 3.3 rail and corsair was quick to replace it and gave me an advanced rma and another 5 year warranty.
Why? It's lasted me just fine. I actually replaced it with an RM1000i recently.
Generally speaking the anti surge is broken pretty severely. Do you have AI Suite installed? That will typically warn you about which rails are drooping or surging (+-10%) I just had a corsair 1000W get out of spec on me with the 3.3v rail. TO confirm you need to grab a multimeter and test the leads. I did this by literally shoving the leads into the back of the 24 pin socket to see voltage. Black can go to any black and red goes to the rail you're testing. Keep an eye on...
I'll admit the launch was pretty smooth.However the differences point is one I'll have to disagree with.The trailer showed an actual pvp match which isn't in the game, 3 dark zones which aren't there and a map that dwarfs the one we got and the loot system looked much better than what we currently got. Same chest but instead of a colored pillar of light, it actually showed the weapon and the stats were imposed ontop of it.Then there's the original trailer which showed...
Point steam at The Division.exe in your installation folder. Worked for me without a hitch!
Yeah no thanks. I got the division on the humble bundle because I could dicatate not to give ubisoft any money. After the debacle they made of the original Watch Dogs, The Division, AC: Unity, and Completely destroying Track Mania Turbo. I'm staying away from ubisoft for a while. And it's not even the downgrade in gaphics and gameplay that dissapoints me. It's the fact that they try to stand by their decision and support their claim that it wasn't for consoles when the...
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