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Been playing Duke Nukem 3d on my vita for a bit of time now...Always bet on old duke.
What's the material on the blocks? Aluminum or nickel? I'm considering this but currently I have a copper cpu block and don't want aluminum to cause issues.
found this on the ubuntu forums
It's my go to system where I have my roots deeply embed.
$ prtconf | grep -v Serial | head System Model: IBM,8205-E6B Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER7 Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 7 Processor Version: PV_7_Compat Number Of Processors: 4 Processor Clock Speed: 3720 MHz CPU Type: 64-bit Kernel Type: 64-bit
So this is probably the only one of these in this thread but does this qualify for me to get in
I use quite few applications that require X11 or another gui interface to setup and maintain for rca or other encryption keys and administration. Believe me, I tried to find anyway around installing graphical software on my boxes but I couldn't find it.The worst offender seems to be db2. Mostly because the damn dba's cant figure crap out without it and I'm busy enough babysitting my own team.I appreciate the honesty and you're right, I didn't offer any alternatives. I was...
And immediately under that he says it's a virtual private server meaning that it's still a virtual box running ontop of a virtual server. Something along the lines that amazon, google or softlayer offers.You're incredibly wrong. I'll leave it at that because I don't really feel like arguing with youIf you say so. You're obviously the expert Sigh...If you really want to argue credentials that's fine. I'm here because I'm a senior administrator that manages well over 10,000...
If he's administrating linux sure. Many applications require a gui interface for configuration / management which is why I assumed he installed a gui interface. Not to mention he seems to just be getting his feet wet with Linux administration and remote connections.And being helpful is up for debate. I would rather teach people how to arrive at a solution than just flat out tell them an answer. That way they learn how to fix things on their own.
There are certain things you can't do through a cmi in newer operating systems.Also isn't sed a little over kill for modifying the sshd config? Just vi it and change the yes to no and refresh the service.
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