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with or without blocks?
So I've got two Titan-X's Superclocked in SLI that I'd love to see how stable I can get them up to. Both are under water and have full cover blocks + a 360 EKWB radiator. I just don't know how to overclock them and ensure their stable.
I've got two EVGA Titan-X SC cards with full cover EKWB blocks and back plates. Cards would come with air cooler, boxes, and parts.
Ok guys, I need some critique. I've signed up with a few developers to preview their game in VR and put down a let's play with them. This is mutually beneficial since I get a free game (yay!) and some hits on my youtube channel and they get free publicity and some footage to use. A few challenges that sprung up with this is that 1. My headset mic isn't of the quality of my blue snowball 2. Push to talk becomes a massive problem. What I'm looking for is a way to improve...
I'm quickly getting overpowered by peripherals.As far as racing wheels, I'm quite happy with my g29. Bought it to use on my ps4 and pc for Gran Turismo and Project Cars.
as I said above, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a set for my vive :-D
I'm now a happy owner of a Vive. Tried the Rift and the Vive and found that while the Rift was slightly more comfortable. The Vive with full room scale games trumps anything the rift could produce. The immersion factor of being able to walk around and interact with the environment instead of being confined to a cockpit is simply amazing. I think it was suggested that the occulus touch would be supported with the vive as well making the experience that much better.
I got accused all the time in Call of Duty Black Ops. I played headquarters almost exclusively and knew the maps and hiding spots so it wasn't hard for me to shoot through walls in predictable locations. Always netted me a ton of accusations. "OMG HOW U KNW I WUZ THERE?" "Because there's only 3 points to hide from enemies on that point and you were standinding in one of them when I fired into it?" "LUL HAXOR!"
try disabling windows firewall (and any other firewall) on both systems entirely and try again. If it still doesn't function try connecting both pcs via ethernet and see what happens.
Thanks everyone. 1440p@144hz it is!
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