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12 hours dry, figured it was safe to start the mobo up and work in windows on the led's and temps. Side panel is on Completed project I'll get some more pics of the entire case when I get a few moments and a decent camera
Front Panel complete Starting to fill the system Prepped for leak test Leak testing This bad boy sprung a leak because of a bad gasket, easy switch but a minor annoyance.
Starting to run pipes and mounted the pump and res LED tests for the blocks More LED tests Running pipes and LEDs on
Tear down and LEDs behind the motherboard Blocked the titan-s LED's in the front panel Building out the internals and setting up the cards
I wanted my sig rig to look as good as it performed but I wanted my build to be mine. I decided to finally put together a worthy system to show off at LAN's. Internals - Asus RAMPAGE IV Extreme i7 4930k @4.5ghz 2x EVGA Titan - X Superclocked 8 sticks of DDR 3 Corsair Vengance 2133 Watecooling is all EKWB, Northbridge, mosfet, full cover gpu blocks, pipes, compression fittings, pump/res combo, 480 mm radiator even the coolant. All of it EKWB. Time for some pictures The...
yup. and it's all EKWB, right down to the coolant. Out goes up to the rad and in comes from the gpu block.
Pump/res > 480 Res > Cpu > Mosfet > Northbridge > GPU bridge > Pump/res I've been measuring temps. the bottom gpu is at 33 degrees. The top one is running extremely hot. In it's previous configuration it was running fine when it was a single gpu setup but now with the block, the temps are spiking and can only attribute it to low flow.
No. I've been bleeding it as I go from both the bridge and the res.
I'm having EXTREMELY low flow on card 1 with the parallel bridge installed. I can literally see the water trickling out of the block into the exit area. Card 2 is happy as can be.
Thanks! it actually looks like the GPU are 5mm but 3 shoudl fit equally as well. nothing a quick strip of electrical tape on the back can't fix. I see if I can find an LED for my Sound Blaster Z so that think isn't as bright.
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