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I've completely forgotten to do maybe?
throwing this out there, 15.3.1 seems to fix some issues, dpc latency is down from 400 to ~50, dipping as low as 7 on my system now.
I'm current;y running 15.3.1...first noticeable thing is my DPC latency shot down tremendously which was a HUGE issue for r9 290x crossfire users.
Doh! Thanks,I'm eagerly looking forward to them since the 14.12 drivers pretty much made crossfire unusable for me.
So...whats the status on the beta release for windows 8.1. I see mid February and we're into march and I don't see beta drivers available on amd's website yet.
I doubt it, the other solution is to disable vsync across the system and the helps immensely.
Bumping this thread to report I'm having the exact same issues. The solution is to back date drivers to the 13 series here. I'm eagerly awaiting a solution from AMD about why their drivers essentially makes my second 290x useless.
Yes they are the same. There's actually a supported feature that if you buy red hat and are already running cent, they provide instructions on how to switch your repos and you run a yum update and voila, you're on red hat.
I'd say 130-140 with the SD Card.
I will say the game I'm enjoying the most on my vita right now is Freedom Wars. Nice Monster Hunter esc kind of game where you harvest resources to build better weapons. Combat is really fun and dynamic as you fight larger enemies. Only annoying thing is that the in game audio isn't localized so it's all in Japanese.
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