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You and your logic. Who's got time for that So in a watercooling setup, where can you buy these kinds of pipes and tools? I'm a noob at this but would love to do this since I've got quite a bit under water in my system (Mosfet, northbridge, cpu, and video card.)
Please let me know how that goes, I'm legitimately curious. I actually have a themed build that this would look good on and don't mind spending a bit to have the mousepad match the speakers / el wire that will going around my desk. Working on a "complete" build with mouse, keyboard and desk components.You can, mine doubles as a cat nap area every once in a while so I roll it up and throw it in the washing machine on gentle with literally a few drops of detergent about 4...
My steelseries has actually lasted me about 7 years now.
That's what I was thinking. I actually have and love the Chroma keyboard and thought this would be a nice addition, especially since they integrate, but 60 bucks for?Probably uses the same LED's in the chroma and there are VASTLY more in the keyboard than a mouse pad.Then I thought, well if the pad ITSELF lights up or reacts based on where the mouse is on the pad, that could justify 60 bucks....nope, just the outer ring lights up....yeah no.
interesting....were you not using minimal before?
posting here because I just found this and this is something I want to do!
I could use one although I haven't seen my titan-x ship yet.
1 day is 128 posts and 13 pages of content.....
Hey titan-x owners, go grab your free copy of witcher 3! Mine comes this saturday! Titan-X superclocked! WOOHOO! Use the geforce experience beta to get a free copy of witcher 3.
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