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I ahve windows 8.1 and when I got to disk properties, it detects it as a "Standard Storage Disk" Defrag ahsn't been run on it but defragler doesn't detect the array either.
But again, windows doesn't recognize the array as solid state drives...just a generic disk.
I'm not booting off of it. I'm using it for game installations and performance. I have a grand total of 3 sdd's in my system. 2 240gigs for storage, 1 120 for a system os. I've already seen the raid 0 affects on the performance from numbers.
That's what I was thinking. Sure enough though, windows doesn't detect the raid array as SDD's so I disabled defragment.
Quick question for the masses. I've got a raid 0 array configured on 2 intel 530, 240gig sdd's. The write and read performance has been amazing but I have someone telling me that windows will kill the drives with pre-fetch and defrag. I understand the defragment portion but the question is, is there any truth to this? I've verified that the system doesn't read the drives as solid state since the array was created underneath the os and present from bios up but I don't see...
I'm looking to create a NAS device for my home network. Something small that I could put near my router that would have raid-ed storage array's for backups and putting movies, etc.. on. What are some of your suggestions?
we need ff-12 on vita....I'd never see daylight again.
I'm a unix admin. tmp is definitely not volatile there.
First two places to check for disk space usage for me is /tmp and /home
I'd be curious to know what your pam.d and sudo authentication logs say.
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