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I'm looking to create a NAS device for my home network. Something small that I could put near my router that would have raid-ed storage array's for backups and putting movies, etc.. on. What are some of your suggestions?
we need ff-12 on vita....I'd never see daylight again.
I'm a unix admin. tmp is definitely not volatile there.
First two places to check for disk space usage for me is /tmp and /home
I'd be curious to know what your pam.d and sudo authentication logs say.
Auto Life is part of the fight though. You start the fight with it on regardless of if any of your characters have armor granting it. Every single one of my characters had auto life during the summons / yu yevon portion of the fight.That's why I don't consider that as the last's impossible to lose.From the wikiDepending on your armor or weapons, that could very well be impossible to do. Any fight where you basically have to kill yourself in a VERY specific manor...
So I was looking through physical volumes UID's and accidentally pasted something in my terminal I didn't mean to.... AIX wasn't to happy with me. DOH!
With auto life, even if you kill yourself you come back...even if your team gets one shot, you come can you lose?
You can't die during that fight so I don't really consider it a fight. I consider Jecht the final boss since that's the last fight you can actually lose the game at.
I just finished Final Fantasy 10....ended up one shotting the boss using the magus sisters
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