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Please do.The hardware I'm running onHost PC:Sig rigClient PC:Core 2 quad Q96504 Gigs of ram120gig SSDGTX 465Should be plenty powerful.
I'm in the same boat as you and honestly, Steam is pretty disappointing to my standards, I don't expect a flawless experience streaming but when there's a half a second delay over a gigabit network from input to action, I can't give it my sign off. Makes playing any game that requires finite controls and semi quick reactions (Dark souls, racing games, some platformers) unplayable.
Because they have agreements with cable providers not to provide service outside of the US. OR they have agreements with cable providers OUTSIDE the US not to compete. Hulu went through something very similar. Check your local gamestop!
these aren't watercooled. As I stated in the post, not modded.
I've got two R9 290x's that I'm looking to potentially trade for a GTX 980 superclocked. I've had such bad issues with crossfire and the latest drivers that I'm ONLY using 1 GPU as it is. I'd like to know what I could get for these cards so I can value them accordingly and give and get a good deal both ways These cards are reference, never modded, never overclocked. Link to the...
SPLUH! More power to you but I REALLY dislike unity. To much garbage and bloat for basic functions.
Welcome to OCN! In the future, try not to necro posts for 3 years ago These did work in crossfire and I have since sold both cards to a buddy of mine.
I've completely forgotten to do maybe?
throwing this out there, 15.3.1 seems to fix some issues, dpc latency is down from 400 to ~50, dipping as low as 7 on my system now.
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