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Final Fantasy X did an amazing job with cross platform connectivity and play. So did Metal Gear Solid. That pushed some console but not enough for developers to really pay attention to.
Mario Golf Mario Tennis They were the last REALLY REALLY good games to carry those titles. Harvest moon was also really good on the advance. edit: words be hard after 22 hour work days :S
I love my vita, I really do. It's got some good titles and 1 or 2 great games for it but sadly the content is lacking. I've played pretty much every game that's been released on vita and there's not one of them I can say "Buy a vita and get this game, you won't regret it!" about. But it's main competitor, the 3DS, which was only released 9 months before hand has so many good titles going for it. I mean seriously, every gamestop near me has maybe 2-3 small shelves...
The problem I have with windows 8 is that it's typical microsoft ideology. "Do it our way because we know what you really want regardless of what you think." You spent nearly 20 years indoctrinating people with a start bar and suddenly remove it without a hint of a transition leaving users confused and annoyed. 8.1 did a lot to bridge that gap but let's not forget that microsoft stood by the decision to compeltely remove the start bar in the release canidate because they...
Actually I've gotten into them as well. I usually get non nicotine and use it a social thing though.
as I recall, disable DOF and vsync and it should resolve the issue.
bout time I post an update Got my watercooling installed Also the system has since gotten an upgrade I'm now running a 3770k and 2x R9 290X's
Hows my favorite team?
I'm not going to dig through 19 pages to see if this point was mentioned but.... Rebellion confirmed that the revoked keys were the keys that a distributor admitted were stolen from them. The distributor notified Vavle (steam) and Rebellion that the keys had been stolen and both of them took action to revoke the stolen keys. Total biscuit does a wonderful job explaining the situation here. Honestly I don't know why this is...
I use 3 of the 23 inch 1080p versions of these monitors....they are gorgeous. Eyefinity looks amazing on them. Good luck on the sale.
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