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.This. I think people aren't in a furor over small things. For me, it's because there's no way to not send them any information.
Yes they do. This is the battle I currently have going on with them.
8GB of Internal Storage This saddens me. I can see this as being a good budget phone but even with 32GB Internal and a 64GB SD Card, I could use more space.
Proper packaging is the responsibility of the seller. You have time to file a dispute if you do have problems with it.
It's really not hard at all to do. You don't need to unroot to install an update. You just install the update and you may lose root access but generally, the newer updates are rooted pretty quickly as well. Reverting is actually super easier as you'll just for the most part load up Odin, insert the stock image and it does the rest for your phone to change it back to a clean stock without root or with root depending on the image you download. If you want this exact time...
Yeah, she's still on hiatus but still releasing new stuff. Mostly singles though. So who knows...maybe Square can just throw money at her until she says, well, I don't have anything else to do
Can I just say that I love the fact that here we are at Kindgom Hearts III and we are still using Utada Hikaru's "Hikari" as a base for the music As long as Hiki does the title track for III as well, I'm all good. If she doesn't, I'm not 100% down with it.
There's a few apps on the play store that can do this. One is called Power Search but it looks like crap (The UI isn't polished at all)
I don't know about in your emails but in your browser, there are some browsers that allow you to do your own gesture controls.
Yes Although I'm not entirely sure about the 4G part when it comes to straight talk. Possibly not LTE but probably HSPA+. It's basically just AT&T's network without roaming.All you should need is the SIM card from Straight Talk.
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