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Hi I've asked about this in the Moderators forum, and will let you know as soon as I get the answer!
Look, no PC
Here's another vid i did a while back, but this one is a bit more 3D flying Phoenix RC Sim
Papo & Yo, but only low settings because I'm playing on my laptop 75% off on Steam, about 10 more minutes left!
Zombie World War is free, and good fun "Android"
Defenatly start with a Sim first then I've only killed a couple of RC Planes IRL, but my latest Plane has been up 4 years running without any mishaps Seagull XRAY
Phoenix RC Sim
Into the Dead (Android), free from the play store
Sony Experia P (bought sim free) And the phone definitely feels better than before. And yeah, I suppose the nexus is smoother too.But the phone was on ICS before...........This is a good free game!Into the Dead
Thanks dude, I have quoted the above in the OP. And I did go find another post of yours and gave you a well deserved Rep+
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