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Sony Experia P (bought sim free) And the phone definitely feels better than before. And yeah, I suppose the nexus is smoother too.But the phone was on ICS before...........This is a good free game!Into the Dead
Thanks dude, I have quoted the above in the OP. And I did go find another post of yours and gave you a well deserved Rep+
I probably would add that info. If I knew what you meant Nice one
I just happened to notice a notification saying an update was ready
My "old" Nexus 7 got an update today, Android 4.3 And my phone just got Jellybean last week too. Which I wasn't expecting to ever happen It's like a new phone, but the nexus looks the same!
I'm guessing you're all sorted now?
Yeah, well done mate
bump, for new members
Hi Are you sure you don't have the option to start a new thread?
She sure can run He's some 3D photos of my 2.2" class, (Wheels) RC Crawler 4 wheel drive, locked diffs, and 4 wheel steering.
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