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She sure can run He's some 3D photos of my 2.2" class, (Wheels) RC Crawler 4 wheel drive, locked diffs, and 4 wheel steering.
My youngest daughter winning the 400m race at her school sports day
I think he's come back, because you was going to miss him so much
Done The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Congrats Waffle, well done mate
I run lots of games in 3D with just one GTX480, just saying And yeah I do have the option of running SLI, but I don't need to all the time!
Yeah, that's the one Brad But I've only flown it in the Sim!
Phoenix RC Sim And here's that plane IRL! It was given to me by one of the guys that worked for Phoenix RC Sim
In racing games I've beaten all my old lap times, since running them in 3D In fact, I won a Dirt 3 Racing league here on OCN, and felt like I was cheating because of 3D Metro Last Light and the latest Tomb Raider are both excellent in 3D
We are indeed losing one of the good guys for sure! munaim1, I really do wish you all the luck and happiness in your future endeavours bro. Don't be a stranger bud
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