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Good idea. Pro Audio technicians use gallons of it.
Matte matters.
Well, THAT settles THAT!
Awww...guys...This survey may hit 2 sigma Statistical Significance Yet!FOR KEYBOARD SCIENCE!
Nope, bad metaphor. Not when you build up a portfolio of...KEYBOARD SCIENCE! is a personal preference. Kinda like there is NO perfect keyboard, only the one you like best.
Watch out for GeekWhackers. They have had a rash of scams lately. Group Buy Four STILL hasn't shipped and 7bit owes me replacement keys from 2011.
My IBM is fairly spill resistant because of the drainage channels. Whoah = the OCN image recompression SW sucks....LOOK at those artifacts! ಠ_ಠ
McRip effect. Your Ninja is running at 1000hz.
The last batch sold for less. I think Geekwhackers are finally wising up.
K400 is NOT K810 quality that is for sure. I have one of those too. Standard rubber dome.
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