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Thanks for the reply and comments but I still want a clear answers on which drive I should throw my money at. Thanks all and don't forget to back up! XD Lee17
I lost almost all my data on a 3TB Seagate drive when I was about, like 1 reboot or 2 minutes, from backing it up. Like I said in my other thread, it lost is partition and is now seen as a RAW disk. I didn't find a "free" and legal solution to recover the data. Since the Black Friday sale kick in today at newegg, I take a look and I might go for an other 3TB hard drive. I will avoid seagate if possible. Here is the choice I see so far : Toshiba DT01ACA 3TB for 100$ WD...
Here is the SMART data, I think :
Ok, I was hopping that is wasn't but thanks, now I will be in the market for a new drive :S. So far, the recovery look good I believe.Thanks for the answer!
Ok, my Seagate 3TB is seen as RAW. I'm currently recovering the file with EaseUS trial. What I want to know is what did that? Is it a failing hard drive or a corrupted OS? My OS is on a Samsung Evo 120GB. Thanks. I hope the recovery will work, I do have backup but it isn't fresh because I'm not bright and I left my my external hard drive unplug so he couldn't do the update... I feel stupid now Thanks, Lee
Thanks! You do an excellent job!
Still didn't get my 10M, did I need to resend it?
Time to change my avatar again and to get some good meat!
I will leave this here and ask for a new badge... I should have wait because I just receive my 4M badge
Nope! I got the 16GB Team kit. Waiting for it. Even 16Gb is to much for my need.
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