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Did your pump run at full speed all the time? I had issue with a corsair H60 that was making weird noize at low RPM. I connect it directly on the PSU and everything went back silent. It could be similar I guess. Lee17
I'm in for PoE!
I will stop trying to overclock on that board because it is known to catch fire like Undervolter say. I wouldn't take the risk of losing everything and start saving few penny and looking for used board that other people mention. Also, not only people from Europe use secondary language here, I'm from Canada and English is actually my second language Lee17
Try with OpenGL off Edit, also, try droping the render distance at 12 if you can still find that playable, I think it can help
Check in the setting, un check the vsync and put the max FPS at what you want. It should solve your problem. Lee17
Wow, tu as vraiment du talent! Lâche pas! Je ne peux attendre plus longtemps avant de voir le résultat final... ça va vraiment être malade (wow, You are really talented! Don't give up! I can't wait any longer to see the final result... it will be sick ) Lee17
It is an Aquacomputer Aqualis 450ml with a D5 on the bottom. It come with an H style bracket. The bottom of the H is fix with 2 screw through the case and I use an aluminium bar to hold it top because it was in the case management hole.Here is a picture of the mess behind my case and you can see the aluminium bar that hold the reservoir :The total height of the reservoir with the pump is around 24.5cm and about 7.5cm wide (the circular section, I can't measure the square...
Here is what I just try. Take the motherboard out of the case, take everything off the motherboard (CPU, RAM, fan). Only have the known working PSU on it, just to see if the led behind the power button light or if I get an error code for no cpu or something. When I turn the PSU on, nothing. I press the start button, nothing. Not even a blink from the PSU. I guess it is a dead motherboard, what do you think? Does the motherboard need something else then a PSU to "react"? I...
That was first thing I do before trying to put power back on. I search for burn spot or anything like that. I though that it could be a burn mobo or psu but he say that he didn't smell any burning... smell when the computer shut it self down (the 250D was right on his left when it happen).The build is quite recent, like few month and had no issue at all with it.
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