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You can use liquid electric tape on the PC to protect if from condensation. It will not prevent the condensation, only protect the PCB from waterdamage. It is something use for LN2 cooling instead of vaseline because it is "cleaner" to remove. I have never use it because I only have a regular WC system. If you want to avoid completly the condensation, JackCY option is good, but it won't be quiet with a dehumidified box. You can maybe put the computer in an other...
Liquid electric tape might be a good option for you.
I went with the Acer XB321HK. It was half price on the Acer CA website Thanks all
I continue to look for different monitor and came across the Acer XB321HK. Look like the same panel as the BenQ one but with the G-Sync module. Does G-Sync worth the price increase? Note : I don't have an NVidia card right now, but I will change my computer during the next year and will probably go for an NV card (still regretting my Crossfire R9 290s).
I didn't saw that one either. The BenQ PL3201PH look pretty much like the PD3200U without the color calibration! Here where I had look : Might be a good choice and it is quite cheaper, 800$ vs 1050$! But what is the real difference? Someone know? Edit : The PD3200U is the new version of the PL3201PH. It look out of stock in everystore I look.
I haven't bought it yet, so consider that my mind can still change but I appreciate the input
Thanks! I will look more to see if I can find it cheaper. I'm happy now that I have some option and opinion on these screen. Thank you all
Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't look to that one! But if it is using the same panel, how can I justify the 350$ difference?
And why did I found on many review and forum that the VA technology generaly produce smearing effect during fast movement?
Which model? I learn yesterday that VA panel isn't recommanded for gaming, not even light gaming because of blurring during fast motion (source). After reading that, I lean more toward an IPS monitor. So far, I didn't find other one than the BenQ that does cost more that 1500$ CAD
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