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Add a minus to your temperature and it was the temperature here yesterday... Good work!
Ok, I will try to be more clear Router : D-Link DIR-625 Wireless adpater : Linksys AE2500 (USB card, dual band 2.4/5 GHz) When I'm not using the wireless, in the windows task manager, in the Network tab, the link speed show is over 100Mbps. When I start using internet, like a youtube video or a game patch, the link speed drop to 5 or 6 Mbps and the usage raise to 100%. I would like to go to a 5GHz router but it is out of my control right now :S Thanks for the reply
I have a not recent router : D-Link DIR-625 that was doing is job fine for a while. Recently, I notice my internet was slow and look to the link speed in the windows task manager to find that it was at 5Mbps. I'm connect via wireless connection with a Linksys AE2500 using the driver found on the Linksys website. I notice the link speed only drop when I put "load" on the router. I have a good connection to the router (92% in the router wireless info). Also, I can find 10...
I want to see how it handle snow and icy road
I'm not a pro but I can use light wave larger or small than the visual spectrum. My Mionix Avior 7000 is optical an doesn't have that red light we use to see on "regular" optical mouse. It may also be laser but from what I found it may use the ADNS-3090 sensor, an optical one. Have a nice day.
Thanks for the reply and comments but I still want a clear answers on which drive I should throw my money at. Thanks all and don't forget to back up! XD Lee17
I lost almost all my data on a 3TB Seagate drive when I was about, like 1 reboot or 2 minutes, from backing it up. Like I said in my other thread, it lost is partition and is now seen as a RAW disk. I didn't find a "free" and legal solution to recover the data. Since the Black Friday sale kick in today at newegg, I take a look and I might go for an other 3TB hard drive. I will avoid seagate if possible. Here is the choice I see so far : Toshiba DT01ACA 3TB for 100$ WD...
Here is the SMART data, I think :
Ok, I was hopping that is wasn't but thanks, now I will be in the market for a new drive :S. So far, the recovery look good I believe.Thanks for the answer!
Ok, my Seagate 3TB is seen as RAW. I'm currently recovering the file with EaseUS trial. What I want to know is what did that? Is it a failing hard drive or a corrupted OS? My OS is on a Samsung Evo 120GB. Thanks. I hope the recovery will work, I do have backup but it isn't fresh because I'm not bright and I left my my external hard drive unplug so he couldn't do the update... I feel stupid now Thanks, Lee
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