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Ok, my friend computer shutdown and never come back. The motherboard have been RMA, the GPU seem faulty and, the worst, the PSU is faulty. I wasn't present when the incident happen but he say that he was randomly browsing on the internet (probably not reliable place knowing him XD) when it happen. His computer : Motherboard : Asus Maximus IV Impact (RMA done) CPU : Intel i7 4770k GPU : EVGA 770 Classified RAM : Crucial Balistic 8GB (1x8GB) CPU cooler : H55 SSD : Samsung...
I don't think they have device that use 5G that is why I don't think they need a 5G router.Thanks for the suggestion
What is your maximum budget? Lets say 100$ CAD Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you? No What modes does your router need to support? (a/b/g/n/ac) No need for AC How many devices should the router be expected to handle without slowing down? I don't really know, lets say 4. What do devices do on your WiFi? (Gaming, Netflix, basic internet browsing, etc?) Basic internet, maybe Netflix. What speed do you get from your ISP? (In megaBITS per...
Who is the winner?
Dude, I take a quick look around where I am and it quite hard to find a track where you can occasionally go on with your own car. I found an "autoslalom" autosport club and it about it, but it is cheap, like 70$/day and 6 event/year + 1 "rallom" that is a longer track with a copilot.
I will finish school first, get a job, and make a project car, bring it to track. That is the plan. Maybe the yaris will be the project car since I love to get hate from people XD
God I would like to have a track an a good car but with my Toyota Yaris 1.5L Base, I don't think I could have fun at track. Maybe if I stick a turbo in it... forget that , I need a new car
I agree soo much with you. I'm still waiting for a game where I could race "normal" car around a track.
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