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Dude, I take a quick look around where I am and it quite hard to find a track where you can occasionally go on with your own car. I found an "autoslalom" autosport club and it about it, but it is cheap, like 70$/day and 6 event/year + 1 "rallom" that is a longer track with a copilot.
I will finish school first, get a job, and make a project car, bring it to track. That is the plan. Maybe the yaris will be the project car since I love to get hate from people XD
God I would like to have a track an a good car but with my Toyota Yaris 1.5L Base, I don't think I could have fun at track. Maybe if I stick a turbo in it... forget that , I need a new car
I agree soo much with you. I'm still waiting for a game where I could race "normal" car around a track.
That mean more trip to Ontario... that will start to be expensive Edit : Post #1000!!!!!!
Really nice setup!
Did your pump run at full speed all the time? I had issue with a corsair H60 that was making weird noize at low RPM. I connect it directly on the PSU and everything went back silent. It could be similar I guess. Lee17
I'm in for PoE!
I will stop trying to overclock on that board because it is known to catch fire like Undervolter say. I wouldn't take the risk of losing everything and start saving few penny and looking for used board that other people mention. Also, not only people from Europe use secondary language here, I'm from Canada and English is actually my second language Lee17
Try with OpenGL off Edit, also, try droping the render distance at 12 if you can still find that playable, I think it can help
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