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Well played Google. Cats. That's enough to get pretty much anyone interested.
Short or not is irrelevant, merely an example of someone who feels the need for redemption in how they're treated in their daily life whether it be true or not, or simply a figment of their imagination. An analogy of sorts if you will and certaintly nothing to be taken out of context or personally. Also for the record, if you didn't have short man syndrome, you wouldn't have been offended by that. Thank you for your concern. Cheers.
I'm sorry, I can't sympathize with some cry baby that whines about him not having an out in his "real life" to justify himself ruining others gaming experience in their real life. Online gaming or not, its a thing people do in their real lifes. This guy is basically saying, "Since I can't go around, slap people in the face at work, set houses on fire and can't speed because I'll get a ticket, I cheat in online games to relieve my frustration, which justifies it." Yeah,...
So basically its Windows Vista/7 UAC...can it be disabled?
I don't even know what to say.
In my years of fishing, I've never caught a fish using a "fish finder". You either know how to fish and where to fish...or you don't. That's just how it is. Just sayin'. It's cool they made a device that's integrated with the phone nonetheless.
Good for them. There really needs to be some guidelines in place protecting consumers from some of these selfish game developers that just have the need to control everything at the cost of the paying customers.
Great justice. I love seeing stuff like this
Sharp looking designs, could be enough to make a name for themselves in the PC market.
I don't get the point of Apple trying to compete against googles with Maps and Navigation. Google has been driving roads for ATLEAST the last 5 years, mapping everything out. Why would Apple even waste the resources to compete against someone offering an already amazing product, that's free nonetheless. Apple is definitely steering away from what Steve had intended for the companies direction. It's almost like now, they have too much money just sitting around so they have...
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