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Yeah fixed it, looks like the partition tables got deleted somehow so windows thought the entire disk was blank. Rebuilt them and it's fine.
Hey all, I unplugged my external HDD last night. This morning I turned on my computer, and plugged in my HDD. Windows starts telling me that my hard drive isn't formatted and I need to format it before I can use it. Disk management tells me I need to initialize a manager on the new disk to view it. Any idea whats up? Is my external corrupted? Any way for me to save the data? Thanks,
Hey, I'm pretty sure I got a defective mobo, but run through this with me real quick. I install my setup. I flip the power switch. Nothing happens, no fans, no BIOS, no display, no reaction. I jump the psu, PSU fan starts up, so PSU is confirmed working. When the PSU is plugged into the mobo, the power LED lights up. Flicking the switch manually or with the case switch both don't start up the system. I'm thinking there's a defect on the mobo that isn't allowing the...
Any chance you're willing to ship? :3
Completely right man. Did you see it too?
In if not already over
In. Thanks!
6/10. Interesting subject matter but composition is off and background is noisy. My advice would be to crop it to a portrait frame and add some lens blur to the background while desaturating it a bit to make the colorful attire pop. Fireworks:
In with a grin. Link
I'm assuming a[0] is the 1ist row of a, etc, so a.length would be the number of rows and a[0].length would be the number of columns. Code: public static int[][] mult(int[][]a, int[][]b) { checkComplete(a); checkComplete(b); if(a[0].length != b.length) return null; int[][] c = new int[a.length][b[0].length]; for(int x = 0; x < a.length; x++) { for(int y = 0; y < b[0].length; y++) { int sum =...
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