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Hello. Is anybody able to name any 1920x1200 24" monitors that have an audio output port for the HDMI or DisplayPort audio signal besides the U2410? Thank you.
2x K9A2 Platinum (One boxed with almost all accessories, the other in OEM box with none) - 1x Athlon 64 6000+ - 1x Athlon II X4 620 - 1x Corsair TX650 - 2x XFX 650W - 3x Samsung F1 1TB - 2x 8800GS 96SP 384MB - 4x 9600GSO 96SP 384MB - 1x 8800GTX - 2x Half height GT220 1GB - Possibly faulty: 1x 8800GS 96SP 384MB - 3x 8800GT 512MB - 1x 8800GTS 320/640MB (forgotten at the moment, but not very important) - 1x 8800GTX - 1x 8800 Ultra -
My 79 year old grandfather regularly plays BF2 with me.
Most disappointing game is Far Cry 2. I don't regret buying it though.
Moving back to west Hull at the end of this month
You from East Yorkshire by any chance?
What sort of noise is it actually making?
Two 650W units here have been running constantly for over 9 months with only a few minutes of downtime and can't say they have ever been terribly noisy or hot.
Better to delay a product than rush it to market and end up having to do a recall.
Like IEATFISH said, the case or other components might have forced airflow, but if there is none dedicated to the CPU, I'd call that passively cooled.
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