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I'm always super skeptical about things like this. They don't make changes like this because they think it will make them less money, they think they'll get more money selling "content" this way than the way they have. Will the end products be worth it? I guess we'll find out.
GOG games are complete DRM free. If you but the game you can download an online installer.Once you've downloaded the online installer it is like a physical copy. You can install it on any of your computers, you don't have to sign in to anything, you really own your copy of the game the same way you would if it were a physical disc. No one can take it away from you or cut off your access.It's why I almost only but from
If the performance is top tier I'm buying one as soon as they are available.
The series still sells incredibly well and now that they've found out they can make even more money with "shark cards" and their micro-transactions it won't stop. It is sad what modern AAA publishing has turned into but thankfully there are enough games out there today that most of the people who share our beliefs can find good, unencumbered games to play. It's always good to hear from other people who realize how consumer hostile these practices are and don't support them.
I very much disagree. Books and movies are much better at telling stories. They can much more easily weave together multiple characters, plot points, exposition, dialogue, all the thing that tend to take you out of the action in video games.Video games are all about the gameplay, or the stories we have that time we were low on health, the last guy standing on our team, but still took out the three opponents that were there. While some of them have done good jobs telling...
Good, I hope all DRM gets cracked day one and I actually buy my games. I hate DRM, buy almost exclusively on and will not purchase titles with Denuvo or that require an internet connection unless they are multiplayer only games. I won't purchase GTA V for their "online entitlement checks" or whatever they call it.r/patientgamers
I don't like ultrawide aspect ratios, if all you do is play games on your monitor I'm sure it's great but I need the height.
Would be perfect except for this "21:9 aspect ratio"
EDIT: Actually these look like the workstation cards.
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