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Dowload Ultimate Boot CD and use PMagic from it. I was able to recover files for a friend over the weekend. His drive stopped booting, chkdsk could not fixed it, although it did find all kinds of errors. If you prefer, pmagic can be downloaded separately. I recommend UBCD because it has a host of other utilities.
You can also check out this site for various mini build cases and PSUs.
Just because all you do is game on a computer doesn't mean that other people only game on a computer. A computer can be use for more than gaming. You're consistently falling back on gaming to make your stance, and I quote " no reason to chose AMD over Intel...". Fact is, gaming isn't the only reason to have a computer.Just because I proved your statement false don't say my premiss is wrong/flawed. You're just in denial if you keep saying that. You said "flawed in so many...
So the moment an FX is a better choice than an i5, it automatically disqualifies, because you should go with X79 instead for more PCIe lanes? We've been talking mostly this entire thread about FX vs i5 for mid range. MID RANGE.....repeat MID RANGE.Well, so you're technically suggesting that an FX platform is actually a viable solution after all, because base on your statement, for Virtualization i7 > FX > i5. And here we've been told for over 100 pages by Intel lovers that...
I'm sure there are more than 1, uno, single, reason in the mid range. Look at virtualization for example. The AMD FX platform is the better choice over any of i5 K series processor across SB, IB, and Haswell.FX series has IOMMU for direct IO pass through, none of the i5 K have VT-d, Intel's hardware pass through version for bare metal hypervisors. So say goodbye to any RAID card, GPU, or various other ports if you want to pass them along to the guest OS.Additionally the...
You absolutely make no sense. NO one on this thread has EVER EVER EVER EVER said a 3570K was a bad choice, so why is there any reason to prove you wrong?
Putting the blame on AMD because of an Intel lackluster release?You already know how to make Intel do what you want, and that is to not buy their products. You could of course counterpoint that AMD is not competitive, that is why Intel can do this. If that's the case then buy AMD products. At least you will contribute some portion to AMD's R&D budget.
The only HSA capable cpu is Kaveri.
You never answered my question regarding how they are different? Yet you keep spewing gibberish about the overclock of a 4770K.Fact of the matter is, a 4770K, 4770S are the same processor. The very SAME point I made regarding a 750K, 760K are the same as 5800K and 6800K.I wasn't even talking about overclock potential. If you want to talk 4770K overclock potential, please head over to the Intel CPU section and start a thread there.
No, huh? Why don't you go to and tell me why they are not the same processor.You can bring up the "K", TDP, base clock speed, all you want, It's still a "YES", they are the same processor. If clock them both at the same speed they will perform the same.
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