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Just got my plain Jane iPhone 6 setup by our Telecom team. First impressions, looks and feels like a Samsung Galaxy phone.
I'm one of those 4 million, order a 6. Of course my company is paying. That 4 million is mostly just existing iPhone owners upgrading. I doubt they are penetrating market growth. I know 3 other co workers with 4S, 4S and 5 who will be upgrading this year too.
Really? Do we need to open up old wounds, regarding performance? I guess if you like horse burgers, you can riled up both camps with unnecessary remarks. No one was waiting for these processors, it's already been agreed that it was just re-bin 83xx's to clear out stock. Those that do want these processors have mobos already and want to tinker.
Still have my FDIV bugged Pentium 90 mhz.
Project Skybridge is what im interested to see. HSA, ARM/x86 pin compatible socket, APU all whipped up together. However, I would love a 16 "cat" core opteron for low cost virtual server environment.
32g is not cheap, counter to what you wanted in your op. Have you considered Storage Spaces? On the cheap, all you would need is windows 8. Every thing else functions like Freenas with ZFS. You also dont need more than 8gig to get a decent system up and running. Just an alternative to consider.
I moved away from norton symantec because it would crash my router. This was back in the Linksys 54g router days. I've moved on to new routers , but I use MSE and Malwarebytes and rarely had router crashes. So just stuck with this setup on all my computers.
I don't understand your Title of this thread. Passmark score does not translate into gaming performance at all. From Guru3D FX8320 64% better passmark score than a FX4350, but almost no difference in gaming performance. What is your point?
I wouldn't say that Prime95 is "Unrealistic", it is a real software used to find Prime numbers that many people actually use.A rule of thumb I go by is that if your CPU/Mobo/RAM combination cannot run Prime95 at stock settings then there is a flaw in either your CPU/MOBO hardware, bios setup or Ram timing.You could always try IBT (Intel Burn Test) which will stress CPUs fairly hard too. LinX is another form of IBT with a different GUI. Handbrake will stress too, but not...
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