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Why we don't hear aliens on radio waves they are using transdimensional phones or something more advanced than radio waves.
Microsoft wants everything moved to the cloud. This will set a bad precedent if they allow this. If they allow this, then major enterprises would likely not consider Azure or O365 knowing that Microsoft will provide data to the US government. This will hurt their business model more than the legal fees for the next few years. All they have to do is hold this up on court till the next business model comes along, which would likely mean that everything is moving back...
Pune is our own internal site. Chennai was some random Indian government web site. We use Airtel India as our ISP there. I really don't know why it took the "trip 'round the world" to get to Chennai.
The avg. from each hop is actual there, sorry the formatting from a text file to message board didn't translate well.
This was a couple of years ago. I'm troubleshooting an issue in our Pune, India site. Apparently our team in Pune was having problems accessing a government web site in Chennai. One of our Network Architects came to me with this. ( Fri Mar 15 20:30:41 2013 Keys: Help Display mode Restart statistics Order of fields ...
Just got my plain Jane iPhone 6 setup by our Telecom team. First impressions, looks and feels like a Samsung Galaxy phone.
I'm one of those 4 million, order a 6. Of course my company is paying. That 4 million is mostly just existing iPhone owners upgrading. I doubt they are penetrating market growth. I know 3 other co workers with 4S, 4S and 5 who will be upgrading this year too.
Really? Do we need to open up old wounds, regarding performance? I guess if you like horse burgers, you can riled up both camps with unnecessary remarks. No one was waiting for these processors, it's already been agreed that it was just re-bin 83xx's to clear out stock. Those that do want these processors have mobos already and want to tinker.
Still have my FDIV bugged Pentium 90 mhz.
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