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Hey justin, I sent you a message regarding my switch
Hey guys, when you got your custom parvum case did it come with the switch or just the wires? Mine didn't come with a power switch
I agree with tco on this. It looks good but I'm about straight lines and builds with balance. If somber likes it then that's all that matters. If I was going to do a build in glass I would have ran the runs in Petg first.
Herea my custom s2.0...granted it's not as custom as others but it has exactly the amount of being that I want. It's a solid black case with a custom cut sheet of real copper for the front. It will go great with the copper tubing.
Hey justin, did it ship out yesterday?
I heard from him last week. I'm not sure when you ordered yours but I was told mine would ship the end of last week or the first of this week. I still haven't heard a things about it though. Ive decided to forget about the case...It will get here eventually. I wanted to use the parvum on this build but i cant go any longer without a computer so Im ordering the hex gear for this build and the copper parvum case will be used at a later date.
Well what is your view on the hex gear case? Did you enjoy working with it? I have a parvum case coming but im like you. I think im going to hold off until later to build it.
Hey, i sent you a private message. If you can get back to me when you can id appreciate it. Thx
Heres a problem with your entire bottom comment. I did get a eta and we discussed everything about the custom build by email and by pm before i sent anymoney. We understand that this is a small company and they are busy. But theres no reason after you order should it take a week or more to recieve an answer to a question to a build I already paid you for. Im not big of a hurry and i known ill get a great product. But customer support and service is big with success in a...
I agree, i think they are over capacity with work. I think having an extra helping hand would help big time. I feel like if they have to much going on then they should consider taking any more custom orders until they catch up with the sponsored build they are doing for shows etc. Personally for me im not in a huge hurry for the case. If they told me 2 months then thats fine. Just keep me informed so i dont expect it.
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