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Dont get me wrong I think they are a very unique style of fan and they are nice but I just don't find them really find them to be the best looking fan around. I like simple design in a fan I guess. I have four e loops that have never been ran and I'm seriously thinking about selling them or trading them for a set of ek fans.
Thanks bud! I appreciate it.
Need some help. What size extension do I need to add to my 90 degree elbow so I can line it up with the elbow on the ek ram block? I have the Evo cpu block
Great work! Only thing I would've done was take that too rad and flip it if possible so the ports are at the back of the case so you didn't have that crossing above the ram. Looks good though
Not sure if I should stick with the oil black coolant or not.
Guess you answered your own question
It does.
Have you thought about a 20/30 mm extension for it? It would get the other monsoon fitting over the other fitting. You wouldn't even notice the extension looking straight at the block.
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