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No, if you were needing to keep the acrylic attached to the metal then only option is to paint. I didn't realize that's how you needed to have it done. I thought you were just needing the aluminum done and that your plastic piece could be removed. You do great work with paint so that's also a better choice if your trying to do a unique color. @ragster..I have seen his work and hes is great at what he does. But, I'm not sure where your comment has anything to do with a...
Don't feel bad I've been waiting on a switch and an extra panel for mine almost 2 months and pretty much gave up on it. As soon as it was noticed missing I contacted them and they told me they would send on out that week and never heard from them again.
Actually I did read your comment...he was talking paint and I suggested powdercoating.
Ever thought about a transparent color powdercoat over the aluminum? It will show up as a candy over aluminum and it will be very durable.
Subbed..I'm ready for the next update
Well this build I'm putting a msi ax88 amd board since it's going in the front room for a htpc. It's red and black but the heatsink red accents will be taken off and done in what ever color I choose.BoardColorI'm going to mix up a teal transparent fluid for coolant.
Hey guys, on my new all black parvum case should I go black and anodized purple theme or black and teal?
Hey justin, I sent you a message regarding my switch
Hey guys, when you got your custom parvum case did it come with the switch or just the wires? Mine didn't come with a power switch
I agree with tco on this. It looks good but I'm about straight lines and builds with balance. If somber likes it then that's all that matters. If I was going to do a build in glass I would have ran the runs in Petg first.
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