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I purchased the ddc pump with the ek top and res and it worked fine for two days. I went away for two week and came back and it would not long pump. It took it apart and the impeller will spin without the pump top but as soon as I put ek top on it act like its gripping and will only turn every few seconds. I can't see where the problem is. Anyone else have this problem.
New build using the New next case
Hey, I'm working on a new build ans I was curious if anyone has figured out a color combo that will work with the new rog boards with the darker red? Possible in pastel?
I've been away from watercooling for a while but new build was in need.
Last update of 2012
Wow, she got pissed over 50 bucks? Word of advice...Run away from her
Alright, just checking
Nice looking rig man, I think you done a good job on the rig. Quick question thought, Are you using your rad fans as the exhaust and all case fans as intake?
changed it again
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