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I see..I know stuff coming from Canada wasn't that high for me but like you said it depended on where you live. I'm the type of person if I really wanted something then I would let 50-100 bucks stop me. Because in his situation there isn't another option for him. He either deals with duties or he has to wait until a reseller comes to Canada.
With that said it shouldn't be that much in fees. No reason to skip out on the case because you don't want to pay duties. It would be worth it in the end.
]When did they inform you of no custom orders?
no biggie...i sent you a pm with a simple yes or no question.
Hey, what's the best way to get ahold of the parvum guys? I used the email on the site and I haven't had much luck get ahold of them.
Lowfat is the guy that made me fall in love with the ft02.
Hey guys...I thought I'd post where I'm at on my ft02 build. Keep in mind I'm still working on it but so far I'm pleased with the outcome. I still have to buy new psu cables since the current ones are to short for this case. Get my graphics for my psu
I sent them a long email and hopefully they will tell me something by Monday.
Has anyone had problems with performance pcs picking the wrong stuff? So far my last 4 orders has been wrong. First order I bought a bunch of 12mm petg and they sent me 16mm acrylic instead. I ordered a bunch of white heat shrink and they send me black instead. I ordered a bunch of stop fittings in chrome and they send me the black ones. I can sent each thing back but it's not cost effective for me to send it back because of the shipping back to them and having to wait...
I just purchased a ft02 in black and i plan on painting it with a pearl white for another build. First of two questions for people that has painted it. Did you strip the anodized finish off before you painted it and how hard is it to separate the case from the outer shell?
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