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Just got the case Friday. Finally started working on the build today. Have to wait until next weekend because I'm missing a lot if parts
Well even with the email It still shipped out in time. Can't wait until next weekend!
Well, I'm certainly not happy. I got the dreaded email and of course the day before it was suppose to ship. So far what kind of delay is this?
Hey guys, I have a question or need some advice. I have a new white case lab s8 coming in the first of next month. I also have the sabetooth z97 mark s (the one with white shield and pcb) so it's mainly a white build but I was wondering what off color do you think would look good for my coolant. I'm wanting to have all white except for the coolant. I can't decide between grey, black, mint green or a blue either in pastel or X1. Any help?
Yeah, to bad you can't get it in the United states
Well the only thing that i have currently that will decide color is the white case and the white motherboard.
Hey guys, I'm kinda having a problem figuring out which color I should go with on my build. I'm waiting on my white s8 to show up. The motherboard I have is the Asus sabertooth mark s with the white pcb. So obviously I'm going with a white themed build but I'm trying to pick the other color will go good with the white and black. I'm thinking grey, green or yellow. Any suggestions?
Looking at all these cases makes me really want mine. I have another two ish weeks before mine should be shipping. I hope it gets here soon im going crazy!
I purchased the ddc pump with the ek top and res and it worked fine for two days. I went away for two week and came back and it would not long pump. It took it apart and the impeller will spin without the pump top but as soon as I put ek top on it act like its gripping and will only turn every few seconds. I can't see where the problem is. Anyone else have this problem.
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