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Khan academy is a great resource for lots of stuff, but their computer courses are somewhat lacking (aside from math courses). In my opinion, Udacity offers much better course quality than codeacademy and also offers more options. Additionally, Codeacademy courses in Javascript are simply bad in that they don't cover the good parts of JS correctly.!/all Start with their intro to comp science or their python course.
If you're set on web development, here's a post I wrote for someone else about it.
Here's a version in Common Lisp that takes an arbitrary range and a list containing an arbitrary number of test numbers and phrases. [[SPOILER]]
Here's a JS version that takes advantage of sparse arrays (a bad part of JS I might add) [[SPOILER]] And scheme [[SPOILER]] Python 3/2.7 solution [[SPOILER]] Your program's output is wrong under idle (and it also isn't valid python 3 code). [[SPOILER]]
Matlab is used because most of the users are engineers who's one course in C has long since been forgotten. Python's numpy library is also superior to matlab in almost every way for computation.If you ever use J or APL you will realize that matlab's syntax is terrible (it's based on them, but without their pure array-based nature or elegance). If you learn lisp you will realize this all over again (a fun one is lush).
If you absolutely must work with .net, I would encourage you to look into f# so you can use a decent language (it's based on ocaml)
You can actually do this in CSS alone by setting the header to "position: fixed;"
Mozilla developer network for html and css (avoid w3schools) To learn Javascript Douglas Crockford's "Javascript: The Good Parts" from O'Reilly Finally, the best place to learn jquery is from the jquery site
DON'T use dreamweaver on a professional site. For frameworks, I would recommend flask (or rails + sinatra) for the back end and emberJS for the front end. The unfortunate thing is that you will find it very hard to understand everything about full-stack (database, server, and client/browser) in two months. The easiest way to do something fast is probably a wordpress site. You won't know anything about web development, but you can get something out within two months. This...
Correct. Some systems also have a number type called a fixed point which is rather interesting (it uses integers to simulate decimal points)
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