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Hey guys, i hate my zalman 9500 quite a bit, my current temps are: 51, 46, 51, 51, by each core. The fan setting is at low, i do not like loud fans, i'd go nuts. My setup is this: right now i am using ocz freeze thermal paste, i know how to apply thermal paste. I use the "rice size, in the center" rule. The fan is pushing the air towards the back of the case, where a 120mm case fan also sucks out hot air. I also have a 120mm fan pushing air in to cool the hard drives....
either u have a lot of money, or know people that can get u stuff for very cheap , all this looks very nice fill out the system specs in your profile too
Quote: Originally Posted by Tempest001 system requirements are actually unannounced. There's also no official word on DX11 support AFAIK. no theres no official word, but check this out, crytek is known for pushing newest technology, so i'm sure ce3 will support dx11. i even read somewhere related to crysis 2 that it will have better gfx while the system requirements will be lower
you can change the default boot order with a program called "startup manager" in ubuntu, so, after x seconds, you can load either 7 or ubuntu by default, without having to touch the keyboard. perfect for people that turn on their pc, let it boot, while they go make coffee
Quote: Originally Posted by 3dfxvoodoo what about CS:S anyone know the system requirements of CE3? yes yes. the system requirements are the same as ce2, but with ce3 you can use dx11 and is multi platform
now imagine WoW on CE3
set it aside as a backup card
i thought talking about hackintosh was against the TOS...
Quote: Originally Posted by MoonTar Just cleaned out my room so I could move my computer to a more airy spot. Got my computer propped up on my Java books. i know a guy from the xbox-scene when someone has that many xbox 1's, and special editions
a 4890 has 1gb of ram, so if u were to throw in a 4850 with 512mb ram, the 4890 speeds, drop the to the 4850's, and only 512mb / 1024mb is in use. if you want to crossfire, get the exact same 4890 as u have now edit: judging by the charts below, you can not mix a 4890 with for example a 4850.
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