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Seeing as the game came out a good 17 months ago. Arena Net obviously decides not to spend time and money on restocking updated game disks. Instead, they leave the same ones on shelves. It would be rediculous to reshelve units with updated material because anet updates and adds on to their platform very often. Downloading the new patches is very easy. Just close the application, and run it again. so yes, your probably looking at a good Gig or two to update, seeing...
Guild Wars:Factions...CS:S <3
Quote: Originally Posted by systemaxd I got it as well and it is still fun even thought i have already beat it with 2 of my builds from prophecies being my monk and necro almost done with it with my tank. I'm not in a guild nor aliance currenty and not in a hurry to get into one since i have had bad luck with them in the past and just not working out for me or it is just i have gave up on them due to bad luck with them being inactive and not doing what...
Quote: Originally Posted by wudaddy Did you try Control Panel>Display>Appearance>Font Size. Yea that changes all text except basic window text, such as the words im writing, are all hekka small when you are using 1280x1024, well not small, just really really thin and it gives everyone a headache.
Alright, here is the deal. My parents bought this 19" Veiwsonic VA902b And its great, the picture at least. Heres the problem, for the life of me I cant get the text to get bigger (I dont mean the CTRL+Scroll thing) Everything is getting bigger, but the text is staying one pixel width, giving everyone who uses this computer a headache. Anyone know how to fix this, a simple bold would be appreciated.
I play on a 9600XT (same as 5500 pretty much, had one before 9600XT) which is the same on a 2.2Ghz 2400+ Mobile and 2x256 dual channel and I have no probs on high...No lag and 25fps always....hmm, I must be leet. Oh and for your information Systemaxd If you are a tainted run this build Tainted Flesh, Putrid Explosion, Rotting Flesh, Gale, Windborn Speed, Well of the Profane, Blood Ritual, Res Sig. When in a map where you have to get your Ghostly Hero to the Altar...
Odd title, I thought a New director was added :-/
I did too awhile ago..Fun fun fun!
Off Topic Someone likes T2!
Quote: Originally Posted by jrabb1920 Turion's & 3700 newarks are very hard to find. Yup, I think that both of em are "Paper Thin" when it comes to powering them around. I think Turions have problems with high voltage even though most of them dont need it. Newarks I recommend 100% except you need to be connected to get one.
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