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Good to see Google realize 4:3 ratio is superior to a 16:9 on tablets.
It does help that i can bring my iphone to my nearest apple store for NO HASSLE warranty issues. Can't say the same for android phones.
CorsairGeorge: 1. Will we see a new revision of air 540 where we'll see some of the design ideas from air 240 brought to the air 540 line? I wished you guys put a hdd cage in the 2nd chamber and a 2x120 mountable fan on the bottom 2. I think you mention making a obsidian version of the air 540. I hope you use the Lian Li D600 as your inspiration. Two equal size chamber is the goal here. Is this still planned? 3. When can we expect to be able to buy corsair link mini...
Can we get a side by side size comparison of air 240 to 250D? deciding between the two.
HAF case owners like to call other cases ugly.. it happens..
you have a HAF case bro.
air 540 owner here. -more efficient use of the 2nd chamber (psu side) -widen the 2nd chamber a little bit to fit 2x120mm front, 3x120mm top, 120mm rear -add full 3.5hdd cages in the 2nd chamber -in the first chamber, ADD FILTERS UNDERNEATH THE HDD CAGES PLS.
All show no go Pretty much sums up all zeal man products
@cm ppl think this case is butt ugly... get your product manager for cases to defend this.... we need to speak to the mind of the creator who thought this was a good idea
coolermaster just keeps make these haf styling... because someone keeps buying them??? who???
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