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Can we get a side by side size comparison of air 240 to 250D? deciding between the two.
HAF case owners like to call other cases ugly.. it happens..
you have a HAF case bro.
air 540 owner here. -more efficient use of the 2nd chamber (psu side) -widen the 2nd chamber a little bit to fit 2x120mm front, 3x120mm top, 120mm rear -add full 3.5hdd cages in the 2nd chamber -in the first chamber, ADD FILTERS UNDERNEATH THE HDD CAGES PLS.
All show no go Pretty much sums up all zeal man products
@cm ppl think this case is butt ugly... get your product manager for cases to defend this.... we need to speak to the mind of the creator who thought this was a good idea
coolermaster just keeps make these haf styling... because someone keeps buying them??? who???
IM IN! thank you
lol e-sport lolol nice joke...... well... i hope it is?
I cant wait to pre-order this. said no one ever.. except for few OCN members here.
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