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How much for the 4790k?
Works perfectly, what's it worth?
Selling my G35 headset. It works perfectly and is in great condition. Headset only, $45 shipped. Google wallet preferred, but i accept paypal.
Sold to bavman
Sure, I am still using it but I will put something up now.
Everything must go! I7 - 4790k - 260$ shipped. (Has not been overclocked past it's turbo of 4.4) - SOLD to accskyman 2x8GB Ripjaws ddr3 2133 - 65$ shipped. (Never overclocked) SOLD to accskyman WD caviar black 1TB - 35$ shipped. WD caviar black 2TB - 50$ shipped. Both sold to faster-is-better Crucial MX100 256gb SSD - 65$ shipped. SOLD to Fuzzywinks Gigabyte Z97 GA-G1 sniper board - 85$ shipped. - SOLD to accskyman EVGA SuperNova G2 750w PSU - 80$ shipped. SOLD to...
Selling my GTX 970... it is less than one year old. It works perfectly and will include original box. 240 shipped And yes, for some unknown reason I listed this as a 770, no idea why except it was very early! It is a 970 4gb.
Everything must go. Only pc components, not going to sell monitors here as I dont have the boxes. Also wont be selling the case since its too expensive to ship. Thoughts on prices? I7 4790K EVGA GTX 970 FTW the ripjaws are 2x8gb WD caviar black 1tb WD caviar black 2tb Crucial MX100 256gb Gigabyte GA-G1 Sniper Z97 EVGA Supernova 750 G2 PSU Thank you!!!
In please
Nah, you can sell the old proc for 80-100 so a good cheap upgrade.
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