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In please
Nah, you can sell the old proc for 80-100 so a good cheap upgrade.
you bet, glad it worked out!
I bought this board even though in some reviews this issue is mentioned. Pretty sure it is the board.
Ram sold to dmoney1980. Listing closed!
Just wondering what to get. Will be usin g them in my Air 540 to replace the stock fans. Looking for ultra quiet and push good air. Thanks!!
I am sorry, but he did PM me first. I know you posted in the thread, but I always go by whoever sent me the first PM. As a courtesy I did PM you, and I waited several hours, of course having no idea what you may be doing. When I didn't hear back I sold it to the other buyer.I do apologize, and I understand why you are upset, but I hope you can see this from my perspective as well. Also, thank you for your service.
Proc and mobo sold to rjm0827. Ram still available.
Both are still available
Welcome welcome! You're gonna like it here.
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