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Still available?
If you are using it with a GPU I would highly recommend the 240. The larger rad really helps when you add a GPU to the mix.
I can confirm its 3/8 id and 5/8 od
Exactly. I have seen people complain about idle temps because they weren't below freezing, when this thing blows everything else away under load..Nice!
Your temps are fine. Squeeze out come more if you like, you have a bit of headroom, but keep in mind you won't see a real world difference. How long did you run prime95?
Wow. Well I can tell you that everyone here is extremely happy to have you!
Death threats over pc hardware...
Ah ok, huh, that's strange. Looks like a reboot was needed!
165c would fry your chip. If you don't notice any abnormalities like slowdowns or bluescreens (which I'm sure you dont, like I said 165c would kill it) than your monitoring software is buggy.
I wouldn't worry about a leak much, they are made extremely well. You can also leak test them before installation if you are concerned.As far as is it worth it.. That depends. If you are going for extreme overclocks I would go with liquid cooling. The H-240x is amazing under load. I haven't seen a comparison to that specific cooler, but I know it out performes pretty much everything on the market right now.
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