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GOOD. I appreciate the effort the devs are putting into their cute little clues.
Totally in!
Never knew the man but it's really great to see people come together like this.
Pretty simple here, I've got a Crucial M4 that has seen some light use and I no longer need. Never had an issue with it in my main rig, which is no longer put together. Will come with the original box. I'm basically just looking for cash unless you happen to have a 512GB version of the same drive - I'd like one of those for my new laptop. Should you happen to have such a thing obviously I would throw in cash as well. I accept PayPal only, unless you happen to be local...
Everything listed here (with the exception of the case) has now been paid for. Last shipment will go out tomorrow. Thanks for all the interest!
But just imagine how nice two would be.
Price drop across the board - looking to move everything before Sunday.
Not a clue, never registered it myself as I've never needed a warranty for a monitor/TV.
Price drop to $290 shipped - this is a better price than nearly anything found on eBay! Looking to move this before the weekend if at all possible, so give me a shout if you're interested.
Some items have been sold and the first post updated. All who purchased items should receive a PM from me tomorrow with tracking information. I will update PayPal as well. Also, in light of Newegg's "Let's Undercut Technodan Sale" I have reduced the price on the power supply. Jerks.
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