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Quote: Originally Posted by zelix LOL srsly? i never been on a train. Cross country trains (amtrak) or, just the larger trains in general, have sockets, two per set of seats. Sadly, they kept turning off power to it, I had the bright idea while on it, that maybe next time I go, I will bring my rig, and an LCD monitor to game on
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan747 Usually in Photo classes they supply you with cameras. If you start in Basic class they will usually let you borrow a Film camera. Then after when you get into the adv- digital part they have a few of them available. I wouldn't buy one just yet wait till you get to class and see what/if they offer cameras. The class apparently used to loan us a film camera, but, as I have heard, because they have switched to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan747 Hmm, you are really going to be treading on thin ice getting one for $100, but ill try to find you some good ones. If you can get like $150 you can open up a whole new horizon of cams. None of these cameras are going...
Quote: Originally Posted by gtsteviiee some canon digital camera's sd series if its not the dslr types Sadly, both of them are way out of my price range.
Well, school is coming up, and with it, a Photography class, which, with my luck, has just gone full digital this year, and we have to buy our own cameras. I finally have an excuse, or, reason actually, to buy a digital camera. Sadly, the budget is a very strict $100, MAYBE 110 if I can find some money bumming around the house. Since I have no experience with cameras, what would be the best? Something durable, considering I wouldn't be buying a new one for years.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevegel Just as long it's rated R! It should be rated X for XTREME! (Err, ya...)
Quote: Originally Posted by Rewindlabs XP is easy peesy to install via usb... Iv used that on my netbooks and laptops and desktops....anyways iv been in your shoes not to long ago....iv got a rule now that im not doing anymore work without a contract or just some paper that says yadda yadda especially if the work involves money...crap like this can happen where nothing seems to work Huh,...
Quote: Originally Posted by grishkathefool Why would you put an RC on as a main OS? A for not being able to boot from the USB, is Legacy USB enabled in the BIOS.. if it's there that is? I like the OS, and it is free to use until late next year. And, USB is bootable automatically (phew) Win XP takes a different method to make a bootable USB.
Ya, considering I would much rather grab some spare RAM for it and slap Win 7 on it (God, so easy to make a bootable USB with win 7) I cant, all my spare parts are too old. Hah.
Im going to try one more repair install, if that fails, I will run a memtest (hopefully I can find my CD that has all my 'tools' on it) and if that fails, I will grab one of my spare hard drives.
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