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Okay. I tried loading one of the profiles... but the computer still won't recognize the over clock.
Okay, thanks for the info... but I still can't save anything worth saving because it won't let me overclock at all.
I never knew about profiles until researching answers today... so I didn't have any saved.
What part of that article are you trying to point out? Maybe I should be more specific... when I received this CPU a few months back it went to 4.0Ghz at 1.33v no problem. It must have reverted back at some point without me knowing because when I checked today windows showed 3.0Ghz again. So this is the point I'm at.
I'm currently using the E8400 + Gigabyte GA-P35 DS3L combo. No matter what settings I chose in my BIOS, windows won't recognize my Clock speed, but it will recognize if I raise my volts. I have my multi at 9x, and I can go up to 5Ghz(555)... but nothing changes. Have any of you heard of this problem? Any help would be much appreciated.
I have a question about your last build. Is it at all possible to mount the mcr220 to the top of your v1000. By cutting holes and using the included(or aftermarket) screws? I really want to keep my entire water cooling system inside the case... even though yours looks absolutely stunning. Keep up the great work!
Is there anyway you could have mounted that cooler through the roof of your v1000? Thats what I would like to do with mine, but I just want to make sure it would fit before I order it.(The same rad you have)
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