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I went to my local store and asked them to test the PSU. They heard the high pitch noise (seems it was actually coming from the psu), and sent it to corsair. While they repair it, they gave me a temporary psu replacement that was enough fo my pc (LC POWER LC65506P2 V2.2). My pc didnt crash since, and i completed farcary 3 story . Its still running fine with overclocks enabled. So its the psu thats making this s**t happen. I didnt want to believe that it was the psu the...
It shutsdown again in the test bench. Can it be the motherboard failing? The mobo when in standby makes a low volume high pitch noise. I'll take out the gpu and replace it to troubleshoot it.
Here are the pics of it runing caseless. Its mounted on top of my ISP's set-to-box box It hasn't crash since (5 hours on, gaming for 2 hours) I took a pic of hwmonitor because i wanted to test how camera takes picture of lcd sceen Thanks
I will take my board out to test it now. I'll take pics for you to inspect. I'm tinking maybe i put the pc on a metal board (jk ) BTW u have the correct number of things that screw the mobo to the case (i dont know how to call them because im portuguese )
It just crashed while browsing guru3d cpu was like 5 % and it crashed again when i was writing this reply (this one you're reading). I dont know if its a gpu problem, as i ran 3 hours of msi kombustor (furmark). I'm starting to think its something on the motherboard (hopefully not). You know any good programs to stress the mobo? thanks
I have completed my IBT with 100 completed. CPU maxed out at 70Âșc with overclock. No issues. It starts to get wierd. I just played 4 hours of farcry and no issue also. ***
I've checked it and it wont log! There's no record of what happened, pointing to a hardware failure. The last bsod that's recorded its from 11/27/2012 (27th november 2012). It reports the file ntoskernel.exe. The crashes are not logged
I left memtest runing and no errors after 10 hours. 5 passes with no overclock all stock settings. ram is out of the way. next i'll leave prime95 in blend overnight.
Its the bad quality that wont allow to notice the cables. I will leave memtest runing tonight
Thats the strange thing. I had a crappy psu (HALFMMAN 700W) and it ran fine this config. Then i did a stress-test to cpu, ram, gpu, hdd, etc and it blew off but didn't damage any of the system. Then i bought this corsair psu. Out of that matter, when i had the halfmman psu the pc did a low volume, high pitch noise when in standby, and it still does in this corsair PSU. I recon that its the mobo making that sound, but dont know where in the mobo its coming from EDIT: I...
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