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Ehh, looking for a Stained, sorry. Some guy sent me a trade offer earlier, but it was when I was sleeping. Didnt get to it in time and he wound up trading with someone else. :/
I'm looking to trade my FT Karambit Safari Mesh for another knife. Anyone have an M9 Bayonet Stained BS, WW, or FT they'd want to trade? Add me if you're interested -
It's and it links directly to the Evolve site. It's legit.
Those aren't my screens, but yes, those are indeed progress bars. It does this for both my FireTV and Roku. Not sure about it on PS3 though.
Really? As an owner of both a Roku 3 and FireTV, the FireTV interface for Plex blows the Roku interface out of the water. One is sleek and very pleasant to look at, and the other is just a long singular list of content that looks like it was thrown together in five minutes and was just meant to be used as a placeholder.ThisVs. this
Anyone on here have a WW Karambit Forest DDPAT they'd be willing to trade for a FT Karambit Safari Mesh and some other skins to make up the roughly $10 price difference? I've tried Lounge, but it's 99% scammers (no, I'm not clicking your Steam CommunELty link lol).
Maybe it's because I used my friends Fire Serpent for so long, but that skin is just meh to me at this point. I much prefer the Vulcan or the Jag to it.
So I put a bet on IBP when it was still undetermined who their opponent would be. Now that it's Fnatic, I'm tempted to swap, but me being the superstitious person that I am, I keep thinking of the whole "never change your bet" thing. Should I ride the train, or jump off and change my bet to Fnatic?
No, that motar guy. Pasha is awesome.
He seems like a douche. Just got done making fun of Hiko for being a bigger guy saying "he takes up too much space". Good one dude, totally got him.
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