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Of course I missed this...of course. Ugh. I missed the $99 558's like two months ago and said I was going to wait for BF. I sat on Amazons site all damn day yesterday and they didn't put up anything decent. Obviously they put this up at like 5AM.
We're just out of range for Suddenlink or we'd switch in a heartbeat. We pay a small local ISP $60 for 8/1. It sucks, but it's all that's in the area.
Buy TEW from Uplay for $60 and get a free $10 game. Or, just buy it from Steam for $20. Tough decisions...
If they do it like regular competitive 5v5, but just make it not ranked, it'd be fine. That would actually be the ideal way to teach someone how to play. League of Legends is setup that exact way and it works perfectly. I'm not talking 5v5 with casual rules.
It would be fine if they'd just release a 5v5 unranked mode to go along with it so you could play with anyone.
I tried it was DA:I and it didn't work.
That's kind of BS honestly. You're ruining the game for everyone else on your team.If you want to derank, at least try and find a group somewhere that also wants to so you don't screw over everyone else on your team.
It's because using the mipmap "fix" just essentially reduces texture quality to medium.
I can't be bothered to do the stickers thing this time. Don't feel like dropping $20 on them again and still not getting all the ones I need, only for the stickers to be cut down to $.25 on the last day.
So, is 1.4 not currently available to those who have the game on Uplay, rather than Steam? That's what I've been seeing, and Uplay isn't downloading anything for me. Not surprising, but still baffling that Ubi has better support for third-party clients than their own client.
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