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Yeah, it should run great, but if the guy is having issues and it's clearly NOT running well, that doesn't make the guy a troll. Again, infinite hardware/software combinations means not everyone will have the same experience. Just because it runs great for you doesn't mean the same for everyone else.
Guys, W10 runs great for me. Obviously that means it runs perfect for everyone else. No way anyone else could ever have issues when there are literally endless hardware/software combinations to potentially cause issues.
I bought my Strix 1070 roughly two weeks ago from Newegg. It's worked great up until today. The power went out earlier, and since it's come back on I've had weird issues. When I'm just on my desktop and open Chrome, I get this strange glitch across my monitors. It doesn't do this all the time, but occasionally it will (never did it prior to the power outage). I've been unable to get a picture of it, but it appears to have stopped for now. The second thing is what has me...
In. Been trying to convert a friend to PC gaming. This would go a long way in doing that. I've even got an old Lanboy Air laying around that I could slam this into. Great giveaway and good luck to everyone.
Personally, $100 in in-game currency/DLC for various F2P games is a lot different than a full fledged AAA game.
I highly doubt they'll bundle a $60 game with their budget GPU's.
Steam still shows 3,000-4,000 players daily, and that's not counting all the people like me who got really good deals on Uplay keys. I doubt you'd have trouble finding players. That being said, I found the game to be rather average. It's pretty fun on the run up to the level cap, but once you hit it it becomes clear that there isn't a whole lot to do. Granted, this was around launch before they added the Incursions and whatnot so for all I know it may actually be fun now...
Can I get Savage Lands?
You should be the one that is happy, not those of us unfortunate enough to have installed this turd.
Just got my 1070 in today and on Windows 7 this is what mine looks like. Not nearly as bad as what's shown in that first post with all the red and yellow bars, but I'm still assuming this isn't good?
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