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Nope. When all the listings went up, the only card that actually showed some in-stock was the Gigabyte 970 (which went OOS after like two minutes). Everything else went up OOS.
There were only cached links for the EVGA and PNY cards though, which was my point. All the other brands didn't have previously created store links to use the order trick on, yet they were immediately OOS as soon as they went live.Anyways, I contacted Amazon to see if they could bump my order to Saturday shipping (only had one-day available at checkout). They couldn't, but at least they were nice enough to waive the one-day shipping charge.
Search in quotes "GTX 970". All the versions they have should show up, though they're all temporarily out of stock.
Because the new cards just came out. I'd assume most retailers haven't adjusted prices quite yet
Whats the problem here? Less OC headroom? I just ordered an EVGA, so I'm curious now.
Amazon just had two of the 970 SC's in-stock. Got lucky and ordered one. YAY!
Welp, guess I'll just wait and hope Amazon restocks them in the next couple days. Pretty bummed right now though.
I refreshed multiple times leading up to 3AM, and as soon as they went live they just said "temporarily OOS". They never even showed any in-stock.
How the hell were they all instantly OOS? I figured the EVGA ones would be with everyone ordering on cached links, but all the others? Really? They were gone right as they went up. I'm tempted to order one that says temporarily OOS and see how long that takes.
980 shows as in stock, 970 regular shows as temporarily unavailable, and the 970 SC shows as a 2-5 week wait. Guess I'll wait for the other 970's to show up at 3AM.
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