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I like all the people saying that "Oh, well Warowls videos aren't for professionals". That may be so, but they're still teaching bad habits to new players, stuff that if they stick with the game, they're only going to have to correct later. Why not teach them how to correctly play early on? Would that not be more beneficial? People can call Steel a troll or a hater or toxic all they want, but he's 100% right. And yeah, Warowls fake, morning zoo hack radio voice is awful.
G400S here. Tried the G502, loved the sensor, absolutely hated the buttons on the left click, and the abominable scroll wheel. Pretty sure I'll just be using some variation of the MX518/G400/G400S forever.
Oh, I totally agree.
It adds a sense of realism as well as a challenge.Not everyone likes the same things. Having different options regarding how you play through a game is never a bad thing.
Lots of games on GMG activate on Steam. Just look at the info to see. Should say right near the top.Literally every game on that main page activates on Steam.
DLC for $10? Time limit? Nope. Just give me a permadeath mode for the entire campaign.
This is a great deal for those who missed out on the $99 Amazon BF price. Probably not going to see them lower than this any time soon.
Silenced all the way. That thing is a headshot machine.
Had similar problems trading my knife recently. I went out of my way to find people that had a knife that was in the same range as mine. Found a guy whose knife was $111, $2 less than what mine was selling for. I sent the request, and he counters with me adding my Jaguar into the trade, which is an extra $15. Nobody wants to be fair or reasonable, they just want to scam.
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