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Myself and two friends are staying up until 3AM to order our 970's. WE NEED THEM!
My friend and I are in the same boat. I'm going to wait a bit longer to see if they put up some other manufacturers cards.
I dont mind Linus, not sure what all the hate is about.
Enough of this dumb talk show type stuff. Announce the cards already and let me buy them.
The PNY ones seems to keep disappearing. I've been searching "Geforce GTX 970" and the PNy cards occasionally show up. Nothing else yet though.
They weren't even supposed to be up for sale yet. You only have a point if they put stuff up and take stuff down after the cards are officially up for sale. Until then, relax.
They were up for a bit earlier on Amazon but have since been removed.
Nice. Anyone get a price adjustment on the 970's? Curious what Amazon is actually going to charge.
Ditto. Grabbing a 970 to replace my 670. Should be a nice upgrade.
I'd imagine Eastern, when the event starts.
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