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Thanks for the info.
This should be marked as done despite the giveaway never occurring. The beta for this ends today as the game releases Tuesday.
It's sold by Adorama though, just through their Ebay store. It's not like it's being sold by some random dude.
Since this seemingly hasn't been drawn yet, I hope I can still enter. If so, I'm in.
They said they're going to be streaming for like four more hours and if they can hit 4K viewers they'll give away a second one.
Yeah, it looks like they're actually going to hit it tonight. Sitting at 1850 right now.\ They just hit it.
I don't think it's that nobody wants a 1080, but rather their stream is SUPER boring. I watched sporadically last night for 15-30 minutes at a time and it was putting me to sleep. It was basically just very average gameplay with non-stop shilling telling people to advertise the stream to other people. The streams visual quality is pretty poor as well. It often becomes a pixelated mess even on source quality. Combine that with the fact that they're never really even close...
Yeah. However, they streamed for hours last night and never came remotely close to their 2K goal. They said they're going to be streaming again today so maybe they can hit it. Not very confident though.
This thing isn't hitting 2K.
Being broke sucks, especially when killer deals like these roll around. These would be an awesome upgrade over my earbuds. Hopefully these stay this price for a few weeks, or at least go back on sale at some point. Is this the lowest they've been?
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