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Had similar problems trading my knife recently. I went out of my way to find people that had a knife that was in the same range as mine. Found a guy whose knife was $111, $2 less than what mine was selling for. I sent the request, and he counters with me adding my Jaguar into the trade, which is an extra $15. Nobody wants to be fair or reasonable, they just want to scam.
Join any competitive MM game and find out.
Was just looking at skins and noticed this:
This is very, very YMMV. Most stores wont price match if the item isn't in-stock. Lots of stores are also super leery about price matching Sears now too ever since the $60 WiiU scam people were running.
How is this a shoddy port? It's the definitive version of the game and runs flawlessly.
This game was never $30. It was $20, which is a damn fine price for one of the greatest games of all time. Sure, not all the textures were upgraded, but it still looked okay and ran flawlessly.Also, why did this thread from April get randomly bumped?
Cant wait to see every streamer using one of these pieces of trash.
Depends. It seems it's slowly being rolled out. Whether your phone will get it or not seems totally random at the moment. Mine is still on 4.4.4.
Mine still says it's up to date with 4.4.4. Hopefully 5.0 comes through shortly.
1GB of RAM honestly isn't that terrible. I got mine today and have been messing around with it. It's handled everything I've thrown at it perfectly fine. Netflix, Hulu, various games, Steam, Twitter, etc... Everything runs just fine. That said, I do clear out my recent apps relatively often so I never have a crapload of stuff running at once. Maybe 5-10 things.It's so much faster/snappier than my OG Nexus 7, which is basically what I was replacing (yes, I know that's a...
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