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This thing isn't hitting 2K.
Being broke sucks, especially when killer deals like these roll around. These would be an awesome upgrade over my earbuds. Hopefully these stay this price for a few weeks, or at least go back on sale at some point. Is this the lowest they've been?
For sure in. Heard nothing but good things about this.
I really don't see any reason to purchase a GPU right now unless A.) they're absolutely giving it away (I'm talking like $150 or less) or B.) your current card took a crap and you absolutely need something, and even then I'd suggest just using whatever is built into your CPU or buying something ultra cheap. Wait for the 1080's and 1070's to hit and AMD to show their new stuff and let prices shake out before making a decision.
Then play a different game. There are many other FPS games out there that put more of a focus on kills. There are a bunch out there that feature deathmatch and team deathmatch. Don't play the game that's heavily team/objective based just so you can specifically not play the objectives.
I'm enjoying Overwatch a lot, but it'll be so much better once the only people playing are those that paid for it. Right now all the dumb COD bros (who only play snipers or offensive heroes and refuse to actually play a role the team needs) in the open beta are so annoying. It's not TDM people, either push the cart, hold against the push, or take points. I see so many idiots just actively running away from objectives to chase down kills. I don't care if you got a sick 15...
With everything maxed at 1080p, it seems to run well...assuming it's not raining. Rain for whatever reason causes the game to stutter and hitch like crazy. Also feels like it's sub-30 FPS when it rains. Not sure what the deal is here. Also, anyone know where it stores pictures taken within photo mode?
Thanks guys. Feels so archaic having to look at my task manager to see speeds. Hopefully the game is good and worth using this horrid store for.
Forgive my ignorance, but I've never downloaded anything from the Windows Store. How do I see my download speed? Also, is there a way to cap the download speed?
Awesome! Just redeemed it on Steam and am downloading now. Thanks man.
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