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Yeah, I don't really have FPS issues either. Game stays at 250-300 at all times, except for some weird instances with smokes where it'll drop to like 180. That rarely happens though.
It is. Changing DisableLoadingMip0 from "0" to "1" seems to help a bit though.
Some guy on NeoGAF said to change DisableLoadingMip0 from "0" to "1". I tried that it seemed to help the stuttering a bit (I didn't have much to begin with).
Game ran perfectly last night on 344.16 drivers. Installed the new ones that came out today and the game has now crashed twice. Ugh. Rolling back. I've seen people complain about mouse accel, and it worried me as I'm a complete stickler for having no accel. I changed the "MouseAcceleration" command to 0, as well as set "UseMouseSmooth" and "Smoothness" to 0 and it works just fine. No issues whatsoever.
I was using 344.16 last night and FC4 ran like a dream. Now using these and my game has crashed twice in an hour of playing. Looks like I'm rolling back.
I messed with that case simulator the other day. $20 in and I got a knife. Now if only real cases worked the same way.
Yup. Even last night, like an hour after the patch went live they were already under $2. Currently sitting at like $.80.
You're right. For some reason I was thinking the previous operation was a new mission every day.The CSGO market has absolutely crashed. Stuff in my inventory that was like $8 just yesterday is now $3, stuff that was $25 is down to $15. Crazy.
I did abandon the game, last night after it initially told me. It then said resolving game state. Launched the game this morning and it's now telling me to abandon again.Edit - Nevermind. After restarting my game roughly five times it's now gone.New problem. Completed my second mission and I know have to wait THREE DAYS before doing another? What?
So I have a problem. Last night after the patch went out, my friends and I played a competitive game on Season. After the game was over, CS told me that I left the game and either had to abandon or reconnect. Obviously it wouldn't reconnect as the game was over, so I clicked abandon. It then said resolving game state. I played a round of arms race then went to bed and didn't think twice. Now today I go to launch the game, and it's back to telling me I left a game and I...
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