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Forgive my ignorance, but I've never downloaded anything from the Windows Store. How do I see my download speed? Also, is there a way to cap the download speed?
Awesome! Just redeemed it on Steam and am downloading now. Thanks man.
I'll take Mad Max if you're giving it away. If this is a raffle, consider this my entry.
The performance jump better be huge to justify those prices, assuming they're real, otherwise I'll be sticking with my 970 for a bit longer.
If this was a TKL board, I'd be all over this.
Awesome giveaway. I'll enter for the MODA v2 with browns.
I'll speak for myself when I say I'd absolutely love to win this, and this is an excellent giveaway, but the iTunes requirement kills it for me. I refuse to use that software.Good luck to those entered though.
It's being sold by Best Buy though, not some random person. Also, it's $175, not $150.
$600 GPU to play games at 1600x900...lolololololol.
It's a G-Sync monitor.
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