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Wow, yeah, one device only is a complete downer. Hopefully they change that before launch.
I'm definitely interested in this. I cut the cord roughly five months ago and the savings has been great. The channels included in this are a lot of what I watched when I had cable (minus stuff like FX, USA, etc...). It's definitely a solid lineup for a brand new service. I feel like the price may be $5 too high, but it's still not a bad price. I'll probably check it out when it comes out.
I've literally never had tearing though and I've never used Vsync. As long as your FPS is higher than your refresh rate, there shouldn't be any visible tearing. When you locked your FPS, did you do it at exactly 60? I have noticed that if I lock my FPS at a number, the game will alternate between that and one frame lower quite a bit. It was probably going 60-60-60-59-60-60-60-59 etc... causing your image to tear. Try locking it to like 61 or 62 and I bet it wouldnt tear...
I have Vsync off and get zero tearing. 144Hz display getting an almost constant 300FPS.
Why not teach it in the video, since he's doing it anyway? It wouldn't make his videos any longer than they already are, and it would actually help people learn what they're doing as opposed to just running out into a site like a lunatic.The entire purpose of his channel is to "teach" new players how to play, but he does nothing but show them the most basic stuff (oh really, you left click to fire) while also starting them down the road to developing some terrible habits.
I agree that practice is obviously the best way to get better. But in that video, Steel at least shows you correct angles to hold, spots to clear, how to bait out shots, how to jiggle peek, etc... All of which is correct, and by practicing those things, you'll get better. Warowl basically says to just walk into whatever, don't check any angles or clear anything, then point your mouse and click. It's doing nothing more than teaching you how to die quickly.
I like all the people saying that "Oh, well Warowls videos aren't for professionals". That may be so, but they're still teaching bad habits to new players, stuff that if they stick with the game, they're only going to have to correct later. Why not teach them how to correctly play early on? Would that not be more beneficial? People can call Steel a troll or a hater or toxic all they want, but he's 100% right. And yeah, Warowls fake, morning zoo hack radio voice is awful.
G400S here. Tried the G502, loved the sensor, absolutely hated the buttons on the left click, and the abominable scroll wheel. Pretty sure I'll just be using some variation of the MX518/G400/G400S forever.
Oh, I totally agree.
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