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Hmm...I'll probably just order one of those two from Amazon then and wait. Currently, there isn't anything out there that my 670 cant handle, and the big batch of new games doesn't really hit until November anyway. Thanks for the help guys. EDIT - Order canceled. So which is the better of the two, the Strix, or the MSI Gaming?
So my question then becomes, say I order the Gaming or Strix card that are "temporarily out of stock". Anyone know how long before one of those ships?
All this talk of the EVGA cards being crap is starting to worry me. Amazon will probably overnight my 970 tomorrow. I'm tempted to cancel. Someone talk me off the ledge.
Sold out.
Friend of mine just got online after installing the same card as what you have pictured. Zero issues with the fan.
First mistake: Announcing it cant be pirated. You've now challenged every hacker. Good job. It'll be pirated within the first day. Second mistake: Thinking people care about U2 in 2014.
Nope. When all the listings went up, the only card that actually showed some in-stock was the Gigabyte 970 (which went OOS after like two minutes). Everything else went up OOS.
There were only cached links for the EVGA and PNY cards though, which was my point. All the other brands didn't have previously created store links to use the order trick on, yet they were immediately OOS as soon as they went live.Anyways, I contacted Amazon to see if they could bump my order to Saturday shipping (only had one-day available at checkout). They couldn't, but at least they were nice enough to waive the one-day shipping charge.
Search in quotes "GTX 970". All the versions they have should show up, though they're all temporarily out of stock.
Because the new cards just came out. I'd assume most retailers haven't adjusted prices quite yet
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