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No, that motar guy. Pasha is awesome.
He seems like a douche. Just got done making fun of Hiko for being a bigger guy saying "he takes up too much space". Good one dude, totally got him.
Some of those plays by IBP... They should've had that game.
The comeback.
Yup. There are two scenarios.1. The MM will be terrible and you'll wind up getting matched against people that are all Silver and you'll stomp.2. The MM will be terrible and you'll get matched up against all MG1-DMG players and you'll get dominated (you'll obviously be able to handle them, but your friends wont).That's usually what happens when I (MGE/DMG) queue with my friends who are Silver 4'ish. As long as you're having fun with your friends though and enjoy playing...
I'm not buying an account to specifically play against lower ranked players. I guess you missed the part where I said "once we hit LEM". A new account is going to inevitably play against lower ranks at the start, there is no getting around it. I dont see how that is "trolling" or "cheating".
So I'm absolutely never allowed to spend my money and purchase the game to play on another account? Interesting.
Yeah, a friend and I made smurfs awhile back when Gamestop had it on sale for $5. Nothing but pissing and moaning that we were either smurfing or cheating. Early on, when against low ranks it was smurf complaints, after we won a few though and got to LEM, it was cheater complaints since our accounts were so fresh. Was quite funny.
Be ready for people to cry and complain non-stop.
These masks are so bad. You can see them through smoke half the time and easily kill enemies that would otherwise not be visible.
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