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"You guys better buy this crappy game or else we aren't gonna make anymore crappy games for you to hate."
It's going to sound crazy, but the Monoprice IEM's that cost like $8 are seriously some of the best IEM's you can get under $50. There is a reason everyone on head-fi raves about them. I've played CS with them, and while they obviously wont beat a good pair of open cans, they definitely aren't bad and actually work quite well.
Definitely in. Appreciate you doing this.
Wow, the sub Dignitas has is awful. The fact that they were able to get 11 rounds with a guy who got TWO KILLS is pretty amazing.
I think the Heirloom skin sucks. It's a regular Deag with a tiny bit of fugly gold flourish. Meh. I definitely dig the Conspiracy.
The game was fantastic on launch, then Respawn ruined many game modes with subsequent patches by screwing with points allotted for various tasks. They essentially forced the population to play Attrition, which IMO is the worst mode in the game. I believe a lot of others also felt that way, as it basically lead to the steady decline of players.It's not that the game "sucks", but rather that one particular mode sucks and unfortunately, that's the mode Respawn apparently...
It is awful, and it runs like garbage to boot, AND it has weird issues with mouse acceleration. I usually enjoy the COD's for what they are, fun arcade shooters to play with some buddies. Ghosts was terrible though. Myself and all my friends unanimously hated it, and didn't play it after the first week of release.
The G400/S is definitely not bulky, unless you have REALLY small hands. It's actually quite small/narrow.
Just grab a G400s. It's $15 more on Amazon and has a better sensor and thumb buttons.
Scope is MUCH better. Still didn't see much of a reason to change it in the first place, but I'm content with this.
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