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Finally got credited my points today. With them I ordered myself a 4790K for $250 shipped.
Guess my money will stay exclusive to my wallet then.
I applied back when this was initially posted. I didn't get instantly approved, but did eventually get approved and got the card last week. I however haven't gotten the points and Rakuten says I never applied, despite me holding the damn card in my hand. Guess I'll have to call them as their email support is awful.
I've been itching to upgrade from my 2500K and was originally going to do it with these processors, but after seeing performance, I'm not sure if it's really worth it. May just stick it out for now.
I absolutely hated the G502. It's heavy, has an awkward shape for a claw grip, poor button placement (please stop putting more buttons on the damn left click), and probably the worst scroll wheel I've ever used in a mouse. It's only saving grace is that amazing sensor, but now that it's available in other mice, I don't really see any positives.
This is so tempting. I'm just a tad conflicted on the shape. I've used an MX518/G400/G400s all my life, so I like the smaller shape as I've got a claw grip. I just bought a Rival, which I absolutely hate for a claw grip. Wondering if maybe this would be better.
Really hoping for a deal on the G303 Apex. I missed it a few weeks ago when it was $29.99.
Damn, I would've been all over this had I seen it sooner. Just jumped on the Rival that's on sale at Woot for $35.
Game looks awesome. Definitely picking it up on the 7th. And yes, PC will be able to play with people on PS4.
Last time I used Xfire was back in the COD4 days. That program used to be essential. RIP.
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