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Yup, promo doesn't work.
I'm guessing this is the mouse being discussed (still not sure why OP couldn't post a link). Using that promo code dropped it to $15. Looks ugly.
This...the hell is this?Shame on the consumer for purchasing a product that they feel will benefit them more, they should've pity bought that AMD card so that AMD would have more of a market share.Ultimately the burden is on AMD to entice consumers to buy their products. Obviously they aren't doing that. That's not the consumers fault.
Figured as much. Now the question is, are they going to honor it.
Because it was available at the time of posting?Derp.
You'll likely need to download it via the Rockstar Social Club, or whatever it is they're calling it.
Keep in mind, these aren't Steam keys. Only way to get the game on Steam is to buy directly through them. Just a heads up for those who care.
Glad they're giving us a week to pre-load. My slow internet will probably take 2-3 nights to download.
So, with GTAV coming out in two weeks, and talk of it being 65GB's, my good old 128GB Sammy 830 just isn't up to that task. With that said, I'm in the market for a new SSD. I'm currently checking two out on Newegg. Crucial BX100 Mushkin ECO2 They've got solid reviews, although none of them date back more than a couple months, so I'm not too...
Don't they say this literally every year, and it just winds up being the exact same game save for a couple tweaks?
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