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IMO, the DS4 is the best controller on the market right now.As for the differences between the X1 and 360 controllers, the X1's have a MUCH better D-Pad. I'd just stick with the DS4 though since you've already got one.
I picked one up mainly because my OG Nexus 7 is dying and I wanted something smaller and more portable anyway. I don't particularly care about the phone aspect. That said, as someone who isn't keyed into the phone world, what would I need to do to get a carrier on one of these?
Nah, mine is just the wi-fi model.
I still haven't gotten this update on my OG Nexus 7. Whats the deal?
Whats up with Riots absolutely atrocious servers lately? I used to get 60-70 ping here on the East coast, now I get 140 average with regular spikes to 800-1000. The game is utterly unplayable. Every other game I play online works perfectly fine, and even if I run a speedtest using a California server, my ping is only 90. I've Googled this and see there are quite a few people having this issue dating all the way back to January (both East and West coasters) but there...
Yeah, it's live until the end of the Playstation Experience event, which I believe is 6PM PST tomorrow, not today.
My 598's that I ordered from the second batch came in today. Currently breaking them in, but they sound amazing right out of the box. Need a smaller cord though.
I'll preface this by saying I've not personally owned the HyperX Clouds, but your opinion seems to go against literally every review of them. Everyone has praised them for not only sounding great (considering they're a "gaming" headset) but for also being built incredibly well.That said, neither them or the Siberias are going to hold a candle to the 598's, or even the 558's sound quality-wise.
Got an Inferno case drop. Only worth $3, so I opened it. Got a MW Walnut Nova.
Nothing here either.
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