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Ditto.Motion blur is pretty gross, not even just in CS, but most games.
Well, it's not really a "thing" so much as them being bad and not understanding the way the game works no matter how many times you tell them.
The most annoying thing about some of the people I play with is they don't know how to manage money. We lose pistol and they will full buy next round simply because they think you need to use whatever money you have. Myself and two others always tell them not to, but they don't listen. There is a reason they are relatively bad at the game. First round T side on D2, I'll buy armor if we're rushing long. I'll also buy armor first round T side on Inferno if we're splitting...
Here are the commands I use when my friends and I do a private game. No need to actually purchase a server at all.sv_cheats 1game_mode 1bot_kick_allmp_roundtime 999mp_round_restart_delay 1mp_startmoney 16000mp_buytime 999mp_buy_anywhere 1mp_autokick 0mp_do_warmup_period 0sv_infinite_ammo 1sv_grenade_trajectory 1 (this has been bugged though and only works for the person who started the game)You should now be able to freely wander around maps with no time limits practicing...
Game was just on sale for $7.50.
If Dig couldn't win, I wanted NIP to win. Glad they did. RIP gold pick-em badge though.
Bought 20 more capsules, opened eight of them. Gonna keep the other 12 unopened. Inventory overflowing with stickers right now.
Is it a better idea to buy the capsules and leave them unopened or nah?
Sticker Capsules now on sale for $.25. I just bought like 30 trying to get a holo Dignitas sticker with no luck. Did get a couple ESL foils and a holo NIP though.
Yeah, I'm flip-flopping heavily on NIP/LDLC.Definitely a Dig fan, so I'm pulling for them as well.
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