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I was running those drivers for the longest time, until BF1 forced me to update (literally won't launch on drivers beyond a certain date). All of these newer ones suck. Anytime there is a gif on a page it loads half corrupted. Nvidias drivers for the 10 series have been downright dreadful.
Nothing quite captures what WW1 was like more than horse mounted artillery cannons.
Can I get Chroma Squad?
I feel like this looks more tacky than just seeing the regular 6/8-pin cable. Just a big gaudy piece of plastic.
I'll take Punch Club if its still available. Thanks.
Just scooped all of 'em. I guess I'll reinstall this and check it out. Might be fun to mess with until BF1. Thanks OP.
Hey guys, buy this completed piece of DLC for our totally incomplete and unfinished game. No thanks.
I can't believe I missed WWE 2K16...
Jet aren't the ones shipping you the product FYI. They're a middle man basically.
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