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You're leaving out the people who have crappy internet connections because their ISP offers no other choice or they don't live where there are large ISP's. I pay $90 a month for a 10 down connection. You're going to tell me I'm being too cheap?
Okay, but for some, a map (that's arguably one of the most popular in series history and is surely going to be played a LOT) and actually being able to preload a 47GB game is worth noting. Glad you "could care less", but others may find that information useful.
Keep in mind the GMG version doesn't come with Nuketown and keys won't be released prior to launch (game is 47GB).
Yeah, it really seems like that three year dev cycle helped. Honestly, Black Ops 3 seems like it could be one of the most feature packed games in 2015. You have the campaign which can be played solo or co-op (up to four players), Nightmare campaign, zombie mode, racing, and the traditional multiplayer.
If I purchase DLC and enjoy it, how exactly am I throwing my money away? Also, why are you telling me what to do with my money?
To be fair, this is an expansive music catalog that has been building for about eight years. It's not like this was just all lumped onto the market. Also, a lot of these songs can be purchased in packs or full albums to reduce cost.
Yes, Origins customer service is fantastic, but as an overall digital distribution platform, you can't honestly say it's better than Steam.
Was a little off on the dates, but look at this. I'd completely forgotten I put in a ticket by the time they got back to me.
It's shocking how bad it is. I'm not even exaggerating, I got an email about two weeks ago for a support ticket I put in back in July. No reason for it to be this bad.
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