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Just join an idle server and rack up kills until you're where you were at previously. Not that hard if it's really that big of a deal to you.
I'll be re-purchasing this day one. I already beat it on PS3, but I cant wait to play through with a stable FPS, some AA, and textures not popping all over the place.
Turns out holding onto those Poison Darts was the wrong choice. They were selling for $7-$11 last night. Now they're down to $1-$2. Oh well, 'tis the story of my life.
I'm making the right decision by not immediately selling my Poison Darts, right?
My Poison Dart FN is worth $11 now, and my FT Stat Trak one is worth like $9 now. Lmao. All the new skins are massive upgrades.
I actually prefer the way the new Howl looks. I do think it's a bit scumbaggish though to use this as an opportunity to make money by adding a new rarity level to the gun.
I got my Yeti like eight months ago. Since then, all my friends were blown away that three of them also bought one. As mentioned, the best USB mic under $100.
No way these ship.
"Why Driveclub might finally be the 'next-gen' we were promised" "30 FPS" Does not compute.
If they made an optical version, I'd be down. I play too much CS to use a laser mouse though.
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