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Definitely in, would love to play this before the new one comes out at the end of the month. Thanks a bunch for doing this.
Seen numerous people on NeoGAF order from them without issue (they had some big promo back around Black Friday that people were using to get awesome deals on video games). They seem pretty reliable. I personally have not used them though.
A store like 45 minutes away has one. If I were to order, would Walmart hold it until the weekend? *EDIT* Well, to answer my own question, in case others are wondering the same thing, Walmart will indeed hold it. Going to pick mine up this weekend. Thanks OP.
Doesn't even need to be incognito. Just have to have Adblock installed. I'd imagine it'd work with FF if you install and adblocker.
This would be an awesome deal if shipping wasn't almost as much or in some cases, more than the pads themselves.
Added to my cart, went to check out and when I went to put in my billing info it said they sold out. Glad they don't hold the item for a certain amount of time while it's in your cart and you're checking out. It's now only available for in-store pickup.
I've got the beige ones, and while I like the look of them more than the black, they definitely aren't worth the extra $65. The black ones on sale also have the short cable which is a really nice touch.
That makes me jealous. I'm still rocking the 500ft long cord on my regular 598's. I know I can get a shorter one, but I don't feel like spending $20 on one.
Great deal. Got my 598's last year for like $5 more. Excellent headphones.
This is all I'm saying. It's helpful information for people to take into account. To dismiss it just because you personally don't care is silly.
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