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"Why Driveclub might finally be the 'next-gen' we were promised" "30 FPS" Does not compute.
If they made an optical version, I'd be down. I play too much CS to use a laser mouse though.
You do realize the most recent release rebooted the series and was really, really good, right?
If you're on the comp tab, yeah. If you're on the overall tab it should count everything. It's missing hours for pretty much every imaginable scenario, which is odd. Makes me question if the other stats are correct.
Well, the main tab says I have 470 hours played, and Steam says I have 717 hours. I don't think I've spent roughly 250 hours in the menu.
That site is cool, but it doesnt list my hours correctly.
The day they add any of those things to CS, I'm out. Seriously, not trying to be a jerk or anything, but those suggestions you made would be horrible for CS. It sounds like CS just isn't your type of game if you're looking for those things in your FPS.The beauty of CS is that it's simple. It's the reason it's the top competitive FPS.
CSS is the COD of the CS series. Kill it with fire.
I saw that post on Reddit. Seems pretty dumb, especially if the votes passed.Clearly everyone on the team wants the person gone, so the person who called the vote gets punished?
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