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Seriously, there has to be some solution that allows you to use a mic. I cant tell you how annoyed I get when I'm in a matchmaking game and even one person on my team doesn't have a mic. Communication is such an essential part of the game that even one person not speaking can really hinder your team.
Ditto. Been playing CS for 10+ years and not once can I pick out a time where I paid attention to the radio callouts.
Put a small bet on fnatic when they were losing for their match again HR. It was like 80/20. Now that fnatic has made the comeback real a ton of people have swapped their bets making my potential payout much worse. ARGH!
If you'd like to turn that $30 immediately into $2 worth of guns, then by all means start opening cases. If you actually want a skin that doesn't suck and is worth something, just buy it.
I'm looking to get rid of my Shimian. I'm using the 144Hz Asus as my main and the Shimian is being used as a second monitor, which I feel is total overkill. The Shimian is in excellent condition. No dead/stuck pixels and no scratches on the screen. Monitor includes the base as well as the Dual-link DVI cable and power brick. Everything needed to use it immediately. Paid $320 for it two years ago, curious what would be appropriate these days. Also curious how to ship. I...
"Win a competitive match on Black Gold" we go.
Dead. All show $30 now.
I feel like the updates they did to Cobble awhile back made it worse. It's really compartmentalized now. I'm not a fan of the way everything is blocked/sectioned off.To this day I've never played a competitive game on Overpass. I know they've done some updates and whatnot, but nobody is every playing it.
Five ranked games and counting so far tonight, zero mission drops. Zero drops period. I WANTZ MO MISSIONZ!~!
You do NOT have to be on new maps. I've completed missions on both Mirage and D2.
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