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Hmm, good point. So do you only have one exhaust out the back and the rest are intakes through the rads and at the front?
IT Diva / Darlene - great look on your case, can't wait to see the end result! Did I read right that you have the fans on top pushing air though the radiator into the case? I am hoping to try a water cooling mod later this year and would have thought to exhaust out the top of the switch though the rad, is it better to intake? Does this not blow hot air into the case and onto the CPU block?
Good point, some color would definitely be a plus and these look to have better cfm and noise level
Thanks, this is my first build in 4 years, coming off a Q6700 and GTX 280 that I never did much with.Plan on overclocking both the 3770k and 690 as soon as I get some gaming out of my system The info in this thread is great and I look forward to seeing what everyone is able to wring out of these cards, especially once the waterblocks are available
huh, just seems like they don't move much air. maybe I am just used to alot more noise and that bias is overriding what I feel coming from the fans. so are most people keeping the stock 140mm fans or replacing them?if I want to add 2 more are they the FN 140RB?wondering if it would be worth replacing with the FX 140LB fans or something else
Thanks for the tip, I will try this when I get home.Even at that resolution, just seems surprising the temps get that high, wouldn't think that game would be that demanding.
So I just finished my build with the GTX 690 and jumped right into some Diablo 3, everything stock.I was initially seeing temps on both GPUs of 71-72 which seems high to me, but the fan seemed to only be set to around 45-50%. I am running the game with all high settings and at 2550x1440 resolution, but this is still not a graphically intensive game.I tried manually setting the fan higher but it didn't seem to take. I did turn on software control of the fan and when I...
Just put my Switch build together and have a quick question about the fan hub, do the fans plugged in there run at full speed? I have the four case fans connected here and it just seems like they are not moving much air. Just wondering if I am missing something or if connecting them to the motherboard would allow for increased speed.
I bought the same one last night and it shipped this morning. Can't wait to see how it looks when it gets here
Thanks JC. I think resolution trumps frequency for me as well. Will definitely have to check out that monitor on eBay.
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