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Actually CNIL is a french governmental entity, but nice try there.
SLI scaling is crap. 2x EVGA GTX1080 FTW watercooled and oc'ed, trying to run the game at 4K with everything maxed out resulted in a whooping 32 min fps, 47 avg.... Had to downscale to 1440p for the game to be playable.
Second that, really interested in the case. Looks freakin awesome.
Yep that's right.I've also had problems with highflow in the past, never ever will I purchase there again. Everybody should avoid that shop like cancer.
Man, can't wait for Sunday, should be able to bench all day long. Hopefully I manage to get a few points for the Rookie Rumble competition.
More of a market for StarCraft really. Just take a look at South Korea...
Hi there, Been awol for quite a few years due to real life reasons, only checking OCN here and there, barely having any time to bench. Now that I'm back home though, I've started to bench again during the weekends and made a new hwbot account (because I just completely lost access to my old one, i don't remember the username, let alone the email address I used to register). A lot has changed since last I delved into oc'ing my rigs, so I'm trying to catch up. Hopefully...
I'm actually considering buying a few of these for a work project. The amount of power in these seem to be enough for what we'd need them to do, and it'd still be cheaper than buying servers for the same purpose. That and since the project will be moved all around the world, well it's always less of a hassle to move a few portables than servers right?
VR will be a $10b market by 2020. Sure it's still in its infancy but some things become huge really fast. I mean.... smartphones anyone?
EVGA Step-Up Program nuff said
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