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Well, it's the right move if they want to get rid of all the inventory they got left before the release of the R9 300 series
Wrong. The downfall started at the end of TBC when they started nerfing all the PvE content like crazy (removing attunements, nerfing boss damage and hp, flat out removing some boss abilities to make encounters feel like trash) to cater to all the casual players. Everything was fine before that.
Hey guys, I've tried many MMOs lately but none of them seems to keep me hooked for some reason. I tried getting back to FF14 after Heavensward was announced but it's meh, played through the latest issue of The Secret World (which is great, just once you've beaten the story the game doesn't hold much to do), but after a few hours I'm like "this is boring, let's play something else". So please, recommend me a MMORPG P.S. I haven't played TESO since a week after it was...
No Fallout 2? No Baldur's Gate? No Planescape Torment? No Final Fantasy VII? No Ultima VII?
source in thread name?
That CGI trailer got me hyped to say the least
Never say never...Though I do agree that nowadays no game will use that much, Watch_Dogs,FarCry 4 and Evolve tend to use quite a bunch of VRAM when running max options at a 4K res. IIrc something around 6GB for WD.So it's quite sure that in a few years some games might come close to 12GB (especially considering how the industry is already pushing hard for 5K when 4K hasn't become the standard yet...)
Again, I disagree. It's not about the amount of rads you can fit inside either. It's just one of the best cases out there to work with if you're into modding. The only trouble I have with its interior design is if you fit a 480 rad up top you'll forfeit one to two 5"ΒΌ bays depending on the fan configuration (push or pull vs push+pull). Everything else is just fine. Also you're reffering to the modular drive bays but no enthusiast has a use for these anyway. Getting rid of...
Mea culpa. It might not work with 5820K and 5930K, but the 5960X does workI beg to differ on the interior design. As for the cheap components, I couldn't say as I modded mine quite heavily.Mea culpa on the core i7 in the mobo. Seems it'll only work with 1 in socket 1. Adding a second i7 just will prevent the system from booting.
No you don't have to go with Xeons. Though not officially supported by Asus, Core i7 5820K,5930K and 5960X do work on this mobo. 100% sure. Just take an hour to browse through H, Xtrems and OCN and you'll find multiple users with such setups.Edit:As far as the case is concerned, I'd go with one of the 2 listed above or with an Obsidian 900D from Corsair. At least you wouldn't have any problem fitting one or two WC loops inside Speaking of WC, as you stated you have no...
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