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The only goal behind this sale is to have a ton of people sign up for that free Prime trial coz they know more than half of em will forget to cancel their subscription before the trial ends and thus will be charged for a full year and about the other half will find it great so they'll throw their $$$ to Amazon of their own accord.
Too bad I can't take part in this Haven't done any OC since way back (I think my last sub dates back to the days i had a 2600K) so I'm listed as an Enthusiast :s
Yeah obviously we all knew there were gonna be supply issues, we knew that weeks ago. It's fine by me tbh, I'd rather wait another week for my cards to get here in hope that by then AMD's driver team is close to releasing a new Catalyst.
I disagree, it's got everything it needs to compete. People need to get off their high horses is all. Everybody that was expecting a card that was crushing all nVidia has to offer were being naive. AMD, with few means managed to deliver a new architecture that even though based on the same fab process as Hawaii improves slightly in TDP but more importantly a lot in terms of performance. Sure, everybody's mad that the Fury X comes short of besting the 980 Ti, but in truth...
Just ordered 2 Fury X from Sapphire, should arrive in about a week (hopefully I'll be among the first to get mine here as I literally grabbed them the minute they went up on my e-tailer's site). Now I'm just waiting for EKWB to release some blocks for them.
Pretty sure everybody here dissing the card and how it stands vs the 980 ti will be sorry once people start pushing these to their limits. Personally I got only one thing to say: Gief EKWB blocks nao!
Please count me in. Thanks
I don't see why anybody would keep the Technical Preview installed anyway, what with the EULA terms being what they are *cough* privacy *cough*
You might want to read the whole package of info AMD released. There is a difference between the Fury X and the Fury.
Indeed.Except for me it's not "if" it's "when"
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