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All the parts are brand names as the computers are built from parts from the store......its a custom computer dude
It does not specify the brand of the PSU only that its a midtower sized PSU, so how would you know, it also does not specify the motherboard, (I've narrowed down to Q965 chipset due to intel 3000 integrated GPU)
Quote: Originally Posted by pez Hmm only 575Mhz on the GPU core? My 8600GT is a 600 at stock. Still, it will be a good card. I can't wait for it. EDIT: Blazing, I thought you were buying a new PSU first....*sigh*'re going to end up frying this card. how about a new computer....... ......can't wait until birthday!!! PS: comes with 500w PSU
Wow thats so sick...I wish I had the Iphone
I was gonna start a new thread for this but I decided not to. Sapphire Radeon HD 4830 * ATI RV770 LE graphics processor, made on 55nm silicon process(by TSMC) * 256-bit GDDR3 memory bus * 575 MHz GPU core, 1800 MHz (900 MHz actual) memory * 512 MB memory * 640 Stream Processors, DirectX 10.1 * Supports ATI Crossfire X * Supports UVD 2.0 hardware video acceleration Picture Below. Source: Random Forum
Blazing Javelin
I am getting this!......
is a X1250 better than a HD3300? If so I could recommend a motherboard
Quote: Originally Posted by pez Yeah I know. I don't remember the reviews now, but there were a couple of the OC'ed gts's that were really close to the 3850's (like the xfx xxx editions). IDK lol. I would be phyched if my card could keep up with a 3850
I get 10-25 FPS on High/Medium Crysis at 1280x1024, this card isnt as bad as people think it can play alot of games quite well. The bad thing about the 8600 is half of its texture units are useless because of the 128bit bus and low bandwith. The low stream processor is is crippling too. But thats what 9600 GT's are for right?
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