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Hey guys, Looking for a budget laptop that has a quadcore cpu + ssd, don't really care about graphics, 1080p would be enough, would be nice the get or have the option to expand to 16gb of ram. Backlit keyboard would be nice. dell 7559 looks promising, I've seen some configurations that have 256gb ssd's instead of hybrid drives, but I kind of don't like the dell build quality with it's all plastic body that flexes all over if you pick it up, but the specs seem pretty...
i made a rough design of what i'm thinking of doing : side view: red is the wooden case, green are atx boxes, blue is the server and yellow are the fans, arrows are supposed to represent airflow front view: perspective view: this might be a better way to sort the atx and server boxes: the whole thing would be 94 centimeters or 37.007874 inches high, a total of 12 or 6 80x80 mm fans depending on the airflow needed. any suggestions? as for switching out fans, even the...
hey guys,i have a server that's incredibly loud.the servers dimensions arei'm thinking about making an isolation box that would reduce the noise to atlesst the levels of pc with loud fans.right now i'm about doing something like this : but maybe with a door that would allow easy access but im not sure if this is a good design. this seems...
#include "avr/io.h" #include "util/delay.h"
the problem with android atleast from a gaming perspective is that the market wants to treat every phone and tablet as the same, if your game lags on one phone you get a bad review, if it doesn't fit on a very small resolution - you get a bad review, etc.. to overcome this user should only be able to see reviews and ratings only from people with the same device by default.
i think you mean cross-platform and not mobile, i also think you should create a game with an existing engine before making your own just so you get a good understanding of the things that make a game engine good, they're getting more and more sophisticated, it's not only about displaying a sprite or some text and making them move.
looks good, the calculations might be a little off, but still looks useful.
sounds like they wouldn't need a huge database so a textfile should do fine, at uni we're doing winform applications using c++ which are pretty simple to make or you could try c# which should be even more simple to cook something up.
scanf_s takes pointer values so it should be scanf_s("%lf", &number); instead of scanf_s("%lf", number); including all the other scanf_s's. for code. are you trying to run the code while the console window from a previous build is still open? other than that i don't think it has anything to do with your code, the compiler is probably at fault. post your code to make sure.
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