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i usually just store my game saves on my google drive.
Game is pretty boring. Not much content. Id wait.
So how long until I can have one of these in my computer? Weeks or Months?
Have a Sapphire HD7990 for sale. $400 + shipping
Most games i play wont use more than 50% of my second gpu. I usually have to disable crossfire to get good performance. Bf 4 = 60fps on ultra but with constant microstuttering. Planetside 2 = Only uses 1 gpu only get 30-40 fps Wolfensinte = Crossfire will not work for me. Have to disable it. only get 30fps Arma = Get around 30-40 fps but im going to guess its just the engine. Starcitzen = 16 fps ( cant get the game to use crossfire) So it could be me just not setting the...
I had purchased a 7990 a while back for High res Multi-monitor gaming and bitcoin mining. Since mining with a 7990 is kinda useless now and it seems no games really work well with it. I'm probably going to end up selling it to get something more gaming oriented. I do plan on getting a 4k monitor soon (or 120hz 1440p). I was thinking of maybe going with the Nvidia 780ti but wanted to know other peoples experience with it. I kinda want to avoid having a crossfire/sli setup...
Anyone have a 7990 and play planetside 2? Im getting around 30-40fps playing at 1440p? I feel as if i should be getting more.
I currently have a pair of Audio Engine A5 sitting on top of these foam isolation pads. I've recently had new neighbors who keep complaining about the sound (They live above me). They are complaining that they can hear the bass from my speakers. The thing is Ive turned my speakers down extremely low to try and keep their wishes in mind. Yet this still complain. I brought some sound proofing and tried to put it on the wall behind my desk and speakers to see if that will...
I feel like when i first saw gameplay of watchdogs it had much better graphics. What happened?
If I get a 4k TV and connect my computer to it via HDMI will my fps be capped at 30fps or will I just not see more than 30 frames? Im trying to get a feel for what gaming will be like. I mostly play dota and eve and a few first person shooters. I can definitely tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps but I'm not sure if playing at 30hz means that I'll basically be experiencing 30fps gameplay.
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