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Ive done the math, thanks. And yes I will be making a ROI.
lol, ok. And passive aggressive smiley face right back at you buddy.
BTC. I prefer BTC over all others.
Finally got my two ASIC Miners running today. Sitting on an Anker USB 3.0 hub. Mining a whopping 670/mhs
In. Just bought two ASIC Miners off ebay. Have a Raspberry Pi and Anker 10 port USB hub on standby.
I have seen it hit 92 consistantly. That is, before the new TIM. I dont see above 88 now. I guess it may be that its all good until 97 but I just cant stand high temps lol. I am ADD about it.
What thermal pad? If you mean the thermal pads on the memory chips I never removed those. If you mean on the GPU itself, there was no pads, just paste. Just curious, as I have no intention of returning the PC. But thanks for the info. I still have no idea why mine seems to run hotter then a lot of other 590 owners. Same voltage as everyone else, same speed. Thats why I repasted it. I thought maybe it was the AW case but guess not.
Yep Im aware your affiliation with AW, thats why I asked you the question directly. And trust me im not the type to expect warranty if it breaks anytime after modifying it in that manner. Hell I will even give you my tag if you want to add a note to your system lol. I actually have the aurora R3. I think its a decent design for what it is, thought was deffinately put into cooling. But I dont think it was ever designed for a card like the 590 (unavoidable with dual...
Meh whatevs. But to clarify this particular 590 only had pads on the memory chipsets and whatnot, which of course I kept those on. It said 503b I believe on the sticker. So when you say it voids the warranty, youre talking about the gfx card only I assume? And actually I think ive seen a 2c drop, certainly not worth it though. Also do you have any tips on the airflow of this case with a 590 given how hot the 590 gets?I do run an automatic fan profile. And im happy...
More forgiving for who and what? For the orginisms that are able to, and do live in a given enviorment its perfectly ideal for them. Or they would die off. And if its not 100% ideal this is where evolution comes into play. But to make a statement that implies natrual enviorments are somehow all made of acid (assuming the orginisms arnt acid based), and labs are perfect is an overstatement.
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