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Quote: Originally Posted by NoGuru We need strippers and beer. To old for strippers, just got back from the kitchen with a cold one. .
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan I hate seeing comps being altered anyway. Maybe we should just let the comp run like it is and let the judges call it. I agree. Just but up my last posting to show my own results with the two versions.
Got a bugged score, Version 1.82 Ran both versions trying to match last week FSB, unable to get there. This set was the biggest point spread I had, tRFC at 88 Last weeks score in the same point range, little faster in the FSB. XP wouldn't boot after grinding last week so I read the drive through USB to pull some screen shots. Took right off tonight but its not right. A lot of versions and a few bugs, kind of hard to compare scores at this point.
Had two goals get into 30's latency and get to 1000 marks. Squeaked by on the first one and corrupted XP trying for the latter. Sorry forgot to hit the MB tab on the bottom CPUz.
Collect hot sauce, 1800-1830 mountain man reenactment, black powder & smokeless firearms, reloading and woodworking. My wife's idea of my hot sauce collection
Quote: Originally Posted by KusH Power bill... pfffff who cares about power consumption, gives meh moar FPS!!!!! A little off topic but power useage has been brought up. lurking at Guru3d found this link, check out the power useage, load, 4x480s,, agree with your statement, but this would hurt.
I bought a Evga 250 1G to free up a 8800 GTS 512 in my work box, really like the 250. After playing around a little with 3DM 01, ended up at 815/1255/1955 and a fair score. Running stock in my work computer now.
One last Maxxmem 775 DDR3 post.
Mitch: Thanks, hopefully will have the time to get it running this coming weekend.
I'll have to agree that the cost kind of threw me in relation to their product line. Overall, like the idea, convenient way to remove a restrictive portion of a loop during the hotter months for a little extra overhead without a lot of hassle.
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