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Opps, sorry, wife broke her foot, got me jumpng, been called three time while trying to type this. I'm volted out, anything over whats in my bot post locks up among other things. If monies allow will pick a PS for my MCW60-T and give it a go towards the end with my I7 rig.
Quote: Originally Posted by FtW 420 Right now Canada rules, you Americans gonna take that? Looks like its time to burn this card to the ground, No more mm jumps going to have to go for meters.
First Mod, pic not real good, doing the ram later wanted to test it. 1200 at 1.35v idle, ram sucks.
Samsung HC-12s on the MSI rated at 800, cheap side of things, ATI was using the HC-11s at 900, should of went with Giga, looking back. Saw some nice gains with memory increases in Aquamark but it was while I was jumping 25mhz at a time, when testing began.
Pencil Mod MSI card, other than card layout same as the Gigabyte. Grabbed the images from the egg, at work. Used a HB, 2HB & 4HB, with basically the same results with the 2 & 4, do check the resistance, had a nice little pile with the 2, resistance at 4.80+/-, didn't try it. 7.20+/- netted 1.22+/- volts idle gpu, (from memory will correct if needed when I get home on Friday). Memory was showing a voltage increase but didn't improve the 960 I was getting with...
My first hard mod was a fail, card lived. The 200k’s (couldn’t find 100s) I had would only trim up to 5k after they were in installed so I either did something wrong or the VRs aren’t what I thought, checked ok on the DMM at 196 and 189, so, need some VRs and was wondering if Frys has them, will be in the Sacto area next weeks, figured I’d stop by if they did. Pizzaman thanks, used the tape around the solder area and worked great with my shaky hands. Anyone...
I voted OCZ, use it the most. Have other use them also. Been thinking about ketchup after see this YouTube- pcgh testet alternative Wärmeleitpasten
Had it open all weekend as ref as I probed my card. Thanks, a very informative read. Will go through again.
I'm ready, still a question about volt mods but I'll wait for the weekend when I'm home.
I have the controller running 4, 3000 Ultras, top rpm from the controller is around 2700 with all fans running, was a little less using stock length on the power connector cable. With all fans under 1800 rpm the controller can get hot to the touch. Fan cable length was on the longest side.
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