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When I explain my benching hobby to folks I always compare it to drag racing from my desk,. If you look at drag racing you can show up at the track with the family sedan to a rocket rail and race against other cars in your class. The way the bot scores is like showing up at the track with a pro stock car and finding out prizes will only be awarded to the top five finishers and ten full blown rails / funny cars have already registered. The idea of splitting the bot in...
Quote: Originally Posted by coltsrock is there a pencil mod for the vdroop on this board?? I have it set to 1.41 in BIOS, its 1.368 Idle, and like 1.34 Load If you have not found it yet.
I placed a small order (WC Parts) two weeks ago, no problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by zomgiwin looks liek a very low power phase unit TBH... Wondering of Ridgid used one of these added another head and charged 6x more. Same refrigerant, weight is about the same.
I get a error on the uP6101, so I found this. Not up on this yet, but the GND & FB match what folks are finding on the 5450.
Nice benching I'm going to have to get busy and start telling my wife NO, when she asks for somthing. Ale
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan You should take the time to learn to V'mod your cheapo GPU and not worry about warranty/RMAing. I foresee a lot of GPU modding going on. V'mod my next step, been doing a little practice, still pretty sloppy. Been a long time since high school. Only worried about getting a dead card, order this Sunday don't see it till Friday, card's dead its the next Friday, just worried about time.
Single, going for two so I don't have to worry about RMAs, only home on the weekends and two for a few more boints. Took to long to post, question answered
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan Wonder how many of the 67 voters will be participating Hope they all do, going to raise the boints a lot if they post up at the bot. Would look strange to see a budget card with 70-80 participants. I'm going to follow NCspecV81 lead and say the red is going to win and order two on Sunday before I go to work, if not, I've a 210 in the closet.
Summer sucks, Red Bluff will usually have a week or two over 110F in late July or August. Winters are mild, high 30s / low 40s. Record is 121F, remember it well. Wish I still lived in Hailey Idaho.
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