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Bought a ATI X1550, 256 off the shelf, when I opened the box the card was labeled X1650 Pro with a note saying they had up graded the card. The only problem was the ram on the 1650 was DDR1 and the end result was a slower card than the 1550, was actually slower than a X1050 in AM3 & 3DM01. What a nice upgrade?
Always wanted to see a more encompassing test of cooling fluids, thanks. Little surprised by the Nano, from other postings looked like it might of had an edge over distilled. The Spring Water is an idea, since water taste is based on the substances it passes trough would the cooling properties be affected also. Would be strange if one of the larger cities heavily treated tap ended up with the crown, Our water taste like crap but is the preferred liquid for cooling hot...
2x512 & 2x1024, Crucial Ballistic DDR2 800 Rated at 2.2v 1000 @ 2:3, Timings 5-5-5-12, BIOS +0.25v (Everest 2.10v) Been running in a EP35-DS4 with a Q6600, B3 @ 9x333 since I built it two years ago or so.
Nanofluid & Distilled Water Feser One, Distilled Water & Thermochill EC6 I like distilled water and silver can flush it, dump it, what ever,
Decided to update my 8800 GTS 512 scores slapped it in the RE ran AM3 280k first run, froze solid while I was looking at the score screen. Would only post on default settings after that.. Different vid card-default settings only, flashed to a newer BIOS-default setting again. Pulled the 8600 and tried a Q6700 no go, think I saw a thick pin in the socket, possibly fused together a couple of pins, will check it when I pull it apart for good. No help for the EVGA Comp,...
Didn't vote like both, either produce great boards although I usually bench with Asus and work with Gigabyte.
EVGA, 8800 GTS 320 SC, 8800 GT SC and a 8800 GTS 512, gave away the 320 (Mistake) the other two are still in working order.
I'll play, got a few GPUs that need to be revisited. Don't expect much only have two weekends to bench and more to do's than time.
You have a total of 5 settings for DRAM Frequency, Auto, 266, 333, 400 and manual, I don't know what manual does (Don't have the MB) the 266 etc are ratios. If you have cpu multiplier control using 8 x 400 fsb = 3200 and using the 266 will yeild a ram speed of 800mhz. 2xFSB x memory ratio = RAM speed the 266 setting should be your 1:1 ratio. Look in BIOS, chipset configuration, DRAM Frequency, options as stated
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