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CL3P20, about time someone started posting some cold, nice run. Have a Kentfield I've been in the high 9s with, will give it a try next weekend with DDR2, time permitting. Got relatives in house early for Xmas so not a lot of free time. Got a couple Conroes but below average chips for wP.
Same chip as my other post, def. MB
Getting ready for a PCMark 05 run, transparent windows, sucked, a little over 500, going back to XP, never had this problem in Vista before. Idle temps not bad for 7C air through the rads.
Thanks, voltage was around 1.55 as I remember, I'll go after it once the stock cooling has been replaced, just wanted to see what the board was capable of. Did play with p/l setting jumping it up to 9 or 10.
One push one pull
E8600 & Rampage Formula, testing as it came in the mail.
I use a external setup with a converted PS to run it, No problems so far. Personally, would go with two pumps for four rads, could later be converted to two seperate loops if needed. PS conversion to DC power supply. Image of my external setup.
A link about condensation, the freezer will work, mechanical HDs & LCDs can have cold problems. You do mean top 20 air as xXSebaSXx pionted out. Good Luck
Thanks for the replies, will post it this afternoon when I have some time.
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