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One push one pull
E8600 & Rampage Formula, testing as it came in the mail.
I use a external setup with a converted PS to run it, No problems so far. Personally, would go with two pumps for four rads, could later be converted to two seperate loops if needed. PS conversion to DC power supply. Image of my external setup.
A link about condensation, the freezer will work, mechanical HDs & LCDs can have cold problems. You do mean top 20 air as xXSebaSXx pionted out. Good Luck
Thanks for the replies, will post it this afternoon when I have some time.
Well I was playing around with some DDR and ended up with this, nothing special. Benching out in the garage, no Internet connection so saved a validation file. Rejected , doubled my bus speed on the validation. Tried a stock setting same thing.
Looks like a fun challenge, finally have a little time and back to work. Will hopefully give it go next weekend with DDR & DDR2. Might even try some DDR3 if I can slip a pump and rad by my wife for the nForce chips on my P6T7.
Up to two years ago +/- most of my replaced parts were given to friends or donated to the local high school. now everything is stored away for futre use. If parts leave my closet it’s more of a loaned status of indefinate period with a stepulation of return upon replacement if still working.
PapaSmurf: thanks for the info. Added water, (garage air 13C load 23C with OCCT) and ended up with this, Not a lot of boints available with the 2700, son-in-law gave me a 2800 barton, few more benchers. The bolt pattern on the MB wasn't right so had to make do.
Yea, a little SLOW, but I’ve got a lot of spare time coming, going to be off work for four to five months starting next month and benching is way better than watching daytime TV, also a lot of prep work to do, the fun stuff. Just got 2800 XP Barton, few more benchers, need a pot for sub zero and some CAS 2 RAM.
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