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Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan nice core clock Thanks, wish you luck with yours.
Second MSI on 9c air. Made 03 at same speed (loading @ 1.59v) as the AM3 run but had my lan port off in bios. 01 was looking like a acid trip in nature, alot of nice colors flashing all over the place, then locked up so hard had to reset and put MSI 1 in to boot. My leaf blower, with some Red Green action on a egg box.
Quote: Originally Posted by CL3P20 Nice going!! ..and speaking of 'noob vmodders'.. I fixed my 5450 and am have fitted my MCW60 to it for some wata testing soon Need to see some more postings at the bot, did my other MSI after the Visontek, went well but it doesn't like to have the memory voltage played with at all.
Well, my first mutilated card, oh to have killed it with to much voltage (an honorable death) and not a blunder of a noob volt modder. Didn’t tape off the work area, core went well, memory went well too, till I noticed some solder where it shouldn’t of been. Started looking for a desolder tool, left my iron on, to long, to hot, sucked two resistors right of the board.
I couldn't get anything more out of the memory on the MSI so I picked up another card. Scared me when I saw the stock mem speed in GPUz, thought it was typo at the egg. The ram is ATI branded, core is loading at 1.012v and ram at 1.562v.
3rd or 4th post has some info Old School mentioned.
Found a link to this at XS If posted here already I did search, but not enough.
Not a leaf blower but 9000 BTUs of cooling if nothing more will feel 50F in July. Have to wait till next weekend for some Red-Green mods. Good 4th to those participating, got to go drink a few ales and blacken a burger or two.
Was playing with driver 10.2 last night and thought I’d fried the card, same voltage as the 10.4 driver was verily yielding 1075/925 and very unstable. Turned the VR to it’s lowest setting and 800/950 wouldn’t make it through AM3, 800/1000 was base for this card at stock voltage. Switched to 10.5 boom no problem, set the clocks 850/950 with AB, turned the VR to 1.15v (was loading at 1.193v max) and started jumping 25mhz on the gpu core to get a good idea about scaling,...
I've been to 1.78v with the card showing the same load dif. Idle temps spiked 6c (38c to 44c) when I hit the the 1.80 mark with a Zalman VF900. AM3 scaling falling over the 60% after 1.6v.
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