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I'll play, got a few GPUs that need to be revisited. Don't expect much only have two weekends to bench and more to do's than time.
You have a total of 5 settings for DRAM Frequency, Auto, 266, 333, 400 and manual, I don't know what manual does (Don't have the MB) the 266 etc are ratios. If you have cpu multiplier control using 8 x 400 fsb = 3200 and using the 266 will yeild a ram speed of 800mhz. 2xFSB x memory ratio = RAM speed the 266 setting should be your 1:1 ratio. Look in BIOS, chipset configuration, DRAM Frequency, options as stated
I don't have the board, looking at the manual, does the manual setting in DRAM Frequency give you some more menory ratios besides the 266 (1:1), 333 & 400 settings. I don't see a CPU ratio setting? FSB only. Use the 266 (1:1) memory setting and increase the FSB to 300 adding vcore as need ram will be at 600. 10x300 ram 600 @ 266 setting ram 750 @ 333 setting ram 900 @ 400 setting 10X320 ram 800 @ 333 setting
Well I tried tonight, just to hot. CPU & ram wouldn't play nice, did get a good 05 run out of the card at 1200/1005, but hey not part of the comp. It was fun. To the top scores,
Unable to get to OCN at work last week, think our computer overseers a screwing with me, so didn’t post any congratulations for some nice runs. Plus my wife has had me busy most of the weekend so far. Pizzaman, great runs with such a low showing on the gddr, really fine. pr@$r1g, nice sweet spot on your last 03 run, think the XFX is the better card. From the pic’s looks like it has an extra set of mounting holes for the older ATI 2 hole pattern would make it...
pr@$r1g, nice runs, nice mem clocks
Giver hell folks. I'm out, lost a card to noob soldering, looks like my seconds MSI is toast, did put on a good light show and a mere 1.59v. MSI first is so degraded it won't do 1200 at any voltage, but overall the most fun I've had in awhile, learned a lot thanks. Whens the next one.
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan Is that just cold air on stock cooler? Zalman VF 900 black fan with the blue mem heat sinks that come with it. ftw, thanks, core doing all right, wish the ram would follow.
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan nice core clock Thanks, wish you luck with yours.
Second MSI on 9c air. Made 03 at same speed (loading @ 1.59v) as the AM3 run but had my lan port off in bios. 01 was looking like a acid trip in nature, alot of nice colors flashing all over the place, then locked up so hard had to reset and put MSI 1 in to boot. My leaf blower, with some Red Green action on a egg box.
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