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I have the controller running 4, 3000 Ultras, top rpm from the controller is around 2700 with all fans running, was a little less using stock length on the power connector cable. With all fans under 1800 rpm the controller can get hot to the touch. Fan cable length was on the longest side.
When I explain my benching hobby to folks I always compare it to drag racing from my desk,. If you look at drag racing you can show up at the track with the family sedan to a rocket rail and race against other cars in your class. The way the bot scores is like showing up at the track with a pro stock car and finding out prizes will only be awarded to the top five finishers and ten full blown rails / funny cars have already registered. The idea of splitting the bot in...
Quote: Originally Posted by coltsrock is there a pencil mod for the vdroop on this board?? I have it set to 1.41 in BIOS, its 1.368 Idle, and like 1.34 Load If you have not found it yet.
I placed a small order (WC Parts) two weeks ago, no problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by zomgiwin looks liek a very low power phase unit TBH... Wondering of Ridgid used one of these added another head and charged 6x more. Same refrigerant, weight is about the same.
I get a error on the uP6101, so I found this. Not up on this yet, but the GND & FB match what folks are finding on the 5450.
Nice benching I'm going to have to get busy and start telling my wife NO, when she asks for somthing. Ale
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan You should take the time to learn to V'mod your cheapo GPU and not worry about warranty/RMAing. I foresee a lot of GPU modding going on. V'mod my next step, been doing a little practice, still pretty sloppy. Been a long time since high school. Only worried about getting a dead card, order this Sunday don't see it till Friday, card's dead its the next Friday, just worried about time.
Single, going for two so I don't have to worry about RMAs, only home on the weekends and two for a few more boints. Took to long to post, question answered
Quote: Originally Posted by PizzaMan Wonder how many of the 67 voters will be participating Hope they all do, going to raise the boints a lot if they post up at the bot. Would look strange to see a budget card with 70-80 participants. I'm going to follow NCspecV81 lead and say the red is going to win and order two on Sunday before I go to work, if not, I've a 210 in the closet.
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