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Relax the transaction booster, board has problems with some menory straps not posting. Flash to the Rampage Formula BIOS.
The only markings I could find, TRIO or 7RIO over R27. If you need the size, post a request
I made a few stops from here, to here. For some reason my 6.5 multiplier wouldn’t work and would set 6, ram doesn’t like 666. Added Micro XP v0.95 Aleslammer – 11.578 – Intel E8600 – 4000MHz – Patriot DDR2 – 800MHz 3-3-3-9 2T – Micro XP – No Added Aleslammer – 12.687 – Intel Q6700 – 4000MHz – Patriot DDR2 – 1200MHz 5-5-5-16 2T – Micro XP – No
CL3P20, about time someone started posting some cold, nice run. Have a Kentfield I've been in the high 9s with, will give it a try next weekend with DDR2, time permitting. Got relatives in house early for Xmas so not a lot of free time. Got a couple Conroes but below average chips for wP.
Same chip as my other post, def. MB
Getting ready for a PCMark 05 run, transparent windows, sucked, a little over 500, going back to XP, never had this problem in Vista before. Idle temps not bad for 7C air through the rads.
Thanks, voltage was around 1.55 as I remember, I'll go after it once the stock cooling has been replaced, just wanted to see what the board was capable of. Did play with p/l setting jumping it up to 9 or 10.
One push one pull
E8600 & Rampage Formula, testing as it came in the mail.
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