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In my closet, 12 Red & 11 Green So count me in.
Bought a vanilla EVGA 280, had SC specs in GPUz, rep said it happens now and then.
Voted 5450
This is my best 01 with a couple of 4890s & XP CL3P20: Good place to get stuck, red clay in the hills will suck you right down.
Quote: Originally Posted by VW_TDI_02 Was this on air, WC, LN, DICE, or what? Water on the CPU @ NB, stock cooler on the Vid Card.
Quote: Originally Posted by CL3P20 *hows the weather up there today?? a tower crew working just south of the outlets up there.. Thanks, work in Napa, only home on the weekends. Was raining last night about all I can tell you.
CL3P20, great runs I need better cooling.
First off congratulation to the winners. I've been looking at the GT 240 GDDR5, either a MSI or Palit as my next budget card. Judging by the competition at the Bot good air/water opportunity, wide open for sub-zero. CL3P2O, 4650, 210 or 220 are nice budget cards. NCspecV81, Damm, just gave away my 5770.
I was watching Ask This Old House, and saw one of these. Compact unit, cost is high, anyone got an idea about how well it would work.
New first place DDR2 Maxmem, any bets on how long it stays up.
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