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Tyan S2865 Tomcat K8E / Opty 150 / Socket 939 Only two sticks of ram BIOS has got a problem
Stock is 2400MHz
Old School Aleslammer - 23m 10.594s / Opteron 150 @ 3240MHz / Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe / Crucial Ballistix 2.5 3-3-4 1T @ 270MHz / H2O Aleslammer - 23m 40.985s / Opteron 180 @ 3144MHz / Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe / Crucial Ballistix 2.5 2-2-3 1T @ 262MHz / H2O
Didn't mean thatAgreeJust like the idea of a CAS limited competition
If we do this again with 3D in mind, think 06 should be unlimited, 03 or 05 period, might add a multi-core aware for cpu, as for memory just make it CL 2 dependent and the G. Skills will be in closet. Blue screen on auto settings at Windows load, at CL 2.5 needed 3.0v to be bench-able, really don’t act like TCCDs and they are TCCDs naked sticks – either abused or G. Skill was doing a lot of exchanges.
Got this set of G. Skills last Monday afternoon didn’t have time to use them in the competition.
Great fun, THANKS, a pleasure competing with you all! Not interested in a prize, just wanted to try out some 939 hardware sitting in the closet to see if was viable, besides every time I get something in the mail lately I end up on the couch.
When you say bar fridge do you mean from a pub or a fridge designed for home use. The first may have the capacity needed for computer use and have seen examples cooling beverages as well as rads.
Wish this competition were in January would be nice to be working in the 0-3c ambient range. Last posting from me unless the 180 in the mail shows up by next weekend and have time. CPU Clock: Single, Water, 16c SP-1M: Single, Water, 16c, a little better with a 6c lower temp in the garage.
Another PI run, water, single core, 22c, testing a couple of Crucial sticks.
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