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Mr. Scott, nice Little more respectable SP-1M time, Single Core, 4000 San Diego, 16c Ambient OCZ PC3200 Plats, coming along nicely until the Asus board ran out of voltage adjustment.
SP-1M score, still working on RAM, 26c Ambient
My first bench, Air, 4000 San Diego, 17c ambient
Could be something you thought about but lapping Intel 775 CPUs usually helped large core temp deference’s don’t know if it helps AMDs. Have a 4200 X2 that has the problem according to the previous owner was going to give it try.
Socket 939
toughacton, I've got/had a M2R32-MVP, died a couple of weekend ago. Liked the AM2 version while it worked. Kryton , thanks for the heads up. Sitting on a 4000 San Diego and three Manchesters 2x 3800 and a 4200, have an Opty 148 in the mail. Won’t see any scores from me till this coming weekend (only home Saturday through Monday). Pic of my air cooled rig can see some of my water cooling in the back ground. This is going to be fun
Got out an A8N32-SLI Deluxe I got from my son-in-law, did pretty well on reference clock so I’m in. Have to check and see if can locate some competitive CPUs in what I have or clicking on ebay. First time playing with 939 so going to be a learning experience. Just located a fairly good air cooler so will compete using air & water.
MB is EVGA 115-K8-NF31 &
From your first post the three components you mention shouldn’t have a problem scaling; by the third post you mention that the video card is not a good overclocker, does the cpu scale if you leave the gpu at stock? I would assume you have checked temps and your ps is adequate for the mentioned components. Really need more information about your system and how you got to 4.5 for and appropriate answer.
Top scores at the Bot single card, water on the cpu, age correct x1900 XT @ 6.1 / 7900 GTO @ 6.8. Water cooled cpu, single card all entries, 12.7 for a 5850 & GTX 275. Over all highest 06 score of 14,243, single GTX 285 (Air) LN2 on the cpu. Spot on with cpu limiting statements. Two 7900 GTXs net the low to mid 12s I was thinking my 3870 X2 was about right, knew the nVidia 7 series was correct, tells ya how well I kept up with the ATI side of things during this time.
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