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Water on the cpu dual core @ 18c ambient, a little improvement. Water SP-1M, Dual Core Pic of the setup
Air cooled dual core @ 17c SP-1M, forgot the name & date, ram needs work & water
Personally have no problem competing against the colder climates in the league environment nor in a bragging rights match and if I have the hardware & time will probably show up but add a prize wroth effort and I’d want an even playing field and definitely wouldn’t want to be on Massman's end when the least climate fortunate start complaining. As for a monitoring app there really isn’t anything out there that that fits this task as far as I know and personally wouldn’t...
I really appreciate the dialogue about the possibilities of competitions expressly for the EL, but in general the very nature of ambient cooling lends it’s self to unfair advantages in the competition platform just by time of year of the event and primarily the location a person calls home. My own present location’s winter lows are warmer than summer lows from where I lived in Idaho. Would need to set a minimum allowable temp and the requirement for either a cpu or mb...
Last air cooled single core (air cooled duals next weekend), SP-1M, 4000 San Diego, 16c Ambient Mr. Scott, Thanks dropped a 0.10 of my time.
Mr. Scott, nice Little more respectable SP-1M time, Single Core, 4000 San Diego, 16c Ambient OCZ PC3200 Plats, coming along nicely until the Asus board ran out of voltage adjustment.
SP-1M score, still working on RAM, 26c Ambient
My first bench, Air, 4000 San Diego, 17c ambient
Could be something you thought about but lapping Intel 775 CPUs usually helped large core temp deference’s don’t know if it helps AMDs. Have a 4200 X2 that has the problem according to the previous owner was going to give it try.
Socket 939
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