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Put a computer together for my grandson a few new and old parts, grabbed the SATA DVD R/W I had for OS loads off my bench, thought I had another, didn’t. Ran by my favorite electronics store yesterday and while looking for a R/W ran into a couple of boxes of used vga & pci video cards marked $4.95 as is, ended up with five, more fodder for the Sata2. Three AGP, Powercolor TNT2 m64, Samsung MX440 8X and a Dell FX5200 and two PCI, PNY Quadro4 NVS400 2 core and an IBM Appian...
The Elder Scrolls IV & Fallout New Vegas
Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 120x38mm mounted on a Thermaltake Volcano 11 for some quick air cooling on a socket A 2600+ Barton. 80mm fan has the motor and blades removed. Cleaned the dust out of HS!
Op, this might answer a question or two. GingerJohn “DO NOT search for "brass pumps" on e-bay when at work.”
Have a Sata2, had given it to my son-in-law who just recently gave it back, I had it paired with a Q6600 B3, Corsair VS DDR 400 & 6600GT nice upgrade from a 2700 T-Bred at the time. Overall not a bad MB but to use an old saying jack of all trades master of none, so started this thread to see if there was a possibility of enough demand in the nostalgia / benching circles to warrant a large enough production for a reasonable price from one of the MB production companies,...
Rasparthe You have probably seen this, the riser card might have been in production, cheaper alternative and might even be one floating around on eBay. A updated version would be nice.
I would like to see an AGP capable MB similar to say the 4Coredual Sata2 but with a few changes. Drop the PCIE, DDR, Sound and NIC functions. Beef up the power circuits, improve the overclocking & voltage function in BIOS and make the AGP slot able to handle the full gambit of AGP cards. Why, (Nostalgia) and owning a few AGP based cards a great motherboard would be greatly appreciated and I wouldn’t mind putting out some cash for the preverbal Rampage Extreme of AGP,...
If the Nehalems are socket 1366 could do some nice folding with this.
My first unrecoverable attempts at warranty voiding, Asus P5E, E8500 & True 120, latter two lapped. The P5E was flashed to the Rampage Formula BIOS when I put to much voltage to a lapped Q6700 on air and melted some pins in the socket, chip is still working.
After assembling the frame for the evaporator, it might be some time before my next post everyone (mostly wife & kids) have been using the garage for a storage area and drastically cut down on the work area, even took my reserved space near the garage door. Need space to construct a platform to mount the ac unit and the box to hold the finished parts and at present I’m SOL. 2/18/13 Time to finish, got tired of not having room
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