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Got this set of G. Skills last Monday afternoon didn’t have time to use them in the competition.
Great fun, THANKS, a pleasure competing with you all! Not interested in a prize, just wanted to try out some 939 hardware sitting in the closet to see if was viable, besides every time I get something in the mail lately I end up on the couch.
When you say bar fridge do you mean from a pub or a fridge designed for home use. The first may have the capacity needed for computer use and have seen examples cooling beverages as well as rads.
Wish this competition were in January would be nice to be working in the 0-3c ambient range. Last posting from me unless the 180 in the mail shows up by next weekend and have time. CPU Clock: Single, Water, 16c SP-1M: Single, Water, 16c, a little better with a 6c lower temp in the garage.
Another PI run, water, single core, 22c, testing a couple of Crucial sticks.
Bones: wow , got a four day weekend looks like the honey dos are on hold. Hope both my Corsair sticks are up to the challenge.
Cdoublejj Bones, got a 180 in the mail on a slow boat from China hopefully will make it here in time, got to prop the many up.
Mr. Scott, luck of the draw, my ace in the hole (148) won’t pi at 2950 . Reloading OS now to see if it helps, way to many blue screens trying to get this DDR stuff down.
Water on the cpu dual core @ 18c ambient, a little improvement. Water SP-1M, Dual Core Pic of the setup
Air cooled dual core @ 17c SP-1M, forgot the name & date, ram needs work & water
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