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Better price and new. Using a W3550 @ 4.7+ 3870 X2 = 10.9 in Vantage 5770 = 13.9 4890 = 15.3 2x 3870 X2 = 19.4 (Added) Two 4890s need more power than the 3870 X2s, based on my problems with a 800 watt PS and the 4890s.
Autoparts/Hardware Store Water Cooling. Personally I’d just use a variable D5 and draw off the bottom of the rad and let gravity and head pressure do most of the work through the rad tubes with the pump only pushing the water through the tubing and blocks on the MB/cpu to the inlet side of the rad. Fans would be more important, trying to get even air flow across the fins due to the size of the rad will be difficult. Having around a inch and half outlet is nice, if you...
Nice going
Based on the viscosity numbers this would be worth looking at, little easier on the pump. Had to replace a heater hose at -20+ F and the 50% P. glycol coolant was moving more on the lines 90w gear lube.
Aleslammer ---- 2 x 3870 X2 @ 877/963
Thanks, was wondering how the wrapper was going to work on the name change, sometimes it’s less complicated than your mind wants to make it.
Looks like some AGP cards on the bench?
I realized quite awhile back to pick what hardware was going to produce the most points per monies spent and using air or water was not that productive when using the most popular hardware. With the latter HWBot revs and the different leagues things are much better for gaining points but if you want to raise your league standing in general after a certain point it is going to be in those most popular categories, that is where the points are. This forces comparative...
Sums it up
HobieCat, Thanks Again. Mikecdm, Something about naked cards & vaseline. Volt mods coming, get ate up in the single card budget benches without it. Only got a month or so before the garage is to warm for benching. As for freezing things, do have a TEC vga cooler (need a PS), that would work quite well on a few of the cards I have, don’t know how it would affect my enthusiast status which I kinda like, sorry. Sorta compare it to being in the Super Street class in drag...
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