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Thanks, was wondering how the wrapper was going to work on the name change, sometimes it’s less complicated than your mind wants to make it.
Looks like some AGP cards on the bench?
I realized quite awhile back to pick what hardware was going to produce the most points per monies spent and using air or water was not that productive when using the most popular hardware. With the latter HWBot revs and the different leagues things are much better for gaining points but if you want to raise your league standing in general after a certain point it is going to be in those most popular categories, that is where the points are. This forces comparative...
Sums it up
HobieCat, Thanks Again. Mikecdm, Something about naked cards & vaseline. Volt mods coming, get ate up in the single card budget benches without it. Only got a month or so before the garage is to warm for benching. As for freezing things, do have a TEC vga cooler (need a PS), that would work quite well on a few of the cards I have, don’t know how it would affect my enthusiast status which I kinda like, sorry. Sorta compare it to being in the Super Street class in drag...
Aleslammer, 7m 34.085s / Xeon W3550@4757 MHz / P6T7 WC SC / Patriot Vipers@1034 MHz, 7-7-7-20 / H2O
Finally made it through some of my cards, nothing left but to put them away. Got some nice 06 scores but still waiting for the bug to be fixed. All but 16 & 19 last month or so. Got one 4890 total dog and my GTS 320s won't talk to each other one of the problems of by used. Thanks for the help.
Anybody else having problems with 06 scores. I’ve three sitting limbo.
Stuck a Duran 1ghz in a existing board pushed the on button, watched a nice little smoke column roll out the socket as I realized I’d forgotten the heatsink.
I use a couple 1968 Ford T-bird heater cores in a rad box, the ones I have have 1/2" inlets-5/8" outlets, paired with 4 Scythe DFS123812-3000 "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm case fans, never see water temps more than 2c over air temps according to the temp probes on the fan controller. CPU MB Loop.
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