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MB is EVGA 115-K8-NF31 &
From your first post the three components you mention shouldn’t have a problem scaling; by the third post you mention that the video card is not a good overclocker, does the cpu scale if you leave the gpu at stock? I would assume you have checked temps and your ps is adequate for the mentioned components. Really need more information about your system and how you got to 4.5 for and appropriate answer.
Top scores at the Bot single card, water on the cpu, age correct x1900 XT @ 6.1 / 7900 GTO @ 6.8. Water cooled cpu, single card all entries, 12.7 for a 5850 & GTX 275. Over all highest 06 score of 14,243, single GTX 285 (Air) LN2 on the cpu. Spot on with cpu limiting statements. Two 7900 GTXs net the low to mid 12s I was thinking my 3870 X2 was about right, knew the nVidia 7 series was correct, tells ya how well I kept up with the ATI side of things during this time.
I’m in for adding some voltage to a 939, sounds like fun, October is still warm for me, but considerably better than now. If you decide on a VGA bench might limit it to cards released in the same time frame as the 939s.
Wife won’t let me have my benching hardware in the house so bench in the garage, have to get up around 4 or 5 am in the summer to have anything close to an ambient worth flipping the switch on the power supply. Usually start a pot of coffee after I start one of the longer running benches, check the weather forecast hoping for unusually cool weather, play some poker on the TV or research on line for future hardware purchases maybe prep some hardware for the following...
Had this problem, ended up cutting little squares of electricians tape, placing them between the standoffs /MB and poked a hole through them with an ice pick, then used fiber washers on the screw side. The proper size nylon washers should be available at a well stocked hardware store.
MrBreeze; Might try using the 11 series video drivers, looking at macsbeach's score in O1 his setup has a lot going for it but is using the 12 drivers. Rasparthe is right for a 4670 you are going to need a lot more CPU, might test some of the older cards you mentioned were your existing clocks are more than enough and vid card mods are more important. IMO ram selection is the most important point for a SATA2, I’ve tried three sets. Corsair DDR 400 CAS2 TCCD and two sets...
I’m leaving the HWBot team and going to Classic Platforms, nothing to do with OCN, CP is just more in line with my age and benching concepts. Aleslammer
Put a computer together for my grandson a few new and old parts, grabbed the SATA DVD R/W I had for OS loads off my bench, thought I had another, didn’t. Ran by my favorite electronics store yesterday and while looking for a R/W ran into a couple of boxes of used vga & pci video cards marked $4.95 as is, ended up with five, more fodder for the Sata2. Three AGP, Powercolor TNT2 m64, Samsung MX440 8X and a Dell FX5200 and two PCI, PNY Quadro4 NVS400 2 core and an IBM Appian...
The Elder Scrolls IV & Fallout New Vegas
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