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Hey guys/girls.... Randomly opened the Notes app today and it said "No Notes" Now I've had this phone for several years now and I had several important Notes saved on my phone. I don't understand how it happened, but even after doing a hard reset of my phone, my iPhone automatically deleted all my Notes?? What I do have is an iTunes (local, unencrypted) backup from roughly a month ago so I could go ahead and just do that BUT that would overwrite a months worth of...
LOL fail
Happens right at the begining of the day when I begin to use it and at the end of the day after several hours of use. Monitor never losses power.I'll try that since it is easy to change the cable.....Right now I am suspecting either the HDMI cable is faulty or the monitor is so will try with a different cable first.
No problem and thanks for the reply. The HDMI cable is short (1m, maybe 1.5m) and fits snuggly into both ports. I have most sleep settings disabled and the laptop is always in active use when this all happens.
Hey guys, I've been having this issue since I got this thing....I have a Dell Inspiron 5720 laptop (Core i7, 8GB RAM, Intel 4000HD + Nvidia GeForce GT 630M) and I am having a problem when I connect it via HDMI to an external monitor (and disable the laptop screen FYI). Basically, it largely works fine BUT occasionally the external display will go black for 1-2 seconds "no signal" and shortly after it will auto-select the HDMI input again and works fine without any...
Yes, that too.... But I was more saying all these linux consumer devices would ideally increase consumer awareness, but since the manufacturers not only don't advertise that they are powered by linux but go out of their way to hide that fact, the consumer awareness goal is ultimately not achieved.
Don't know how I feel about this....Glad they are buying devices power by *nix underneath, but the whole purpose of that is to spread the word about linux. If they don't know it is linux underneath, what's the point?
Wow....Someone threw that out? Such a waste.... Glad you rescued it from the dump and re purposed it though! Very jealous at the same time
Exactly what I was thinking and thanks for the confirmation....Now, do ANY USB3 external hard drive enclosures work like my eSATA one does (aka I picked one that doesn't) or is it impossible because those commands to spin up and spin down the disk are just not sent over USB?
Hey guys, I am having an issue with an external hard drive connected to my laptop. Setup #1 -desktop PC with traditional BIOS -3.5" internal hard drive in an enclosure and connected via eSATA (and AC powered) Setup #2 -newer laptop with UEFI -3.5" internal hard drive in an enclosure and connected via USB 3 (and AC powered) Basically, on my desktop the external drive turns itself automatically on when I turn the PC on and the drive shuts it self off as well when I...
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