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1 left!
Up for sale: AMD A6-5400K Socket FM2 Processor Condition: Brand new in box - unopened Accessories: untouched and HSF is inside Price: $40 shipped Payment: Paypal Verified
Up for sale: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7950 Video Card (Rev 2.0) Accessories: Original box, Crossfire cable, Video Card Condition: 9/10 - Working perfectly fine used in brother's pc. Played LoL and recently tested again playing Portal 2 to ensure no issues. Price: $105 shipped Payment: Paypal Verified
Thanks to everyone who has purchased so far! I am now out of refurbished and only have USED ones left. Rest assured they are tested the same way and if there is any fan rattle I will not sell them as they will go for RMA. I will update the pics when i can to show i have more still!
price drops and bump
Pretty sure no water block's what i use as my HTPC currently. Plays everything perfectly.
Would love to see this thing run Plex. Think it would?
haha was just kidding welcome to
and u didnt get mine? thats horrible haha
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