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Awesome deal on a HUGE SSD. Just in time for GTA V's huge install haha. Crucial M500 960GB - Amazon Link Enjoy!
Winners are: Box 04 - @morencyam Box 05 - @TheN00bBuilder Box 06 - @Evil Genius Jr Somehow gave me the perfect order LOL.. I used 1-4 since only 4 people signed up.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Description: I'm going to be giving away "grab bag" of stuff in the next few weeks. Just stuff I don't use anymore that seems wrong to throw away. I will only ask that you help me pay for shipping if you can on certain "grab bag" boxes. I have tried to make the boxes themed and will be giving away about 7 boxes of various items and gift certificates! Requirements: (Must meet ALL) Located in US50 500 Posts Minimum 40 Rep Minimum Must share with us...
Thanks guys
freebie claimed by @dutchgenius thanks for the info @XAslanX i didn't know I could do this.
*sigh* first person from the eligible posts (post 2-22) to message me gets it... this freebie is annoying me now..
I don't get it.. no one is messaging me for their winning... odd...
He didn't message me within the 24 hours. Here's a new winner: #7 aka killerhz Be sure to message me within 24 hours to claim your prize or forfeit.
Well here are the results. I still don't get how people can't follow the rules. I'm looking at a few of you that can't seem to READ. #20 aka A-E-I-Owned-You Make sure to message me about it in 24 hours or I will have to pick a new winner. Thanks.
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