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Cheapest set on Newegg for same clock/voltage is ~$37. This would be great for NUC or laptop use. Description: 2x4GB DDR3L-1600 1.35v Laptop Memory pulled from Alienware 17 laptop - 100% working! Price: $27.60 Shipped USPS Priority packed properly with static free bubblewrap (Verified Paypal) SOLD elsewhere
drool worthy.. Your Price: $7117.37 (lol) well at least it's cheaper than the OCZ 3.2tb I saw on amazon going for 15k haha.. and obviously the other improvements..
I was thinking about the difference in Define R5 and S when I said that (cuz I dont need the space for extensive watercooling). I was thinking about big cases for some reason oops. The Arc Mini R2 however actually does seem like a good choice. Thanks for the recommendation. I dunno how I missed it.
Then I'm left with empty space. I don't want the space either. This is what makes cases like Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mATX nice because there's no 5.25" cage and no 3.5" drive cage that's directly to the right of the motherboard that increases the case size. The Enthoo Evolv mATX however is the same size as the S340 so I chose the S340 since it also supports ATX size boards.I have no need for 5.25" drives and I'm using a M.2 NVMe drive. Storage drives are in a NAS.
Superb. Case that has the essentials. Really nice and I love Fractal designs and build quality. Do we have a fractal rep on OCN? (just wondering) Wish this came out sooner before I did a mATX build.OH that would be super nice. I had a hard time finding a good mATX case that wasn't filled with 5.25 bays and tons of HDD bays cuz I don't need either. I got left with using the S340 (which isn't too bad).Exactly what I want and need. Please Fractal.
Ya the CAM software still working out bugs and stuff. The last revision before this was absolute garbage. Use RealTemp for CPU temps (use RealTempGT.exe in the zip for 6-core) and GPU-Z or GPU OCing program for GPU info. How are your load temps?edit: i see you answered that haha
Hmm I like your temps Don't mind the absolutely garbage GPU.. in the middle of pc changes haha
It's a good idea to keep a live Linux USB or Windows to go USB around for diagnostic purposes. I used WintoUSB to create mine using Windows 8.1 Pro. I loaded a bunch of diagnostic and benchmark tools and it can be booted onto computers with USB3. If you use a nice USB drive like the Sandisk Extreme it's SSD like quick. Great way to test things. luck bro!
ah his issue is 0% load and running at like 50c nevermind.. he's gonna RMA it..Anyways u should try loading into safe mode and seeing if it still has that issue? Maybe you got one of those bitcoin miner virus things.. Maybe load up a live linux or Windows-to-go USB that's clean and see if still having the same issue? Can also put into a diff pc and check..
My cousin just told me about the same issue he's having with his graphics card... are u using that 980ti in ur sig? He's using a powercolor 290x and it just started happening.. maybe there's a connection..
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