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sold to @frederickv
Heatware: Up for sale are a few things from my mini-itx build Silverstone ML06B mITX Case and Silverstone ST45SF PSU - Perfect condition including all accessories/screws. Includes the 4-in-1 bracket as well that isn't pictured. The power supply will come installed and without the box. $100 90 Shipped US48 Verified...
Heatware: Up for sale are a the last bits from my mITX build. Was going to keep these parts but decided to get everything new. ASRock H97m-itx/ac + G3258 + 4GB DDR3-1333 - Perfect condition including all accessories/screws. Will be shipped with original intel HSF. Original packaging for the RAM is missing but will be packed in properly. Everything works perfectly fine and CMOS has been cleared. The CPU is a bit dirty and I will try...
Awesome deal on a HUGE SSD. Just in time for GTA V's huge install haha. Crucial M500 960GB - Amazon Link Enjoy!
Winners are: Box 04 - @morencyam Box 05 - @TheN00bBuilder Box 06 - @Evil Genius Jr Somehow gave me the perfect order LOL.. I used 1-4 since only 4 people signed up.
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Description: I'm going to be giving away "grab bag" of stuff in the next few weeks. Just stuff I don't use anymore that seems wrong to throw away. I will only ask that you help me pay for shipping if you can on certain "grab bag" boxes. I have tried to make the boxes themed and will be giving away about 7 boxes of various items and gift certificates! Requirements: (Must meet ALL) Located in US50 500 Posts Minimum 40 Rep Minimum Must share with us...
Thanks guys
freebie claimed by @dutchgenius thanks for the info @XAslanX i didn't know I could do this.
*sigh* first person from the eligible posts (post 2-22) to message me gets it... this freebie is annoying me now..
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