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He didn't message me within the 24 hours. Here's a new winner: #7 aka killerhz Be sure to message me within 24 hours to claim your prize or forfeit.
Well here are the results. I still don't get how people can't follow the rules. I'm looking at a few of you that can't seem to READ. #20 aka A-E-I-Owned-You Make sure to message me about it in 24 hours or I will have to pick a new winner. Thanks.
Description: I'm going to be giving away "grab bag" of stuff in the next few weeks. Just stuff I don't use anymore that seems wrong to throw away. I will only ask that you help me pay for shipping if you can on certain "grab bag" boxes. I have tried to make the boxes themed and will be giving away about 7 boxes of various items and gift certificates! Requirements: Located in US50 500 Posts Minimum 40 Rep Minimum Must tell me a funny joke Previous winner(s) cannot...
still available
So eligible people: silvrr, Darkice, Speedster159, TheN00bBuilder, XanderTheGoober (They will be numbered as 1-5 in written order) I'll be donating 5*3= $15 to a charity of the winner's choice Congrats Darkice! I will PM you and get this sorted out.
i have that too.. called in and they said it's normal.. something about stuff they put in to keep the liquid clean or somthing?... i too took pictures.
makes sense.. thx
Did the tubing change or something? I just bought my h220x from micro center and the tubing is gray like my corsair AIO and not black/shiny like i see online and on videos.... what gives?
Thank you! I was surprised there were no case badges in the boxes. I don't normally pay attention to them but have been a little sticker crazy the past few months I will of course put up some pics. Thanks again!
You da best Thanks again!
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