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Check Post #2
SOLD to @jackofhearts495. Will close thread when deal is complete.
Still got about 4 left
Oh nice.. having lifetime is great
That's my favorite store. Taxes are less than going to the city location haha.
Should've just checked the reviews before asking lol.. but damn didn't know so many issues..
Am i missing something? What's wrong with the batman release?
G.Skill manufactured. 3 year Warranty only.
Count me in. Thanks.
Up for sale: i7-4790k + Z87 MPower Max AC (Cpu+Mobo Combo) Condition: Both in fantastic clean condition. Both have retail packaging. Original Heatsink+Fan not used. Only I/O Shield used from motherboard box. Everything else is new and sealed. Both items were purchased new and not refurbished. Price: $350 US48 Shipped combo with retail packaging or $340 without intel packaging and CPU comes installed on motherboard without original HSF Payment: Verified Paypal or...
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