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curse me for being busy.. glad you like it
I bought this to cool my gaming PC that I already sold. I thought I was going to build a new PC but instead have been keeping my Alienware 17 docked and has been working fine for my uses. This unit is fresh from RMA for a slightly cracked reservoir window. It's a common occurrence check our forums for more info. It's got a brand new window and has been cleaned and everything straight from Swiftech. Includes literally everything in original box and has the TIM tube as well...
Looks like a nice board. GLWS!
Deal ended on 11/14...
Same.. I will be waiting in the shadows..
Item: Add to cart. Checkout with Visa Checkout for 25 off 100. No code necessary. 104.99 - 25 visa checkout - 60 MIR = 19.99 + shipping (around 4.20 for me) Rebate: Good for those who missed the 29.99 2tb external deal at Best Buy. The whole rebate thing sucks and no one cares for McAfee really BUT the...
count me in!
Welcome to OCN! Glad to see another vendor join us!
Oh your talking about a different case.. i thought u were talking about an RVZ02.. carry on haha
got any pics or info on mounting the fan outside the case? would like to see how it looks..
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