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If online coupon is for the specific product they will honor in store.. i have had no problem.. normal 10 off 50 im pretty sure they wont accept. who has a real life friend? (with an invite)
just had a similar problem with 4790k+maximus vi extreme. No matter what memory I would try, It only booted with one stick on the last dimm slot. Somehow CPU got messed up and I had to RMA it. New one comes in today actually lol. Tried the CPU in a few other boards and had the same issue. Oddly it didnt have that problem before so I dont know how that happened. While waiting for the CPU to come back i sent the board to RMA too.
2 sold to GIVEitUP
Up for sale: Asus Maximus VI Gene mATX Mobo Only Condition: 8/10 - been used for a few months and looking and working great Accessories: Box and manual ONLY. No I/O Shield. I seem to have misplaced everything. I/O Shield is $10 from Asus or eBay. Payment: $100 shipped US48 via Paypal verified ** the pictured memory is NOT included **
should put up a model number and link to product.. and some bigger pictures.. i can't seem to make anything out.. GLWS!
DAMMIT.. 1 more remaining.. its like they are multiplying!
Selling: Asus Maximus VII Gene mATX Motherboard Condition: 9/10 - used for a month on my tech bench (more like 10/10 but that would be BNIB standards) Accessories: All unopened accessories included with retail box Price: $170 Shipped US48
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