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Do you have clear tubing its possible debree is stuck in the pump causing in to clog up, you should be able to see junk in the tubing if that's the case. If not in could just be the pump is dying and I would suggest not running it anymore until you can have it replaced if that's the case.
Finally completed the raid on Friday for the first time, I got the void auto rifle and a warlock bond. Hopefully the game will be kind to me and reward me with some extra shards so I can hit 29 by Tuesday when my group trys it on hard.
You would have to look at all your stats but generally you would follow crit hit then crit damage, you could also go cool down if your crit chance is close to 50%. There is no real golden rule, ultimitly it comes down to the build and what works best for it, for my sunwuku monk I maxed out attack speed cool down and hit damage and didn't bother with crit chance since my gear gave me 48%.
oh i want this now, looks like a interesting time waster!
sacrifice is hitting luck a truck in ptr though each of my dogs was exploding for about 67m.
playing around on the ptr with the monk some more, new sunwuko change is nice threw up a vid of doing a t6 rift sound didn't record for some reason but what can you do shadowplay is buggy at best
looks like the new mantra really boosted monk's defence come this ptr patch, mostly stacking all res on my armour now except on pieces where i can roll skill damage and i'm sitting at 1500 all res with the mantra and harmany (1700 when activating). Along with other updates the new epiphany that gives 45 spirit regen is great with sunwoku's lets me spam cyclone strike while activated.
I ended up grabbing the s today after seeing your initial post, such a huge difference compared to my old tf201 that's dieing screen is amazing and about half the weight lol.
Specs are very similar between the tablets with the major differences of the S having 1GB extra ram, AMOLED screen, 128GB sd support, fingerprint scanner (meh), and in my case a more convenient charging port location (the side) costs $70 more then the pro. As for the pro besides its shortcoming compared to the s, lcd screen should have better daylight visibility (brighter), holding them today grip wise the pro is better for holding (has a lot of grip with the texture on...
yesh that alex guy posts hurt my head was there talks of a laptop in there? Either way I've spent almost $2000 in parts from Daz always fast shipping (only 2 hours from me though) never received any faulty parts. Right now its the best place to buy watercooling gear in canada without having to deal with long ship times or customs.
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