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time to play catch up haven't had a chance to play since season launched
All depends on his shoulder width it was the major factor with me and the smaller ones (my shoulders rested on the wings making it uncomfortable), luckily for me my local staples had a few set up to try.
DX has different lines of the chairs Linus did a review of one of the smaller ones, MX/my/uy lines are designed for us bigger folk. I personally own one of the older MX chairs have had it nearly a year now still showing 0 signs of wear and the cushioning is still like day one.
I've always been use too this 780 sitting in the 70's hell even in my 350D with two 140's blowing cold air on it lol, and unfortunately its a bit tricky with airflow and my platform I have to pay a lot of attention too the cooling of the VRM/mosfits which the setup i'm using now really shines that top 180 is directly blowing on it. The only reason I say this is because this board becomes a crashing mess, when the vrm temps start to climb up (I had it watercooled for the...
Moved down from my 350D and liquid cooling too this nice little SG09 and a D15 and couldn't be happier!
Thought about it I would end up with negative air pressure(very dusty area so no) and seeing as I don't have any fans on the side the CPU cooler would be getting all the hot air from the gpu. I adjusted the GPU fan curve so now it doesn't go over 75c tiny bit louder but the dc2's aren't loud to begin with so its no big deal.
Just I thought I had why hasn't any company made a card with a heightened PCB like Asus dc2 or stryx but with a blower cooler? Making a card like this would allow for a bigger heat sync in it and allow for a bigger fan being used, but it would open up so many doors for small cases and heat concerns.
Well I managed to fit the monster of a D15 and my 780 DC2 in this little beast, I now just need to get my hands on 2 980's to fill this box up completely. I'm rather impressed with the cooling have all my fan profiles on low my 4930k is staying under 55C @ 4.2GHz and my 780 at 1200 core tops out at 80C which isn't bad considering the cpu cooler is blowing on it.
There is probably a good chance it did I would inspect the card see if you notice any burn marks or odd smell coming off it (inspect the power connections and the pins for the slot also check the back for discoloration around the vrms and memory chips). All you can really hope for is a jolt didn't go threw the 12v rail that the card was on. Without another board to test it, its difficult to be sure, if you have a local PC shop they should be able to test it for you, but...
More than enough, hell a good 550W would power that.
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