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Koniakki looks like its going to be interesting keep posting up the builds! and I can't wait until I have the spare change built up to order some more fittings and cables for my psu but as you said it adds up so dam fast.
I had the same issue, it was weird but in the end it worked so I didn't think much of it.
Wait are you saying you don't believe in the great spaghetti monster? but being serious people are jumping on lets all hate this this without seeing the final product, which I can't get behind if this game was released with only what we saw in the beta then yes feel free to bash ubisoft until the end of the earth but we seriously have people judging a game thats stillThis is exactly what I meant ubisoft has never really attempted this before and further explaining my point...
Really getting annoyed by people screaming graphics this game looks really good turned up and I would say name one game in the last 5 years that actually lived up to its announcement trailers, I personally can't name one besides maybe battlefield and call of duty but they push the same crap every year with minor improvements. Finally there is performance anyone that has been in a beta knows better then to expect good performance in a beta it never happens the point of a...
I was having a blast with it with the whole beta I threw all the settings to max and used amd's super resolution and my mind was blown by the visuals the game just looks so good but unfortunately I couldn't get crossfire working at all so I was sitting at like 25 fps doing this.My only complaint with the beta was a game breaking bug we found in the dark zone seeing as the beta is over now I'll share it using the safe house in the darkzone if you enter the street entrance...
I think the reason it won't update to 16.1.1 threw the crimson software because it's considered a non-whql driver and not a whql driver. As far as crimson software is concerned the last whql driver was 15.12, these hotfix drivers are nothing more than beta drivers.
yep still broken as ever i've been trying at it since I installed the driver nothing gets the flicker to stop.
i've never had an issue with it so far but i'm not one to really play triple a games on launch so that may be why, but on a side note finally a dam crossfire profile for fallout 4!
still no dice 2nd card says at 2d clocks and framerate is the same as crossfire disabled.
from my playtime with the game crossfire isn't working at all on my setup gpu2 just sits at 0% load so i'm not sure where there getting the crossfire numbers at.
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