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I did it with only one guy on the team with a gjallarhorn, two of us with icebreakers, you just got too stick together be patient and kill minions every time they spawn. We did it in one try took us about 50 mins.Should mention we had a self res warlock, titan with saint 14 and a blade dancer hunter if one of us went down the hunter woukd revive them (warlock would self res) and the titan used bubble on the middle mine.
ah they forgot Coming January 2017 at the end
Raptr popped up with 14.4 as the latest catalyst suite for me when I installed my second 290x today driver is shown as 14.10.1006 which If I remember correctly is 15.4 driver, so far from what I can see it's letting me use freesync with my 290x's in crossfire tested with gta5 and 0 screen tearing. I'm not sure if I just purely missed this boat altogether and this is old news but I'd figure I'll drop the link for it...
Haven't had any artifacts on my 290x and mine is a used reference one i picked up 2 months ago, just got another used one today off an ocn member that I'm going to mess with.
I don't disagree but if he happens to find one its better then nothing, considering i've found like 10 of the dam things ancient and 0 of nats and calamity.
or a balefire caster if you can't find an ancient calamity or nats slayer, unfortunately for all 3 weapons all the ancients I have found have been terrible.
Its down too two really the d5 and the ddc(mcp35x), the d5 has a higher flow rate, and comes in many different varients (regular, variable, and pwm). The ddc has higher head pressure comes in regular and pwm. Generally you would go ddc for very restrictive loops and the d5 for large loops with a lot of straight runs or radiators, personally I usually always go for the d5 variable since i can slow it down or up depending on the loop on top of that I find the d5 much...
Generally I would also suggest what radnod said, kits are usually the best way to go for a first timer, I personally built mine from scratch back in the day and the cost builds up quick going that route on top of running into situations where you forgot to buy a certain fitting or what not. If your set on going completely custom though start looking up block reviews, look for one that has the highesy flow rate, lowest tempature and fits your build. then a radiator if your...
2GB every month after that my data disables itself, canadian data overage's would cost me limbs or organs.
If its a modular psu make sure your using the right 12V rails might be a case the card isn't getting enough power.
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