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Looks like Amazon is beginning to update them I noticed the 1700x for 399 cad which is roughly 320 USD so it's pretty inline with the new pricing chart.
Both of mine where reference but I bought mine second hand for $150 in 2015 and found some cheap waterblocks on ebay for them, I overvolted them to maintain my clocks probably why one died
I'm with you on this a well overclocked 290x performs surprisingly well even now, unfortunately one of my 290x's finally kicked the bucket last month it was a good card too 1200/1450 under water. Now i'm waiting on vega if it performs well i'll be picking it up for my freesync monitors if not i'm going 1080 ti route.
1000 MHz for the reference 290x , although it never stayed at that clock unless you wanted to make your ears bleed.
Usually i use dawn and never had an issue, I don't really put alot in maybe a quarter of what I would normally use for dishes.
I usually just pull them off throw em in a sink of soapy water swirl em around a bit rinse and dry them off with a hair dryer on cold setting.
I'm taking this all with a grain of salt but I hope the may 9th date is right that way we should actually see cards in stores by June.
its defiantly exciting will be great for people just venturing into pc gaming and just want something small to start, personally i'm holding off until vega to replace my dual 290x setup. I just wish we where hearing more on performance and tighter window for release instead of the vague first half of 2017 for vega at least.
I can't speak for the 3m cables since they do cost an arm and leg where I am but even using the shorter replacement cables from thermaltake I had a ton of stability issues since the cables where forced so close together in order to reach the pci-e slots (one card was fine).If you do give it a try be mindful of the cable lengths you will want to have a short cable for your first card and a longer cable for the second so you can keep them separate as possible this might not...
$72 shipping for basic ups ground for just the glass kit then I would have duty/brokerage on top of it that is painful.
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