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I'm at a loss on what motherboard slash theme I want to go with my p5 right now, currently I have a 4930k and a formula gene board sitting in it as a place holder for my 6700k and insert board here. Thinking of going z170x ud5 and trying for a black a yellow build but my 290x blocks are silver and copper with a plexi plate for fluid, on top of that the majority of my fittings are black sparkle bitspower's. I was hoping to go hardline with this build as well but I didn't...
Most likely the cost of the motherboards being so high, very rarely come by a cheap one and if you do its one of the numerous boards that had issues x79 was a tricky platform.
If i remember right when i was watching reviews of the monitor the bottom end of it was 38fps but I can't be sure anymore since this is going back a year or so now from when I purchased it. I think it was either a hardware canucks or linus video they where putting it head to head against an lg monitor that came out supporting freesync.
I sort of wish for one as well, I would love to see the crysis 1 multiplayer brought back, it had a mode very similar conquest on bf4 except you controlled points to purchase weapons and vehicles and had to destroy the enemy base at the end by buying the "super tanks" the maps where huge and it was a complete blast. I liked the story in the first one as well I can't really comment to much on the most recent games since I never did finish the stories in them mostly because...
that it is me and my team where doing three man earlier doesn't really take much once you got it down.
the vrm to gpu looks like it will be a difficult one to do it will be hard to keep those tight bends without sacrificing a lot of tube to do it, and will most likely take a lot of tries to get it right.
never thought about theft up here in canada hasn't been much of an issue yet but electric vehicles haven't been very abundant yet. I don't feel very guilty about where the electricity comes from since the majority of power comes from hydro and nuclear here but I do see the point of it being an issue, it's something to be considered for anyone purchasing any electric vehicle.
It is definitely down to where you live and how you would use it, electricity is expensive in my area as well but I literally have the supercharge stations down the street from me and more across from my workplace which is a little over an hour drive, I would save ton's of money a year not dishing out what I spend on gas now (about $350 cad a month). Now this is all dependent on tesla and how the model 3 will work with the supercharge station's right now the model s is...
the model 3 is pretty and something i'll be looking at the only thing that annoys me is that front lip, design wise I know why it's there for the trunk space but it's so dam ugly.
pretty sure they said its going to be changed but didn't say how exactly, it was to be announced today with their state of the game stream or in the next patch notes.Personally i think either the crate timer for dt needs to be dropped to 15-30 mins (right now its 2 hours) or have it be loot from agent npc's outside the DZ.Currently i have colleted a total of 43 highend dt in the span of rank 1-50 which is kind of insane of showing how annoying it is to get.
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