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Would like to know this as well
Any issues with the tracking or LOD on a Puretrak Talent?
Thats amazing @Thunderbringer
I liked the Avior 7000 but after owning it for 2 weeks, I had to return it. I just couldnt get used to the shape. Might try the FK1 next.
G-CM or MM200? Im looking for a better small accurate mouse movements. Will be replacing my Goliathus Speed
Just purchased my first avior 7000. Hopefully I will like the shape and sensor. ( coming from a Deathadder BE and 2013 Deathadder )
Thanks! Im using razer goliathus speed. Just purchased this on massdrop (49.99)
can this mouse achieve 1cd or less LOD?
Looking for people to play with. I mostly play Crucible: Control but im down to do some PVE. Level 24 Hunter! Xbox Gamertag: Knxw1edge Im pretty much on everday
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