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Its for the wife's new build but she told me she will just keep the 6600k and I can use the 6700k and put together a new build! Might have to wait a while though. Don';t know when the 6700k is gonna ship.
Picked up a 6600k for now while I wait for my pre-order from Amazon.
Which motherboard do you guys suggest that is less than $200? Currently looking at ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING
I need this CPU! Which board to get?? Asus Z170-AR or Asrock Extreme4 or Extreme6?
Yeah, I will go with Skylake i5. So maybe she will let me use it from time to time lol
Thanks for the suggestions guys, skylake it is! You guys are right about the i5 for gaming. I will just stick to that
Im trying to put together a build for the wife and cant decide if i should just go for Skylake or Haswell i7 Currently, she's using an i7 950 with a GTX 570. She mainly play games on it. So for her new build, I will only need motherboard, ram, cpu, cpu cooler and SSD. I will be giving her my GTX 780. I will be purchasing mostly from Amazon since micro center isnt that much different and still have to commute to get to the store.
I purchased a ZA12 and installed hyperglides on it and I found out after an hour of use that this mice isn't for me. I guess I'll post it up for sale soon.
Thanks! Just purchased them
Did you purchase them directly from Hyperglide? Want to give them a try. and did you end up stacking the mouse feet?I purchased mine from ebay for $62.52 shipped
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