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Just purchased my first avior 7000. Hopefully I will like the shape and sensor. ( coming from a Deathadder BE and 2013 Deathadder )
Thanks! Im using razer goliathus speed. Just purchased this on massdrop (49.99)
can this mouse achieve 1cd or less LOD?
Looking for people to play with. I mostly play Crucible: Control but im down to do some PVE. Level 24 Hunter! Xbox Gamertag: Knxw1edge Im pretty much on everday
in for another day
IN in
in again
I would say it feels very similar, the only part that I had to get used to was trying not to hit the dpi buttons and also its a little narrower than the DA, so placement of your ring and pinky might take some getting used to. Mouse clicks are also similar to DA 2013. Side buttons feels much better on the G502.So far I am loving it. HUGE plus for me is scripting.
Bought this mouse as a replacement for my 4 deathadders and I love it!
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