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How does it compare to the Talent? faster or slower? what about the texture?
Does it only affect the 2TB drives?
A friend is asking me to takeover a domain for his buisiness and it will be expiring soon, and also a Basic web host. Could you guys recommend me a website? Thanks Edit: anyone have experience with Inmotion and Namecheap?
I think i found the one anyone have anything bad to say about this tv?
Which tv do you guys suggest getting? Any of the samsung? Want something thats good quality without breaking the bank, Doesn't have to be OLED because that will be too expensive
lol forreal. im still waiting for mine wont get delivered til monday.
I need to know if there is any benefit with 1080p gaming
Looks like its running 30fps and dips. not worth it.
I wonder if the Pro will benefit running 1080p instead of 4k for higher FPS
Im from Cali and mine is shipping from Memphis, TNScheduled Delivery: Monday, 09/12/2016
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