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Waiting for everyone's impression!
Would like to try this one really bad but the build quality worries me Curious what is the LOD ?
Still none in stock.
Would like to hear your opinion when you test the 2 against your KPM
Whats the dimension of the FinalMouse? I want to give it a try
What is the idle voltage should be like for a 6600k? It doesnt seem to drop and stays at 1.248. All C states are enabled.
Tried all the polling rate and DCU off, normal, low and extra low.
Is there a fix for the side buttons? They are too mushy. I returned mine the day i got it. Might get an EC2-A again if I can do a simple mod to fix it
I noticed lately that my mouse jitters when the pointer is not moving, once i start moving it, it goes away for a bit then comes back. Do i have a defective one? Tried 500hz polling rate and it still does the same thing I do have a thicker mouse feet on it. Hotline gaming 0.60mm.
Its for the wife's new build but she told me she will just keep the 6600k and I can use the 6700k and put together a new build! Might have to wait a while though. Don';t know when the 6700k is gonna ship.
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