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I purchased a ZA12 and installed hyperglides on it and I found out after an hour of use that this mice isn't for me. I guess I'll post it up for sale soon.
Thanks! Just purchased them
Did you purchase them directly from Hyperglide? Want to give them a try. and did you end up stacking the mouse feet?I purchased mine from ebay for $62.52 shipped
Where did you purchase your ZA12? and how are the side buttons? I tried an EC2-A and the side buttons are horrible, way too mushy and lots of travel
Cant decide between za12 or za13! wish it was on amazon prime
have a question for someone who owns an EC-2a. Does the ZA series feel better ? Thinking of getting a ZA13 or 12. FK1 used to be my daily driver but the clicks were too stiff and moved on to a KPM, now im looking for something slightly larger than the KPM and ZA12 looks very ideal. Hopefully amazon prime will have them in stock soon! Wonder why its taking so long though!
How do you check which sensor you have on your phone?
How is the controller support in this game? I will be using an Xbox One controller. And how is the game overall? Gonna wait and see how people like it before I make the purchase.
IS the battery life that bad?
Does anyone know when the 128GB is coming out? None of the stores carry it here and even the AT&T website says "Coming Soon"
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