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Honestly if you're going to be spending over 50 bucks on a graphics card, I would look at used cards on eBay. You could probably score a GTX 560 or something that doesn't need a 6-pin connector to power it. Something like that would be way stronger than a GT 730 a little more future proof. I'd say grab something on the market place here but you don't have the rep needed to participate yet.
There definitely will be no problems as for compatibility. Both the 730 and 610 are very entry level video cards and are unlikely to be bottlenecked by the 1.0a 4x slot. What is your purpose of the rig? And why such old parts upgrading using such old cards as the Q6600? Please note that motherboard will not overclock for squat and the lower clock speed of that processor will in the long run be poorly future proof.
Thanks for the input, hopefully it shall be up on the marketplace soon. REP given
If you sold them here you would have to compete with other GTX 260 216's that are going for 90. So that would mean you're 192 would probaly go for 80-85. If ebay, you could probably sell them for 110 & 90.
I have a modded Rocketfish and the water cooling I want to sell here. If I were to sell them together do you think I could get more or sell it for less? Also, I would clean out the loop before I sell it. Also, I should everything that came with the Rocketfish including the front 5.25" bay covers and orginal box. Pictures below...
I say that you review the Linkworld 700watt because a lot of people just assume that it is good because it's such a high wattage. A proper review will show them otherwise lol
Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the wireless?
Quote: Originally Posted by kennyparker1337 i5 came out before i7 and are lower-grade if you must than i7. The i5-760 would be the top of the top for i5. i7 920 came out a long time before i5's did. OP, the only upgrade from your 920 is the 980x but the 980x has a hefty price tag.
I couldn't find nitteo's pictures of his setup but I did find this...
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