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Most interested in a Gigabyte card, preferably the Super Overclock Windforce edition. I am NOT interested in a Reference edition card, regardless of the vendor, but will consider offers from other brands if they're non reference designs.
Yes, Instantly. If not, It would certainly render them inert instantly, death occuring within seconds after. The Ballistics properties of a 50 caliber BMG, even the "Straight through" Armor piercing rounds, are quite capable of literally blowing a person apart, and has nothing to do with the fragmentation of the bullet.As seen here (This is ballistics gel, SFW, no gore), energy/shockwave of impact does MASSIVE damage to...
Say what you will about shipping an unfinished game, or EA sucking or whatever. I still have to give them respect to owning up to a mistake/failure and making a clear attempt to make it right. We'll see what the follow through looks like, but kudos DICE.
So they're saying you must have a MINIMUM of 24 and then 32 cores to participate in bigadv folding then?
I'm normally all for this mentallity.But, I've got to say I'm pretty strongly FOR this merger.This isn't about "Less Competition screws customers" but rather "Less spectrum screws customers".There's a relatively finite amount of spectrum available in the US, and the way it's sliced up and delegated is ... to put it simply, suboptimal. It's part of the reason Duetsche Telecom wants out of the US. It's incredibly difficult and financially prohibitive for T-Mobile to expand.A...
$300 is a bit much imo That said, I hope WD keeps with it. This is amazing stuff, especially for portable/mobile tech. I personally don't have a need for it so I wouldn't see myself purchasing this particular combo for anything more than $200, but $250 seems a fair price. Will be interesting to see what kind of performance we can get out of these. What kind of SSD's are these?
Interesting. I wonder how they expect to implement this? Dual socket boards with a "standard" (eg LGA2011) socket and a Phi socket? Or will there be dedicated boards, like backplanes? (like this I can't imagine, given these things purpose, that they're intended to work in stand alone machines as the primary processor. I'm certain the more industrious enthusiasts can get linux working on...
They can regulate some things out to 24 nautical miles. It's kind of a gray area, but its generally considered a Patrolling its Borders clause. In this context, in regards to weather the NSA could "Reach out and touch them" I think it applies as , for example, the Coast Guard has free jurisdiction to board any ship suspected of smuggling illegal goods out to 24nm.EDIT: should probably cite this:Laymans explanation:
This strikes me as the sort of thing better suited for Massdrop than kickstarter
Ah, So this will be teh card I buy in holiday 2015. Very nice.
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