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I agree with him...The case you have now has better cable management and over better case than the cosmos. But, back in the day this was an amazing case but I think you could find case better for your needs online and for 20-30 dollars more you can have a really great case thats new.
If you don't mind me asking how much black acrylic did you use to do something like this around how much for the acrylic. Everywhere I go its looking at like 300 bucks for a 2x4 sheet of black acrylic.
I've been using the thermaltake Spedo case for around two years and after putting a dent on the side panel and thermaltake not letting me even buy a new side panel I've decided to use the frame of the case and take the top and front plastic bezels and create my own black aluminum bezels because im tired of the flashy design. I have all the tools to create the bezels except the knowledge of aluminum. I plan using rivets to attach it to the case but im not sure how thick to...
Well I want to put better fans in the computer and also where is a good place to buy sata cables and other case mod items.
Hey guys, I bought my thermaltake spedo case around 2 years ago and so far I've loved it. Great cable management more than the room that I need and I think it looks like a nice case. I've had the same setup for two years and honestly it does the job for me since I don't do much gaming anymore and the games I do play are 2 or so years old so they still run great on my computer. Basically Im tired of the flashy look of the case. Im thinking about painting it all flat black...
How does everyone have their fan wires managed? I don't really feel like sleeving these but I really don't want people to see them. The back ones aren't that bad but the 4 up front is really a killer on the cable managment.
They probably don't update the list but like once a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by nckid4u I just got mine today. It is this one and OH MY... What a monster. It looks great, but have not got to see it in action yet. It is 5ms $249 shipped 24" I second that, If you want a 22 inch in that range the HP w2207h is a good choice also But it really depends on what your wanting to do with it. If your looking for more screen space or if your...
Sorry I didn't clarify I figured most people knew what I was talking about when I said v8
The first card, I have the 1gb model of that card and it's not a bad cooler at all
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