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I'll admit it had been quite some time since I played it, and I found them pretty bad.maybe they have improved it since last I tried it. I played on my gtx980 and at the settings I had to keep 60ish fps, I wasn't impressed. I will agree I don't think the survival/ scavaging genre is for me. It takes a lot of time, and that's short I'm short on.
Why release it at all? I don't understand the attraction to this game, looks like crap, runs like crap, tons of pop in and texture issues. I find it boring, to be fair I don't have a ton of free time to sink into it, but I couldn't get over the graphics, gameplay, and animations. To each their own I suppose.
The radiator has pretty minimal wear on it ( as well as usage, It was in my system for roughly 1.5 years and flushed 3 times). It has some of the black paint scratched off it from its installation (it was installed 1 time). This radiator is the EK Ultimate Performance CoolStream 360 XTX, comes with 2 fittings ( with all the OE plugs ). Comes from a smoke free/ animal free house.
What about the updates?You can only defer them for so long.What if MS wants to take away the option of disabling the spying, once the OS has hit its peak?Nothing about this feels right, it's too forced and with that I feel I must resist.
I must be in the minority, game runs pretty good for me ( albeit I don't know why it requires such high level hardware, the visuals don't seem up to par for said hardware, but cod isn't about looking pretty). I play on sig rig 4.4cpu, 1400gpu core, most settings on medium, no ambient occlusion, 1x fxaa. I maintain 100-120 pretty consistent. I have had the occasional dip to 80( more like a hitch) and it rebounds back to 100. I use said settings to keep frames up vs the...
Now with telemetry! Joking aside, this is awesome provides me a reason to reinstall
I enjoyed the beta, ran pretty good for me at 1440p with GTX980.
Woot went downhill fast once Amazon bought them out.
I'll give that a try, game looks fun.Update;that worked +rep
I get black screen on my system, have tried nvidia drivers 355.98, 358.50, and now 355.82... Oh well, game looks cool, but if i can't get it to run no sweat off my back. I should also note this is with a clean driver install, uninstall, shut down, driver cleaner flush, reboot. to no avail. I just get a black screen Good thing it is in Beta, if this was launch day, I would submit for refund and wait for sub$20 on this game. I really can't blame people for ditching PC for...
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