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This is tough to price out It's a $200 "specialty" case ( meaning it only would attract certain buyers looking for it). Overall I would say $950, get it sold quickly $950 shipped.
Care to elaborate how a COUNTRY should be more "mature" in their response to such blatant disregard over security?
What was that? That was EA's idea of showing off/promoting Sims4?Good for you EA and now let the adults show products with a market...Oh and DaS3 looks amazing, the 1 game I am looking forward too. Sad I didn't get to play BB.
Should have fined them an entire quarters worth of profits, just to get the point across...
How is this not already a feature? Microsoft Xbox/ Microsoft Windows, they should have been ahead of the game in this department. Nope, not microsoft, wait for others to figure out a nice feature and then go attempt to implement it... I hate microsoft, and cannot wait till linux gaming is just as viable as current dx.
what is really different aside from a mild contour and color change? I don't like the d-pad at all.
What would the sound card add vs the onboard? I have a xfi soundcard laying around. I didn't find it really added anything.
I am trying to find the best setup amped or not for playing fps game with the best positional accuracy possible. I know these 2 headphones are in different price categories, but they seem to be the best 2 that I have researched. I only mention the mixamp as it adds the Dolby surround effect which seems to add to the "depth?" Of said accuracy. I am open to suggestions, I'm not looking for a DSP. It is not needed for my needs, headphones plus amp if required. I looked into...
I couldn't agree more! Love demons' souls
As the title suggests I am looking for an appraisal on this motherboard and cpu.
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