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So as the title suggests I need help and cannot decide. However I have narrowed it down to these. Bookshelf speakers: KEF Q300 Elac B6 Studio monitors: M-audio bx6 carbon alesis audio elevate 6 monoprice 5 or monoprice 8 My needs are pretty simple for the most part i use headphones, but at times i like to listen to music ( lets say mainly EDM or of the electronic variety, some rock/rap) but usually games. Soundstage is the biggest factor for me, then depth and overall...
Thank you for the link, I was too late.
So I am looking for a socket 1155 for an i5 2500k processor, I would prefer gigabyte or asus. Looking for a board with VRM's that have heatsinks decent power delivery allowing for decent overclocks, I know the chip I have is able to hit 4.4ghz ( I don't recall the voltage) easy. Just need a good reliable board that can do some mild clocking.
Pm sent
Entry #1
Man that is a slick looking setup! I thought about doing this before ( I can get free SS tubing at work) just didn't know how I would be able to find fittings.
I'm more interested in this 6c/12t CPU vs the 8c/16t. I will likely upgrade before the 8c/16t would become a factor in gaming, so I'm hoping these overclock higher and if they don't I'll wait until the new stepping.
I'm personally not going to be pre-ordering, but am very excited for thorough reviews. If the single thread performance is there I will likely swtch.
I'm not entirely sure, I'm intentionally not looking at m.2 or nVME benches until ryzen is out. That way I can choose which company I'm going with.
It's last years pro model, so it compares well. At $220 for a 1tb samsung pro drive its a great price.
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