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Bummer Dice sold their souls to EA, as this just like all other dice/EA titles will be full of P2W. I could be wrong, but wont be holding my breathe. Whoever started loot boxes, brilliant move, but lets go back in time and remove him from society (joke of course)... Love and played BC2 a ton, would like to buy this, but EA is on the old boycott list...
Without ADS, this will be a complete waste of time IMO.That is my biggest gripe about CS
I haven't bought any razer products, but his phone (from a technical standpoint ) seems like a great option. Like others have stated I would be worried about the OS or custom UI that they implement. Only for the reason it is their first foray into the phone market. I will look at what reviewers have to say, but I am still quite happy with my pixel.
I have 2 Gigabyte Aorus 4GB RX580's FS they were purchased on 5/21/17 from newegg, they were hardly used. In great working order, non smoking home. Looking for $230 SOLD I have 2 0 Red Devil RX 8GB 580's 1 was used (pending) for 2 weeks before swapping back to my nvidia setup, the other card is still new in box. These were purchased 7/20/17 Looking for $260 for these cards SOLD Shipped to US 48
Looking for the value of my Gigabyte Auros 4GB cards (used 6 months, like new), Power Color RX580 Red Devil 8GB (breand new) , and a Corsair RM650i PSU (new). thanks
I have always (exaggeration) thought the impact on frames ultra gives vs. the IQ of high was never justifiable. Give me high or even med-high with 90+ FPS over ultra and sub 60FPS any day. I want my games to be smooth, when they get jittery they break immersion for me.
For the money, you would be hard pressed to do much better than this.I would spend a little more for a better amp though.Logitech systems are pretty crappy TBH. It's all highs and muddy lows, really lacking mids and any definition.
What?! 1) how on Earth could they prove you were mining vs benching/ gaming? 2) I don't think you can say that, I mean you didn't alter the card or its BIOS so good luck proving crypto mining...
They're all sold out already!? Grrr, well guess I'll stick with my 1080. Meh, no real loss.
I have multiple items for sale 1) My 4690k, ran this at 4.4ghz (mobo just died), temps weren't the issue I never bothered to actually push it. It sat at a comfortable 60c, it has been delidded. $150 OBO 2) 2x4GB of DDR3 1866 CL9 G. Skill ripjaws f3-14900cl9D-8GBXL $35 3) 2x8GB of DDR3 1866 CL10 G. Skill ripjaws F3-14900CL10D-16GBXL $80 4) Corsair RM650i, brand new unopened (received it in a bundle). I have 2 of these $100 5) Power Color RX 580 red devil 8GB, I have 2...
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