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Very nice of you to do that for him, and hopefully you have created another enthusiast.
That is impressive!I am glad someone revived this thread, now I will get a chance to play the 2nd best res evil game ( also this was start of the downfall).That looks pretty damn good for a game thats 10+ y/o.
Is there a way to turn up the fans on the laptop? I have switched to active cooling, but even stock cpu I get temps hitting 80c with it on a laptop cooler. I want to get my temps under control before I crank it up anymore.
I run into people on AW that are running gtx980's and they have to same issues on the 3 maps, that run like garbage for me. I think one is riot, the jungle one, and the one that the tsunami wave comes in about 5 minutes into the match.
I have the same issue on this game,low cpu usage and the gpu usage never crosses the 65% threshold. Even on when the frames go clear down to mid 30's...I run the game no AA, and all settings are set to med, or off.I think my system should be able to keep this game at 90 fps at those settings no issue. Nope, not if the game is so poorly made that it can't make use of my gpu.I'm on cat 14.12. It was the same way with ghosts, just another crappy cod this is truly what poor...
Ubisoft This thread should be closed now... OT/ I find it comical that ubisofts games get more publicity (granted a lot of it is negative) than good quality games. Look on the video games news section those 3 horrendous games are still being talked about and many good quality games fall through the cracks.
Why are people praising this? Wasn't it 2 years ago and people wanted nothing to do with drm. If this is an online drm where are the people with torches since DAI is single player? If this drm has to talk to the internet, no thanks I will keep my money. I want games I will be able to play once support gets dropped.
I would agree, but on the other hand guess what devs have deadlines to meet put in place by the publishers. So it makes the dev look like crap when most of the recent AAA games look and run like garbage, that should be in beta stage, i.e. COD AF, COD ghosts, ACU, watch dogs, lords of the fallen ( yes, linked to drm non the less crap). plenty more examples out there.i feel sorry for any devs currently that are tied into those nasty contracts, with the likes of EA or Ubi...
Why? it should have been released in a better state than with the current patch work!I don't even play assassins creed, simply for the fact ubisoft ( publisher ) doesn't have any type of QC. So why should I bother with their product.I think i am going back to single player, disk based games, if this is all that can be expected of online games these days*. nerf it im doneSee, advanced warfare, ghosts ( which should have taught all 3 studios how to code their "new" engine),...
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