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I just started playing dota, but I am definitely looking for people to play with as the game is heavily centered around teamwork. Hard to get that joining random pubs and getting people that speak Russian or Chinese. My steam name is; live_in_exile add me to the list.
Man I would go with the logitech over the razer. The logitech looks like it is built better, and besides that razer products don't have a good track record. Then add in that Razer is using rip off switches, yah i think i would pass...
I would have to look at the curve I have setup on it but I think I have ut set to reach a max of 65c which it does without fail. I game with headphones so I don't hear the card.while not gaming it is very quiet, I have a full custom loop with all quiet fans and there isnt a fan that is any louder than another while in 2d.While gaming without headphones on I can hear the fans on the card spin up, but since I have it set to go to 80% fab speed at 65c I would expect to hear...
I have a 290 tri-x and mine overclock like crap... to be fair I haven't REALLY put much effort into overclocking it, but just the one time I put 100mhz extra to the core and 50mhz to the ram played for 2 minutes before it froze the game up. Not worth my time to eek out the little extra performance for games that already running 100+ fps. I would like to add that I bought this card more so for the cooling ability vs its overclocking abilities. If I wanted more performance...
looks like draw distance is set low, or you installed a mod that screwed your games settings up.just my thoughts
Oh snap! Tekken SSJ 7 has arrived. I don't remember them "powering up" before lol. Not my first choice for fighter games, too much juggling for my taste, still I do enjoy the franchise.
I hate to not have back up cards, and i think i have held on to them long enough. I am getting ready to move and it's time to clear up some extra parts. I have had the 580 out of my system since i picked up my r9 290, and the gtx 670 out of my brothers system since i upgraded late last year.
I have a reference zotac GTX 670 2GB lightly used, never overclocked. for sale $180 -shipped- and a Asus GTX 580 DCII 1.5GB used was slightly overclocked (never did go to the max, I don't remember what I had it set at). for sale for $120 -shipped-
I personally like the look of Asus cards. I like the DCII versions they make.
fair enough, but its only 2 generations old, soon to be 3
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