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That makes absolutely zero sense that a 4.4ghz desktop (Sandy bridge) CPU is losing to a 2.6ghz mobile (haswell) CPU. Haswell had like a 5% IPC gain IIRC, and an overall 8-13% performance advantage over Sandy depending on the app. So I must ask what are the biggest differences? Is the desktop on ddr2 400mhz ram? Are you running the program on win7 on both machines? If under the same OS and your 4.4 Sandy is getting smoked by your 2.6 haswell you have some digging to do as...
The top of the zerg hive looks like a sphincter. All in all I think this looks well enough for $15, hopefully it brings people back to play some of the use nap settings games. SC2's custom maps were crap compared to the ones on BW. Which is sad considering how in depth you could mod to make units for maps.
Wow, I love this mouse. I personally have not had any issues with it, and have been using it for 6 months to a year. This fits my hand better than the roccat pure optical, naos 7000, and a few other Logitech mice I have tried.
PM sent
I'm in the same boat, but from my reading it is just don't expect the massive paydays lol. I'm looking into it for the Long haul, not short term gains
LOL, atta boy. I don't think you will have any issues.
I say try it and if you're worried about voltage drop. Test at the fan header then test at the fan motor with a multimeter. It's 30" not 10', you could also just buy some extentions, I know in my system I run a few 24" extentions w/o voltage drop.
Subbed, man this is sweet!
I think my eyes just melted from all the lights on those AORUS boards.
Most PSU manufacturer's have good quality albiet more costly lines and then budget lines. From EVGA the supernova G2 is highly rated/reviewed, though it doesn't come in a low wattage. EVGA, antec,Corsair, etc get their units from someone else I.E. superflower. Your system likely won't use more than 150w at load. 65w CPU, Mobo 15w, fans 1-3w x 3-4 fans unless you buy higher performance fans, drives, and any USB devices. Won't add up to much, however if you ever plan to add...
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