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I must be in the minority, game runs pretty good for me ( albeit I don't know why it requires such high level hardware, the visuals don't seem up to par for said hardware, but cod isn't about looking pretty). I play on sig rig 4.4cpu, 1400gpu core, most settings on medium, no ambient occlusion, 1x fxaa. I maintain 100-120 pretty consistent. I have had the occasional dip to 80( more like a hitch) and it rebounds back to 100. I use said settings to keep frames up vs the...
Now with telemetry! Joking aside, this is awesome provides me a reason to reinstall
I enjoyed the beta, ran pretty good for me at 1440p with GTX980.
Woot went downhill fast once Amazon bought them out.
I'll give that a try, game looks fun.Update;that worked +rep
I get black screen on my system, have tried nvidia drivers 355.98, 358.50, and now 355.82... Oh well, game looks cool, but if i can't get it to run no sweat off my back. I should also note this is with a clean driver install, uninstall, shut down, driver cleaner flush, reboot. to no avail. I just get a black screen Good thing it is in Beta, if this was launch day, I would submit for refund and wait for sub$20 on this game. I really can't blame people for ditching PC for...
This is tough to price out It's a $200 "specialty" case ( meaning it only would attract certain buyers looking for it). Overall I would say $950, get it sold quickly $950 shipped.
Care to elaborate how a COUNTRY should be more "mature" in their response to such blatant disregard over security?
What was that? That was EA's idea of showing off/promoting Sims4?Good for you EA and now let the adults show products with a market...Oh and DaS3 looks amazing, the 1 game I am looking forward too. Sad I didn't get to play BB.
Should have fined them an entire quarters worth of profits, just to get the point across...
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