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Why not go from your current extender to a basic wifi router? It will still give you hardwire ports and wifi.
I disagree, i still prefer steam over origin. The in game web browser is what really kills it. Another huge disadvantage is you cant see how many people are in what game.
I can "afford" a better sound card. Like i said where is the advantage to get a newer card? They haven't really advanced much. It would be a wasted upgrade for games. What does it hurt to support the pci standard?
I'm still using a pci sound card, i see no benefit in getting a different one. Maybe sometime, but why would i want to spend another $150 or whatever on a soundcard? It's not like they've made massive leaps forward in that department.
I think the point of his post was that he doesn't trust W10, and therefore wants a true firewall. Not to use a joke of a firewall that is incorporated into the OS in which you are trying to stop calling home.
You and me both. RIP HL3, bring on l4d3
PM sent
I'll pass on HL3 at this point. Give me L4D3 and move along vavle.
This is too bad as I loved SC with expansion and WC2. I would rather play SC + BW than SC2 any day, those custom maps were far better than what I have come across on SC2. I guess with the way things are currently at Blizzvision they would likely ruin it anyway, I mean D3 is nothing of its predecessor D2 as far as atmosphere goes.
If you use go to crouch (default of c) instead of space bar it wont make you cross the cover you are using. It's hard to change this as I was use to just hitting space bar to get out of crouch or prone as well.
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