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Are these on the reference pcb?
I never played or heard of the first one, but this reminds me of some old nes or Sega games. I am interested in this game.
The first sentence of your response was a statement not a question, hence my question.When I play SC2 on some of the custom maps, my current computer will drop down to 12-15 frames. Zipperly gave a response that actually resolved that aspect.Just because a computer can "play" a game doesn't mean I would want to play it at bare minimum settings with horrid fps, get my point?To answer your question, it would benefit myself, and many others still play such games, so what...
Oh yah? what FPS do you get?So with that being said, its nice to say things without a point to it...This statement has a solid point to it, I didn't realize it was so cpu bound.Either way, I would just like to see them use some games that people like myself play. Also I do play a skyrim with plenty of mods.
edited, I only went through the first 4 reviews.
/off topicThat is insane!I'm a little jelly, and now contemplating my modems death... (yes, I realize killing my modem would change nothing, just a joke)
When you make such broad statements it should always be followed with something to back it up. As of now I say that is a figment of your imagination or you are brain washed...yah... because1) that system wouldn't end up flawed2) think of the expense3) it is a right to bare arms without infringement, who is the one drawing the lines? Would you put your faith into them?Neither would I.I trust no one who is in the political games field.
Yup, because all things should be free...especially if you cant afford it or dont agree with a companies practices... lolI hate the way Porsche is ran, so I should be able to just take a car. Yes, I understand the difference between digital vs physical, the point stands.
Wow, Apple's new phone is more interesting than a bomb like this being dropped... Dont worry folks I'm sure nothing bad will come of the over reaching...
If this runs as crappy as ghosts did then I will pass. I never did get why ghosts ran so bad it wasn't for the fidelity of the graphics. I did not enjoy ghosts at all. I enjoy the small maps of cod, run and gun have some fun for 30 minutes and go about my day. I don't have time to play for hours on end so battlefield is out ( plus I don't like the netcode, die 10' into the building...)
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