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I'm in the same boat, but from my reading it is just don't expect the massive paydays lol. I'm looking into it for the Long haul, not short term gains
LOL, atta boy. I don't think you will have any issues.
I say try it and if you're worried about voltage drop. Test at the fan header then test at the fan motor with a multimeter. It's 30" not 10', you could also just buy some extentions, I know in my system I run a few 24" extentions w/o voltage drop.
Subbed, man this is sweet!
I think my eyes just melted from all the lights on those AORUS boards.
Most PSU manufacturer's have good quality albiet more costly lines and then budget lines. From EVGA the supernova G2 is highly rated/reviewed, though it doesn't come in a low wattage. EVGA, antec,Corsair, etc get their units from someone else I.E. superflower. Your system likely won't use more than 150w at load. 65w CPU, Mobo 15w, fans 1-3w x 3-4 fans unless you buy higher performance fans, drives, and any USB devices. Won't add up to much, however if you ever plan to add...
If it's heavy multi tasking, why not go ryzen? Also, you can save money by buying a non k i7, since you won't be overclocking.
But dem shirts though
Or just rewire your own onto pwm connector.
So as the title suggests I need help and cannot decide. However I have narrowed it down to these. Bookshelf speakers: KEF Q300 Elac B6 Studio monitors: M-audio bx6 carbon alesis audio elevate 6 monoprice 5 or monoprice 8 My needs are pretty simple for the most part i use headphones, but at times i like to listen to music ( lets say mainly EDM or of the electronic variety, some rock/rap) but usually games. Soundstage is the biggest factor for me, then depth and overall...
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