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what is really different aside from a mild contour and color change? I don't like the d-pad at all.
What would the sound card add vs the onboard? I have a xfi soundcard laying around. I didn't find it really added anything.
I am trying to find the best setup amped or not for playing fps game with the best positional accuracy possible. I know these 2 headphones are in different price categories, but they seem to be the best 2 that I have researched. I only mention the mixamp as it adds the Dolby surround effect which seems to add to the "depth?" Of said accuracy. I am open to suggestions, I'm not looking for a DSP. It is not needed for my needs, headphones plus amp if required. I looked into...
I couldn't agree more! Love demons' souls
As the title suggests I am looking for an appraisal on this motherboard and cpu.
Well clearly I let the contest go on for longer than intended. I am going to take everyone who meets the criteria though. This is a freebie I also forgot to post the pic of the internals. For the winner I will send them the pic prior to mailing.
Eviferret is the winner! here is the picture
I recently (yesterday) rebuilt my water loop and decided I am not going to water cool this card ( it's very quiet with its fans). Selling it cheap because I know how difficult it is to sell these full coverblocks. it's been in my loop 3 weeks, ships with everything that came with it. SOLD
I am selling my ASUS ROG Swift, I bought it used from l88bastar April 1st. The monitor is great and has no issues, see tthis link for a better description and better pictures. I would like to note, the monitor has 0 dead/stuck pixels and is in like new condition over all. I have already boxed the monitor up and it is ready to ship. Me I personally can't get over the AG coating, I have for the past 8 years used only high gloss monitors and I just can't get over how dull...
That is terrible looking
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