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I have had great experiences with amd drivers, now granted I don't update drivers unless I need to. I think that is were people end up having so many issues. I think all and all I had less issues with amd drivers vs nvidia. Currently on nvidia and I'm not a fan of their 1 year of support before a product hits "legacy" support. Really debating on selling my gsync monitor and going amd, I might do it anyway since gsync seems to cause issues with a few games so I use it as a...
Good! Tired of all the f2p game models and there being no incetive for people not to cheat (if that's the type of person you are). No warnings just the ban hammer if you knowingly: hack, glitch,or exploit. I feel bad for people who get hit with a false autoban, but what was the cause for the false positive? I read sob stories about false positives, and have watched said player use exploits or glitches. Sorry, but that is cheating. Gaining unfair advantage is cheating ban...
It looks interesting, hopefully the game mechanics are solid and well implemented. Also, I'll take a shotgun to the sword fight please.
I didn't know it was a 2 person team that made this game. I will say, it is a great game, very souls/castlevania like feel. I'm not very far in it, but it's well worth the $$. This game deserves more attention vs the run of the mill crap that is always at the top of the lists with 10/10 reviews. Though I am admittedly a big fan of the souls series, and I grew up with 2d side scrollers. Aww, nastolgia
It got cancelled I think last week, servers go offline May 31st. Its a shame really, I found it a real gem for competitive play.
L4D COD 4 BFBC2 COD BO2 Nosgoth ( till it got cancelled ...) So I'll put starcraft with BW expansion
Here are the parts CPU - 4690k MOBO- asus maximus hero VI Z87 RAM - 8GB Gskill ripjaw 1866 ( 9-10-9-26 @ 1.5v) WD blue - 2TB WD velociraptor - 600GB Crucial M500- 240GB Evga supernova G2 750w MSI GTX980 gaming Creative Labs SB0880 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound Card Lamptron FC2 fan controller Cooler Master - HAF X Asus PG278Q logitech g710+ logitech g402 mouse also should note will come pre installed with windows 8.1, unless someone opted for something...
I'm not saying you are wrong, I was curious if you tested via multimeter. The constant of it being set in bios is proof enough for me.
You are right, that was in poor taste.Have you tested your voltages with a multimeter or is that what the OS is reporting?
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