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Is this a reference PCB? Max overclock achieved?
Don't forget the best fish AI, and hopefully cpu processing power willing the best pigeon AI.
If it's on the same crap engine as ghosts or advanced warblaster, I"m out. They can keep that pile and peddle it elsewhere...
If this was demons' souls (yes i know DeS is console only) or dark souls 1, i would be all over it. Dark souls 2 just didn't have "it" (IMO).
I think its fine, you have to learn the fatalities first. Then later you can unlock the easy fatalities. Doesn't bother me, still have to learn them first. On the other hand I do hope they have brutalities, those are hard to pull off.
Yup lost their "way" for about the last 5 years atleast... I am also getting tired of steam and the adverts for all the F2P games, 8 out of 15 games were F2P games. I use to like the games that were offered on the front page, because sometimes i was interested. Now I rarely bother looking at them. It is all F2P garbage... Have fun windows, because this might be your last attempt, if you can't do something to muster the PC gaming nerds, then another gaming OS is going to...
Demons' souls FFvII Starcraft (with broodwar expansion) to me demons' souls has been one of the best games I have ever played. If i could add i would put COD4 (MW1) on the list, also Goldeneye man that was awesome on a 27" 4 way split screen lol...
Is this PS/2 or USB?
Hey there, I use to live in Idaho. Born and raised, so welcome to the forum.
I think you misunderstood my point, it was directed at "the source", because he was saying how crossfire is broken. Yet, you stated you also tried it on a gtx970. I'm not ripping on you, just pointing out another example of selective reading.
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