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In b4 nothing to hide blah blah sheeples...
On a different note, I am surprised that console players noticed missing lighting effects. Me personally I didn't watch anything about the game since the first video showing off A.I. so with that in mind I didn't go in expecting uber graphics out of my ps3. I just booted it up game looks fine, and I am once again in love with the teams art direction. I was completely immersed with the intro video... I love these games.
Well people are entitled to their opinions, it's not my problem they are the wrong opinions (sarcasm). If yhe previous games were any indicator of what DaS2 was going to look like and you expected to get high end pc graphics on your PS3, that's a you problem... I personally do like the DS and DaS series and it's a game that graphical fidelity doesn't have to be of the utmost importance (my opinion). I have played plenty of games with better graphics that I found far less...
I personally like demons' souls better than dark souls, I found demons' more challenging. I really like what FROM software has created though and fully support them. They make complete games, and not try to pass off a game in beta stage as a finished product... A lot of studios have been guilty of this lately. I purchased DS1 on PS3 and on computer I have no problem giving them money as this is arguably one the best games in a decade atleast. These games to me seem to...
Wasn't this game suppose to come out 6+ months ago? I dont know what it was, but this game seemed relevant for 5 minutes then meh. Could just be me though.
I love gloss displays, wish they quit ruining monitors with that horrendous anti-glare.... Im still interested in this monitor if they keep the AG coating to a minimum. If they bukake this thing with AG I guess ill continue my search for a new monitor.
This completely, I barely played it and said man this is just a little too much for me.First time I had that wow factor with a video game that stuck with me was the cut scene in resident Evil 1 on PS one. The cut scene where you walk in and the zombie takes a bite and then slowly turns and looms at you...second would be soldier of fortune, you could blow off limbs a hole in the stomach, explode their heads.
Trying to determine the value of these two cards. 1) Asus GTX 580 DCII 2) Zotac GTX 670 reference Both cards are in excellent condition.
Well I got my mionix avoir 7000 in today, I don't think I can deal with the shape... I will give it about 3 days, then I will switch it out for the kone pure optical, if I can't adjust.
Man I was completely sold on the roccat kone pure opt ( mainly due to the dude in the videos super convincing voice lol), but I think I will give this mionix a go. I guess I can always sell it if I hate it, and get the pure opt.
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