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As the title suggests I am looking for an appraisal on this motherboard and cpu.
Well clearly I let the contest go on for longer than intended. I am going to take everyone who meets the criteria though. This is a freebie I also forgot to post the pic of the internals. For the winner I will send them the pic prior to mailing.
Eviferret is the winner! here is the picture
I recently (yesterday) rebuilt my water loop and decided I am not going to water cool this card ( it's very quiet with its fans). Selling it cheap because I know how difficult it is to sell these full coverblocks. it's been in my loop 3 weeks, ships with everything that came with it. SOLD
I am selling my ASUS ROG Swift, I bought it used from l88bastar April 1st. The monitor is great and has no issues, see tthis link for a better description and better pictures. I would like to note, the monitor has 0 dead/stuck pixels and is in like new condition over all. I have already boxed the monitor up and it is ready to ship. Me I personally can't get over the AG coating, I have for the past 8 years used only high gloss monitors and I just can't get over how dull...
That is terrible looking
It is never a good idea to run your pump off the motherboard fan headers. The biggest problem is the lack of power on the fan headers (typically 2-8 watts). Your pump will likely need (depending on the pump) 12-24 watts. You should have it hooked up to a three pin off the PSU.
I will say this, the guy has a really large room. Its going to be tough to put together a "nice" system for $1500 and it fill that space. I don't think the hsu vft-2 will be able to fill that space effectively. As for speakers towers in the front and you will likely need some decent 2 way 6.5" bookshelf for surrounds to fill the space, this is just my 2ยข.
I don't have a ton of experience in the speaker/ monitor department ( not compared to some of the people on here). I will say this I really do like the equator d5's for the money and relatively flat response (- room effect). They seem to be held in high regard, I will say they do not have that boomy/muddy bass over drive that seems to be common place. I am unsure of what you mean by "sound less monitor like" To me monitors (the ones I have experienced) have a (or try to)...
Yup, because your experience = to the experience of 100% of said problem.Well I'm glad you and all others that had no issue solved this problem. Snake oil move on people... This mentality still blows me away, especially since its all to common around here.On topic: if this addresses a previously weak link in a product, then what is the problem?
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