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I'm personally not going to be pre-ordering, but am very excited for thorough reviews. If the single thread performance is there I will likely swtch.
I'm not entirely sure, I'm intentionally not looking at m.2 or nVME benches until ryzen is out. That way I can choose which company I'm going with.
It's last years pro model, so it compares well. At $220 for a 1tb samsung pro drive its a great price.
Bought on 12/27/2016 Asking $380 $360 shipped US48 Card is in like new condition with original box, accessories, and card. Link to card Selling, because this just didn't quite have the oomph I was expecting and I bought a GTX 1080. So no need to keep this laying around. Card is pretty quiet, it is more quiet than this FTW 1080, but that will be resolved soon. The card would do 2075mhz core at 65c, without pushing it, didn't oc ram, card never exceeded 65c.
SoldSelling an MSI GTX 980 gaming 4G asking $220 shipped US48 Ordered March 30, 2015 card is in good shape, as shown in pictures. Comes with box and everything original, just missing the pcie cap, hdmi cap, and display port cap. I dust pretty regularly and don't run my machine 24/7. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I didn't really OC the card and it has been out of my system for about 2 months now and I don't remember what I ran it at. Sold to SergeRY
Interested in the 512GB 850 pro. PM sent
Why not go from your current extender to a basic wifi router? It will still give you hardwire ports and wifi.
I disagree, i still prefer steam over origin. The in game web browser is what really kills it. Another huge disadvantage is you cant see how many people are in what game.
I can "afford" a better sound card. Like i said where is the advantage to get a newer card? They haven't really advanced much. It would be a wasted upgrade for games. What does it hurt to support the pci standard?
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