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Thanks so much bro, great replay rep +
Thanks for the fast replay, i will never used an oled display on desktop, i would like to be able to have smooth 10 bit playback on 4K monitor with quite high settings (not the highest) but as close as i can (not really know madVR setup really well) last time i used it 3 years ago + Can you please be a little more specific about the advantages regarding IQ and smoothens? thanks so much.
Hi, i'm looking to buy one of this cards, currently i will be using it on a 1080p display, i want to max out or be pretty close to the max settings on this and on my future 4K monitor. What is the most powerful of the bunch, and what is the things i should look for, im noob with this stuff but i like to get the best IQ possible from my movies. Does RX480 worth around 60-70euros + vs the RX470? what about the 3/6GB 1080?
Thanks rep + Problem being, Xornet 2 is not available where i live, and wasn't it more expensive or i'm wrong?
Guys, SGM-2005-KLOW1 Gaming Alcor vs Storm Spawn?
This vs Storm Spawn? they are same price any help?
Thanks dude. Unfortunately i cant order it, long story.... So im down to this ones, please advise. Strom-Spawn-Gaming-Mouse-3500dpi CoolerMaster Gaming Alcor Alcor Optical Mouse Genius-gaming-mouse-Death-taker Genius-gaming-mouse-Maurus-X SteelSeries Kinzu V3 Logitech Optical G100s Thanks. My priority.... Precision, wheel quality, comfort, build quality,
Thanks alot, So you guys are positive this unit is better then all the others i mentioned? thanks.
Hmm price is like 30$ premium compared to the others, does is it really worth it? i wanted a entry level 15-30$ (max) mouse, i'm from EU,thanks.
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