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@ZealotKi11er, Seriously bro, you are way to negative, and all of this is only cause of your way of thinking, not all agree with it. For me Nexus 6 is AMAZING phone, and Nexus 5 blows the 4 out of the water. Also Motorola is bad with cameras, but not on L, L has new camera APi and will have much better control/processing.
IPS? Edit, yes.
Nope, not even close, sorry.
Yes, even the 2014 Moto X has bad screen.
What are you guys even talking about? Moto X display as being good? oh god. And one more thing, the only Amoleds which are decent compared to top of the line IPS, are the ones in S5 LTE-A and Note 4! the older, S4/Note 3 are much lower quality, just pray that the Nexus 6 display is of the latest generation of Samsung amoleds, if not it will be really bad.
200 fps + ? crap graphics inc.
No, it won't imho it will be similar to 770, or it will seriously ruin 970 sales.
WOW, really? the 970 is ~ 780, (when clocked similarly) and you expect 1 class lower card to be same as 780?
Playing games in windowed mode is requirement now? WOW.
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