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To make bigger profit.
Nope, they can make longer yet thinner battery. Iphone 6 + would be good product if it has 2GB of ram...but the smaller one 4.7' is not worth it.
Note 4 is amazing phone, go for it.
TBH they dont lag like crazy, but the animations are not smooth like on stock android, there are some fps drops for sure. Android L will be part of LG, Samsung and HTC, and even heavily skinned, the lag will become much smaller issue, they will perform well, Nexus 4/5 already scream with Android L, with "outdated" hardware.
People who say Android lags, had never used ART instead of Dalvik, or used Nexus product with Android L on it, its freaking AMAZING no fps drops at all, all animation are constant 60 fps or around it, the touch latency is 3/4 x lower then before, iOS had nothing on Android anymore, Apple have just lose their only advantage over Android with the Android L release, they are done. Watch from 25:00..
Oh so the battery is the problem right? so they can use higher mAh one? or they decide to cheap out like always, while presenting it like a premium phone? premium phone with lower ppi, lower resolution, only 1GB ram? lol.
Very bad choice.
Agree, lets enjoy the deeper blacks, while wasting money on an products which won't last more then 2 years without burn in effect, how cool is that?
That's why they can keep it
It should be max 350$.
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