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5.5 is bad? oh my...
Good one rep +
Ah that explains it now, thanks, that means that the NF A14 PWM is the best option if you want 14cm, and it should beat even the NF F12 right?
A15 achieve +2c worst results compared to A14 PWM, tested on same heatsink with delta temps, but i cant find the results (links) Anyway thanks alot for your help!
I know, that's why i want to know what would be best option, and its strange for me how you guys recommend the NF A15 PWM?
Thanks guys, its still confusing to me, because on few tests i saw, NF A14 PWM on heatsink always beat out the NF A15 PWM.. they measured delta temps as well.
Hi, sorry for strange questions. Do you think that NF F12 will achieve better results lets say on a D14, compared to NF A14 PWM? i tought the AF 14PWM is the champion atm, i saw few comparasion with NF A15 PWM, and it beat it -2c but cant find the reviews sadly, i guess thats because the static pressure on the A14 being higher?
IMHO they would not release this cards with 256 bit bus, if there is not some different method of gaining performance due to narrower bus, knowing 4K gaming is the thing now and in the future, there is no chance you can feed those crazy pixels with low memory bandwidth, if there is not something quite different in that architecture (L2 cache coming first to mind)
256 bit is not really a problem, because of the increased cache on newer arch - increased L2 cache i guess.
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