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That's why they can keep it
It should be max 350$.
Great, if only Google wouldn't made it so big, everything over 8' is a no go for me, no portability, especially 4:3 format which is terrible in that regard.
@ brucethemoose & Sherlock, thanks! So it should be faster then S800 on cpu side?
Dont really care for the gpu, since everything over S600 is more then enough, i dont playing games on tablets/smartphones. Does anyone know if this will have increased cpu performance?
People still comapre tn to ips? dear lord. And no, colors are not everything, the sharpness (text clarity) which IPS panels are offering, are 2 class above the garbage TN/VA panels.
The video has tons of aliasing, terrible, and the game looks awful also.
Meh Asrock, msg me when Asus X99 appear.
Yea, running Prime 95 blend custom now, 90% ram
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