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No, it won't imho it will be similar to 770, or it will seriously ruin 970 sales.
WOW, really? the 970 is ~ 780, (when clocked similarly) and you expect 1 class lower card to be same as 780?
Playing games in windowed mode is requirement now? WOW.
Hi guys. Sorry if this was discussed, but i really can't read trough 360 + pages. Can anyone please give me link of clock for clock compassion of GTX980 vs 970? thanks.
Аre you for real? 780 lightning anyday.
To make bigger profit.
Nope, they can make longer yet thinner battery. Iphone 6 + would be good product if it has 2GB of ram...but the smaller one 4.7' is not worth it.
Note 4 is amazing phone, go for it.
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