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The video has tons of aliasing, terrible, and the game looks awful also.
Meh Asrock, msg me when Asus X99 appear.
Yea, running Prime 95 blend custom now, 90% ram
Its very strange, for example now my Skype, turned on, but i was offline, instead of online, i never put it in offline mode? i notice things for like 1 month now, like addons disappearing as well, it looks like memory/ssd problem, settings usually don't stick when i had memory (now flash?) issues.... Here is what chkdisk says
Hi guys, last night i got warrning, that my drive has errors and they need to be repaired after restart. But i got an 840 pro, and i know sometimes Windows read SSD/values wrong, so should i be worried or not? Also i noticed, my addons where missing, needed to re-add them, so yea something is not right.
LOL. No wonder Alatar opened the thread, afterall it has Nvidia SOC I was wondering how come he is interested in tablets, now i know.
4:3 + 8.9' = no portability, sorry Google you messed up. Max 8' is where it is.
Evga should change their name to Ugly. Many of their boards look so bad....
Later this week? NDA lifts today right?
So when does reliable reviews hit?
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