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I hope they will get ripped off, its what they deserve.
Yep, just first get SSD in Raid in order to get that speed lol.
Come close? What are you talking about? Note 4 shoot much better videos then the iPhone 6+ and it has much more clarity in the details department. The only part when 6+ has advantage is low light.Also Note 4/S5 have basic screen mode option, when they become quite accurate. Note 4 is better in every possible way compared to the 6+Better screenBetter batteryBetter cameraBetter audio/recordingBetter multitasking
False. Note 4 destroy the iPhones, next.
Thanks, does it support of all the necessary codecs along with the Google's VP9 for YT? how does it compare to the GTX750 lets say?Its not so simple bro, some card support different codecs, and you can still get choppiness even if they seem powerful enough, sadly i'm far from expert on this subject, and i can't really tell what card exactly i need
Hi, looking for the best pick for 4K videos on my HTCP. CPU - G2020 Onboard card.... Ram - 8GB When i play 4K videos, on youtube or any 4K videos, its totally lagging. So i need to get the best card for the money, budget is around 120$/100euros.... I need to know which card would offer the best support for H265/H264, and other popular codecs for smooth video playback, although youtube now runs in HTML5 which afaik is not hardware accelerated (or i'm wrong?) i will...
One M8 is great, but the camera is terrible.
Nexus 6 use stock Android, Samsung is using very heavy version of Android.
There is nothing like though choice. Note 4 advantages, Display S-Pen Camera Multitasking Stereo recording mics Droid Turbo advantages, Bigger battery Better reception vs Note 4) Nexus 6 advantages, Fastest of all Best software/updates Camera vs Turbo, a bit worse vs Note 4 Display vs Turbo, equal vs Note or slightly weaker then the Note 4 Reception vs Note 4 Front facing stereo speakers vs Note 4 especially, and Turbo On screen buttons, vs Note 4 especially, and vs...
800? its only 100$ more then the Nexus 9.
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