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120GB too small?
So decided to test my new cpu, wasn't the best night due to high humidity but whatever decided to just give it a quick spin. New cpu is a multi-threaded monster! Will retry tomorrow and try and take the gold
Open box 4670K, gimme them boints Prolly won't last long, but it was a blast running the setup! Chip has a killer IMC as well:
Some XTU trolling 4690K 5G full out R15 5G full out 4770K full out with BBSE (not the best choice, but so much fun)
from the last few nights. . .
4370 dual core XTU on M6E on bios 1603, everything working well much better than prior bios 1402.
Getting HOT in hurrrrrrrr single sided CFR until MFR arrives
Is that what they cost in Australia bully?$900 here before tax, so like $975 otd.So have we decided on 3.5 uncore for X99?
5.2Ghz 5.3Ghz
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