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2000 c6 Pi that has been collecting dust lol 2750 c6 2666 c6 4.5G Samsung
Pentium K + 2000 c6 Pi
Thanks EVGA, unobtanium found
Something to try on the Asrock, is 42, 43, 3, 4 @ 2860 you will be pleasantly surprised
I'm sure 58's are doable with any ic + cold, but IMC on this chip was poor as it needed 1.4 SA to finish 32M.
"5 pack of bad times" per MikeCDM PSC BBSE Samsung 2800 2858
So much this G3258 + Asrock Z97 OC Formula = cheap fun!
Awesome runs Ryan, that cpu is quite literally the doppelganger of mine CB is almost the same as well
Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force LN2
Same potato cpu I have tested with 3 different dimms (2x MFR, 1xCFR) and all max at the same. Wanted to make sure it wasn't voltages / settings hence 3 different dimms, but regardless, good old post code 23. Time to try another cpu.
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