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4370 dual core XTU on M6E on bios 1603, everything working well much better than prior bios 1402.
Getting HOT in hurrrrrrrr single sided CFR until MFR arrives
Is that what they cost in Australia bully?$900 here before tax, so like $975 otd.So have we decided on 3.5 uncore for X99?
5.2Ghz 5.3Ghz
Have a few of these if your interested.
I don't see a 5:54:xxx @ 5ghz so games still on However I must say this is probably the best kit of PSC I have seen in a while.
They are double sided 8GB modules CHL
4G/4G is even not really possible on any other board except the R5E, but I would say I have had every other vendors boards up to 3500-3750Mhz on air so that would be a much more realistic target to set cache clocks to. Or we could just do 1:1 like we have done for Z87/Z97. Thoughts guys?
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