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"5 pack of bad times" per MikeCDM PSC BBSE Samsung 2800 2858
So much this G3258 + Asrock Z97 OC Formula = cheap fun!
Awesome runs Ryan, that cpu is quite literally the doppelganger of mine CB is almost the same as well
Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force LN2
Same potato cpu I have tested with 3 different dimms (2x MFR, 1xCFR) and all max at the same. Wanted to make sure it wasn't voltages / settings hence 3 different dimms, but regardless, good old post code 23. Time to try another cpu.
VRM wise and in terms of oc the Impact imho is the best board of the ROG lineup. It's like the jack of all trades, unless you want to bench multi card then a full size board is needed. As you have said the only negative is the cold spreading over everything very quickly, other than that I would choose it over any other board in the ROG lineup.
Rebinning all my ram on the good IMC cpu: 1.94v no waza (this kit has has never ran over 2666 32M stable) Thanks to my team mate Zeneffect for dropping off 6 dimms of 2133 c8 RipX to bin 1.9v
01 WR huh?I hope you have a 6.6Ghz chip No need for Rbby's tool, just use unlocked AB, works perfect with the 580.
Killer run Jack!MSI has come leaps and bounds just from Z87 > Z97, and as for the IMC's just one more thing to bin on these potato cpu's
More testing of the Gigabyte Z97X SOC Force LN2 cpu @ LN2 and memory air cooled while I figure out this MFR clocking beast
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