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you should just buy my runmc unit tat
No special bios here, I just snagged the latest one that Nick posted @ XS in the thread which was 1.43G it cycles much faster than all prior bioses and clocks memory equally to 1.42c on air so give it a try
Hard to say with out testing the above under LN2, but on air I think it's safe to say Samsung is a solid choice for a well rounded kit of ram (high mhz, tight timings) the only negative might be that they don't scale as well on cold like AFR which work epic under cold.Missed refilling today so try again on Monday and hope to give these a go, just been swamped with work / life atm.
4133 c19 is the XMP and they easily run 4000 c15 and 4133 c16 tight if you have a capable IMC.Monster sticks can't even imagine what 4400 c19 bin would be like.
Here's some more e-die on air cooling.
4266 kit or bust! (in all of our dreams )
Started testing a new set of G.Skill Samsung based modules and paired with the OCF the whole setup was a blast to setup and tweak. Started figuring out some timings for 4000/4133 with reasonable voltages on air (1.65v-1.75v) Samsung 4000 15-20-20-28 1.75v Hynix AFR 3600 12-17-17-28 1.65v Samsung 4133 16-21-21-28 1.65v this was an old screenie I found. 40k or bust!
Strong words for someone who hasn't frozen any of the above ic's Mr. Airking ®
bad mofo Allen, that is next level right!
This a million JB This ic is still in early development and we are all still learning new things everyday, one thing is for sure it is very similar to MFR except frequency seems to go a bit higher at the expense of looser timings, and they like to run colder than any kit of MFR I have.
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