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no more backups, need more uncore.
These are all 4GB dimms.
Pm me and we can work out shipping
4x4 @ LN2 ftw CHL Some wprime action, memory no need for this.
Yes it sucks but it's a necessary evil unfortunately at this point.
Doing some cleaning, will list all in this thread in phases, make sure your angus is peppered everything ships via USPS Priority Flat Rate and I only accept payment via non CC paypal account that is verified. so on to the goods. . . EVGA SR2 with a pair of X5680's along with full retail box and all accessories $1000 shipped (will throw in 6x2GB G.Skill 2000 c9 Tridents in the pic for free if you purchase) MSI GTX 560Ti 448 $113 shipped Bought this to use for MOA a...
Tried to just buy an OCF, and all out of stock how many of you guys bought one? Just got the Gene in, taping up now and ready to paint tonight
This chip likes to run warm -125c at load to -115c finish.
AFR cold again
blasting AFR with more volts (1.8v) and cold, results are promising slightly over the limit, failed at screening
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