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OC socket confirmed on the newest revision of the OCF.
plenty of kits are 4000+ mhz capable just need the right board (Impact or LN2). I have run 32M at 4000 for the lulz . . . in single channel . . . . soooo sloooowww I used a single stick of 2400 c11 Kingston CFR for the above and it came in a four pack from newegg, so nothing cherry picked all retail.
I know Perica had four that ran 3200 c11, and Allen had maybe 6 or so, so I hope its from one of them . . .
Stop trolling Mike, and drop bombs
I do and I have peeled 95% of the let but I am out of town atm will send you a pic tonight.
16's done
OG EK SF3D memory pot from way back when, it's the heaviest pot of them all (>500g) and I thoroughly enjoyed benching it Puto mike beat me to it
Not 4Ghz, but tuned 5Ghz, first time in the 54's ever for me.
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