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sooooo much more left in the tank, these things will shine when Skylake arrives as the full potential will be unlocked. X99 IMC is the main hindrance in high frequency clocks and it is very hard to find a chip that can run > 4000Mhz on air but that would be considered a killer IMC on Haswell-E.
XTPooooooooooD in the face GKB3 (down clocked for screenie, actual multi x42 iirc) frostiness!
Update as promised, vdimm at 1.55v set it and forget it for the above efficiency strong on the Killer! some pics: Splave ain't it the truth, these will shine on Z170
I don't have Thaiphoon Burner sorry Also not sure if it works with DDR4 yet.
Started testing my first set of Samsung based DDR4, and these things are mystical unicorns :yepp: First test is max freq, all four modules easily boot up and validate here with a mere 1.25v :shocked: Second best module @ 1.35v Best module @ 1.35v Grabbing a bite to eat and then will post up some performance based benches (XTPoooo, GKBench3, GPUPi etc. . .)
I have a set of those 2800 c10 and while they are good (1.85v 2800c9 super tight) they can not run 2933 c9 on air, but then again none of my sticks can lol.And as CHL said you need >1.26 to have cache pll control along with RTL offset.
trolls be trolling
some pics from the last few sessions
3000 c11, 3200 c12, and the mythical 3200 c11, in that order respectively.
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