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Thanks bully, 4.5 cache is still air clocks, my better chip can run 46xx on air so if we do cap it @ say 4.5 even the air guys can stay competitive. However unlimited is nice when you have a good (high uncore) chip. I don't think anyone really capped uncore back in the X58 era, it was just known that higher uncore = faster pi. I am happy with either option
Thanks SI1, board is a pleasure to use.
Gigabyte SOC Champion not to bad for the phone
small update, plz no add just warming up atm these were all direct boot from bios
First real session of 2015 for me, started with a quick air bin on the Gigabyte SOC Champion. . . nowazooo wazooo 2 3200 c16 and 2 3333 c17 from Kingston @ LN2 higher uncore, lower memory higher memory, lower uncore some fails pics:
CRC QD Contact Cleaner is your friend I see Board looks cherry now.
2300/2300 sound good enough?
Pretty sure there is no issue with EVGA and proper efficiency since the classxx.ROM. Take a look at my sub's or even most of the current WR @ the bot and you will see quite a few of the top spots are held by EVGA Better yet wait until this week to see the damage from CES.
First touch @ cold, refill tomorrow and try try again.
I have used that stuff as well it peels off very easy so lay it on good,I think used a whole can on one Z97 board.
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