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No issues on my end with 125 strap, did not test 100 strap.
Actually they are all i models, I ended up selling all of the non i's. I think the is more than sufficient for single card application. guys
I like my Corsair's actually I use them the most since I have accumulated four of them, but I just remember the great Shambolo telling us they were "too intelligent" and preferred the regular AX1200. I have never had any issue's with mine and they are solid for any single card benching.I also just bought an Antec HCP 1300 and I am really liking it and like the Corsair's it has never given me any issue's.
Just maxed the chip with 1.54vl6, any more results in failure to post, or instant shutdown when applied in windows via GTL.
Always have some sort of fan blowing over the memory, especially when pumping with the V.Panram Ninja 3200 c16 testing a new cpu, how does some 1:1 core/uncore sound? Best uncore chip I have found, it doesn't stop here either
HCP 1300 is my new favorite, why? Because it's not a Corsair
Still haven't opened mine lol
Warmup for KP card, which should arrive next week.
I hate vaseline so I would tell you avoid like plague but what works for one person doesn't always work for another
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