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Need to get the supermicro board to do this guys, its magic!
Hope you have backups DJ
Little board testing, 4133 c12 tuco tight 1.98v set in bios all air cooled on cpu and memory.
AFR still on air, was scaling so got 3866 c12 to pass and that took 1.97v on my kit.I have never tried to boot AFR that loose but will try tomorrow and let you know.
Some more tuning, still on dirty dirty OS all air cooled on memory and AIO for cpu's (ambient is 68-70f) 4Ghz AFR 5Ghz AFR New bios to test and added a healthy dose of vitamin V AFR 1.97v (set in bios) new bios is solid Mr. Shih Shih will release update @ XS just putting finishing touches on it, you guys are gonna like it
Rebinned some memory in the big board. . . AFR 1.81v air E-Die 1.9v air 5ghz test AIO with AFR (3600 c12 1.75v) OS is dirty, same one I've been finger blasting since before IDF, will roll a freshy and re run proper. found it here, enjoy
Will let you know when I get his set hahaha I wonder why 2T is faster seems insane but I have seen weirder before.
bully killing it dude, your almost to the 15's ***!
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