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Will let you know when I get his set hahaha I wonder why 2T is faster seems insane but I have seen weirder before.
bully killing it dude, your almost to the 15's ***!
E-Die @ air i3 6320 @ AIO 3970 12-20-20-28 tight
B-Die ftw!
little more AFR testing @ LN2 5Ghz 6.2 / 6.0 / 3950 c11 ps there not retail yet.
All @ air AFR 1.8v, quick run on retail 4 dimm OCF with P1.50 bios. 4.5 4.0 You guys ready to see what the two dimmer can do ?
HOT 2015 pretesting fail. air king setup, Corsair AIO keeping temps in check.
He hasn't because his time is slow and because Allen, Bully or I haven't shown our thirds Funny watching everyone try to figure it out, no more handouts time to put in the work for the last 10% as the profiles are 90% there.
nope that's air cooled I believe, but I could be wrong.
I have a highly binned 4133 kit and is what I am basing my thoughts on. The highest spd on a kit I have seen is hicookie's 4400 c19 set.
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