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Some early testing all air cooled 32M XTU testing 4/4.5Ghz
Tried 16 no difference, but not 18 or 20, just seems so loose and wrong lol2250 c9 / 2333 c9 and even random 2000 c9 / 2133 c9 have done it in the past.
I think the best samples would do 2600-2666 c8 tight on air with 1.92v or so, but this is not always indicative of a good kit for LN2 usage.
Binning BDBG, what rough life Only way to run c6 twcl 6 and finish pi is drop below 2600 mhz, also this kit did not like tras 24 with even 2.3v at -150c 3 more dimms left to test
cheaper 4790K sold
G.Skill 3000 c15 1.7v all air cooled cpu and memory
The IMC chip can run 5Ghz in XP with 4c 4t, so you are probably looking at 4.6-4.7 in W7 x64, W8. This was with 1.4v on the OCF with AIO Swiftech H220. The other chip can not run 5Ghz, so no further testing was done.
on which one, the imc cpu? or the the cheaper one?
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