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Awesome runs Bullant, going super hard
Kingston 2800 c10 @ 1.85v fully naked no spreaders (thanks Kingston )
What makes the OC Formula so great is that is that everything works out of the box and the bios is very intuitive. Plus it should have the conformal coating on it directly from the factory which is massive for the people that actually use this series of boards for what they are actually meant for, extreme overclocking Can't wait to get mine
no 2933 on ambient temps so had to settle for this:
2X4GB capacity of Hynix based ic's.
2666 c10's @ 2.02v alot of my dimms pass 2800 c9 tight at 1.83v but sadly no 2933 on air, need cold cold air (2c-5c) to make them fly
RMA'ed a 2666 c10 kit and got this in return. Never opened, brand new still sealed.
Selling the best of three cards, only tested on air with stock voltages and stock cooler. I re TIM'ed the stock cooler with Gelid GC Extreme and temps are very nice and cool. Card runs 1354/1965 on stock volts, stock cooler. ASIC is 66% on this sample Card comes with full retail box and all accessories.
Selling my best 4930K because I don't really use it as much as I would like as I prefer to bench 2D. Chip was been well taken care of has no cb/cbb on R4EBE with Samsung memory and PSC. With BBSE cb is -170c but only with this ic. Chip has never seen more than 1.72v at full pot, and usually 1.68 is ideal for most heavy threaded stuff. I have never ran XTU on it and I have never ran it on air so I have no idea what it clocks like on ambient temps. some...
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