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So nice to bench pi, feels good bra Triple channel fail lol will retest with Samsung and better PSC, guess 2000 c9 bin Flares aren't cutting it At that point it was a simple test to max clocks on this cpu as I have never ran it in XP. First run and then followed by and FIN! ps when you see it brix shat;) wat Call me Mr. 25/8
I need a bios for a P5Q Deluxe that supports a single core Xeon L3014 and a dual core Xeon X5260. Board seems to run ok with unmodded bios (605 FSB under LN2 cooling for the dual core) but always complains about unleashing the full powah! thanks,
Single core HWbot Prime WR with a Xeon L3014
Xeon L3014 strong on (cold A/C) air, looking forward to testing under LN2 when the weather permits. Have a few more of these to bin, but the first one seems promising
Some air testing before cold on an Asus GTX 780 Ti DC2
It's more so dependent on OS and Java version used.
Venom, if you can drive that on a cb cpu, then driving any other pot is cake walk in comparison Mike knows I love the Venom for Hasfail, they call me strong pour
Freshy OS + bios 0602 lucky run ftw!
I'm confused how did the pins get crushed in the socket?
Some pics from the last few days, hope you enjoy them guys
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