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Sam, will have to rest on a more current platform, but this run had a few tightened secondaries, untouched thirds and was at 1.72vI know it doesn't really answer your question, but I will retry with Haswell when I get another cpu, don't want to run the good chip if I don't have too
CB/CBB is ok I was running -110c to -120c with no issues but, it would not post at 250 bclk even on low multi, so thinking the board is the culprit as the cpu was chews* old one and I remember him getting 260+ bclk with it. Oh well will give it another try tonight
Yes sir, I don't think it would be possible any other way.Any tips for booting high bclk? I could not boot 250 with slow mode, but 235 was fine even with low volts. Temps were about -110c, never cb'ed it so not sure where it stops lol
All 771 cpu's
small update
Time for cold + 2933 next, great job
warming up with X58, sorry Robbo2
What does the memory oc to on the Lightning?
second X5260 tested, at least they seem to be getting better
1.9v Sam, quite unbelievable but here's a screen
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