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I have a few CPU pots I would be willing to part with guys just shoot me a pm Always like to see new people enjoy the magic the first time they go subzero.
Is testing in channel A harder than B on the MSI Sam? I think on the Champion B is the slot I usually use when binning in single channel because its the hardest to get to pass.
Found this from my last cold session, would have been my fastest run if it finished . . . go figure These are various screens from the new Killer 3.1 and some 4 dimm PSC on Z97 OC Formula. 3232 c12 tight 1.6v @ Killer 6core 5820K @ Killer 5820K @ DDR4 3280 c12 These are all from the OC Formula memory all air cooled. 2600 c8 4x2GB w/ waza 2666 c8 4x2GB no waza G.Skill 2666 c11 Hynix DS CFR no waza
AMD's choice at the end of the day . . .
^nope, no trades atm. Card is completely cleaned now, just finished up the final cleanse
This is the board I am talking about CHL, the Killer M 3.1
I love it man, almost done binning all of my DDR4 (38 modules . . . I think lol) and it is hands down the best memory clocking board on X99
Fluke or bust . . .
Holy f(l)uck bullant, killed it mate! That RTL :0
Some #gearporn
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