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imo i wanna say it may be a user error. all tho my 3 x3tb are in a raid 5 i don't feel like there was any slowdown.
Yah after i posted that i went threw the thread and saw those pictures. Only other thing i had that was an issue was the rear fan cage made the drive cage a little long and came close to my cpu cooler and ram, but that case looks like that wouldn't be a problem eather. Only other cage i was liking was from icydock. They have a 5 drive bay one like the supermicro and a similar 4 bay one that is rotated 90°.
i have the same cage in my server and had to use a small hamer to bend some tabs back to slide the cage in the drive bays as there is no recces for them. the tabs are for when installing a single dvd drive the drive would rest on it and you can screw them in. with the drive cage being a smooth flat surface they interfere with each other.
Been loving my htc 10. Spec wise it is close to the samsung s7 but imo better os. It may be over budget unless you go on contract.
well the bash 300watt is rated at 4 ohms same as the dayton
yah i know that amp is small but it is ether that (same as the plate amp you listed) or the larger one above in post #2
if youif your wanting to take a leap then go ahead. i have the plate amp and its been good to me. all tho i would go stand alone so you don't cut into the box and mess with the tuning of it.ether the one from my first post or make sure it is wired to 8 ohms
probably buy the dayton 12 as it seems like you need to know more about audio other then slapping 2 things together and expecting it to sound good. a 15" sub that is "rated" for "2,000 watts" seems like it would be massively under powered. but my guess is that you don't know what the rms of the sub is as that is more important stat then the "max" power rating. then finding a box for it to tuned to a good frequency would be the next thing and some design work needed. if...
may be interested later next week when i get paid if you still have these.
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