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for $5 just try it
greens are just a heavier blue. i had a single green switch to click around but lost it. only thing i can compare them to is clears and brown.
that conky seems like its ether 2 of them running or its nor deleting the previous image when it updates.
just get a pack of these
Yes o rings could help quiet them down but you also need to get use to not bottiming out. Thats where something like the brown switches are nice because of the bump they have. My clears are like the browns bit are 10grams heavier to push. Kinda like it because i rest my hands on the keys and with browns i trigger some some times without noticing. silver but there are black ones also.
i got the shine 4 CLEARS and like it. the biggest upgrade is duel color led red/blue and thats cool being able to set up different colors on keys. over all its good. had to replace my shine 3 because i broke it.
What up guys. I ended up braking my shine 3 a few weeks back so i ended up getting a shine 4 silver edition with clear switches. I love the new board and havi g duel color led is awesome. I ended up with ether all red with blue high use game keys. Or the opposite blue keys with red game keys. Makes for a nice looking board.Nope same with caps lock and scroll lock. Its ment to do that so you can tell that key is activated or not when other leds are on. Its not that bad.
Imo most are going to be similar other then key cap quality and if the awitches have a metal backplate for less flex. Other then that it's mostly cosmetic with lights, function keys, and overall layout. I have had 2 ducky's and they both feel awesome and no complaints with ether, but they are on the more expensive side.
Turn the pump up some. also arctic silver 5 takes a little while to "cure" and may drop some after a week or so. another thing may be the chip may need to be de-lidded but that would be my last resort.
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