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he is ef
not the best pic but here's what im using. 3-5ft away and a 40" samsung f5500 led tv as a monitor. yes its not as detailed and i do see some ghosting but im happy with it. been using it nonstop for the last 9 months or so. took a little while to get the settings right but it works.
imo barring duds and doa i'd get the seagate as i still have 4gb hard drives from the early 90's that still work fine.
send me a link and i can do it for its bs i all most got banned speaking my mind because i detested some of their rules.
should be its just a new connector slandered. like sata 1.5 sata 3 and so on. only problem is that they are kinda new and not many out there so finding one might be a challenge.
tell you the truth im not worried about the weight as i can carry it just fine. as long as its not 10+lbs. the lenovo has aluminum casing but still has some plastic. and my duel gpu is just about on par with a gtx780m in terms of power. as for the screen its may be a more true color with the ips but as far as resolution goes 1080p in a 15" laptop is cutting it close to where it doesn't matter any more. it makes icons and text small so you have to go into display settings...
honestly i think ill stick with my lenovo. seems to be better rounded. and for less then half the price.
finally went to win 8.1 with media center. been using it on my laptop so im use to it now.
i haven't been on that forum since i tried that stuff on my y500. it may of worked but never followed threw getting the overclocks as i don't really need it. also that forums mods are for the lack of a better term strict and i was band for a day. because i expressed my opinion on something. to just download the attachments you have to have 10 "helpful" posts. that forum is so slow the only way to post is mainly on threads that were nearly a year old.
well guys just found out my shine 3 has a bad f3 button. it doesn't even work any more. edit: fixed it opened up the switch and fixed it.
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