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looks fine i guess, main gripe would be that board doesn't have ipmi port. also would just get a usb 3 blueray drive over a slim because it is cheaper and seagate drives knowing their history of failing? seems decent for a AIO idk, i rather stick to the tried and true with less parts to deal with.
if you plan out right it wont be much louder then a regular desktop. look at my server specs and that thing has 4 fans in it and is nearly silent 5 ft away. just put the board in a regular size case and use something like a hyper 212 to cool it and it will be quiet. just make sure you have enough flow and you might need to go into the bios to change the fan settings to be more quiet.that build he posted is just a few gen newer then what i have and has been rock solid....
imo those are cool little motherboards but i feel like they just dont have enough bite to them to do encoding fast enough. also you can get a motherboard and xeon cpu for cheaper.
imo they are average. i doubt you will notice the timings too much.
looks normal to me
just brows ebay for some decomishined server parts. i was able to get a e3-1230, mb, 8gb of ecc ram for $200 that just came out of a server farm. everything worked fine and is about what you want. just take a peek at my server part list in my sig and have fun. if you have a college email you can get server os for free from Microsoft if you know where to go.
why not look into the event viewer and see if you can see what is going on that way. but since you are using win 10 it may just be updates happening and its auto restarting when the slow time is set on the computer
im using the mount it mi-751 in post
what power setting are you on in windows. if i remember right if you are on performance mode then it wont step down to slower speeds.
i think the hard part is a pic of a taco to enter. i made some a few weeks back that would be good to enter with but didnt take a pic of them link to the recipe have to try to make some later this week.
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