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what about a 1080p ultrawide? best of both worlds. other then that i would go with one nice 27" 1440p monitor with what ever sync you can use. been thinking of getting one my self but i am liking my 40" tv i have been using.
I looked at the rad specs and fans you are using and they seem a little missmatched. You need fans with hich static pressure to get good air flow threw the rad. The ones you chose are more case fans not rad fans.
Also could be rad flux could clogg the cpu block if not cleaned properly.
just use the OCCT to test it.
the amd cpu pins are just soldered on also if you want my old 870 stuff i have it for sale in my sig
me too but those babys are like $7500 for the main ups and $1300 for the extermal battery packs. along with having an electrician run a 220v line for you to use it.
mmhmm but both of those are "line interactive" the emerson is running 24/7 and is "conditioning" the line all the time and no transfer time. installed probably 300 of them son of a guns last summer threw 2 school districts. let me tell you.. them big ones need some cranes to install. mostly was the 2000watts with a battery pack but the other school district wanted the 6k and 10k watts version that are hard wired in to the power along with 3 battery banks that each one held...
should get one of these. of the best ups's out there.
yah i just got a ups for my desktop a few months ago, i have been meaning to get one but never got around to doing it. definitely nice to have. also maybe get a small one for all the "network" stuff to keep them online also.
imo find what load line calibration you need to keep the cpu v core even at full load. other then that bump the vcore up like .008-.01volt then test again. my 6700k is able to do 4.4ghz stable at 1.2vcore in bios and llc under load bumps it up to like 1.214vcore under load. was getting nice chilly temps with that. now im at 4.5ghz with something like 1.248vcore under load and i think in bios it is set to something like 1.234vcore.
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