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not the best pic or overclock but here it is installed. also delided the 6700 at the same time. over all seems like the temps wend down like 8ºc but most of that may of been the delid. i think i need to fix my delid because i have a good 8-11º differance between the high core and low core temp but nothing else major.
got my waterblock the other day. thinking on putting it in some time this weekend.
well mine finally came in. what a shipping snafu that ups was. looks like my order was #32 so that's nice.
im not a happy camper right now...... ups needs to get things figured out fast.... work?!?
sweet, exactly the same combo as mine!!! i just wish the red from the center and the logo matched.
well shoot... block was suppose to be here on monday but this thing called Harvey is making delivery a little difficult. i think ima have to talk to this dude and see why he wants to mess things up.
woohoo just got my shipping confirmation on mine. should be here in a week or so.
i like the seasonic x660 gold that i have been using. cant really comment on liking others but if they are just as good as the x series then i like them all. i would like to get a more efficient power supply for my server to help with power usage.
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