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1. I would like to see maybe something suited for hi disk volume small maxt build for a home nas setup. Lots of nice cases out there but most have 4 or less drive areas. 2. For me probably game reviews.
It came stock under water.
is under water ok?
i am thinking that starting a server segment where you may have a matx and atx cases that would house a lot of hard drives. like 8+ and still look good. that was one of the biggest reason that i haven't gotten a case yet. preferable something that would ether work with quick drive change bays or have easy drive removal and is minimalist design even if it was steel to keep the price down. mainly looking like what "Pizza under the sea" looks like but with matx -...
may just need to be de-lided as the die may not be properly touching the heat spreader. as for that cooler not being up to par for i7 i disagree as that was around when the i7 8xx series and they ran pretty hot too. nothing as far as i know other then the thickness of the cpu silicon chip has changed and would only effect if you were to do direct die cooling. that cpu should maybe maxing out maybe 70ºc under load with that cooler imo.
heh i barely use ebrake. it some times get frustrating when you got the first half the course perfect and hit one tree and be in 20th place..... so fat it has been fun but really challenging.
have to say playing dirt 4 on 21x9 is soo nice. it almost feels like you are driving full throttle through the woods crashing into every rock and tree. defiantly do not regret getting my asus pg348q
you know that cryorig has printout ruler stuff that you can measure with
what is the max mounting height on that case. looks like 120mm fan coolers are too tall for that case.seems like this may be nice?!?
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