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personally i would go with #1 or #2 with a WD 1tb blue instead of the 2nd ssd. for me i like the asus boards more
ran a 40" tv for nearly 3 years and was ok once you get use to it. the main issue i was having was the ghosting of dark to light as the pixels were not fast enough for some games. also 1080p at 40" it can see a little bit of jaggedness but it didn't bother me much. was nice having a large screen to see stuff but i finally got my self a nice monitor and its even better. at 4k driving games at native will take a big gpu and dropping it to 1080p would help but i feel the...
Imo upgrade the keyboard over mouse just because of the 3 key roll over. As for a desk pad i am running this one makes for a soft place for the wrists and they are macine washable if you want.
why not just make a virtual server and add a 2nd nic to the server dedicated to just that virtual server? make sure it is on a different network range and bam all good for the most part.
i doubt you can buy pre wired other then having some leads already solder on but they would have to be connected to the led cable that goes to the motherboard. shouldnt have to worry about voltage as that circuit is already set up to power an led. just go get some 3mm led diodes in the color you like. make sure you know the polarity and solder it on.
not sure about the R5 but on my R2 i was able to take the front cover off and replace the diode color pretty easily with some soldering. its all custom work. towards the bottom
i bet the easiest way to do this is to get any keyboard and cut the traces to the windows key and have a custom key made that stretches between the l-ctrl and win key. or you could just leave it as is and cut the traces so it doesn't register the push.
looks fine i guess, main gripe would be that board doesn't have ipmi port. also would just get a usb 3 blueray drive over a slim because it is cheaper and seagate drives knowing their history of failing? seems decent for a AIO idk, i rather stick to the tried and true with less parts to deal with.
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