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few little touch ups but pretty much done. 2nd gainclone amp made and sounds awesome!!
while i agree not all of us have 1gbps+ connection with multiple backup power protection available at home.
i ran a single 360 rad on my system when it had a gtx480 and a i7 870k. bother were over clocked and at decent temps. im sure you would be fine as long as you don't go with one of those slim rads.
its been a while.... how did you endeavor go?
i understand. i already have the perc 5i in my old server now. i was actually looking at the 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML for around the same price.if i were to get the server my plan was to use the set up now and migrate over to a new card and drives later.
i know about that. would be getting it off the ground first as i don't want to spend $1000 right off the bat as its something i don't need right away.
money and honestly not needed.
whats yall thought on me being able to get a hp z800 workstation/server with dual 4 core processor i think with HT, 16gb of ram, and no hdd for ~$450+ tax? would be adding a perc 5 i and eventually some WD red drives and ssd for boot drive. would be replacing my server with a q8400 and 4gb of ram.
little over but would be a starter. i7 4700m gtx 850 2gb 8gb ram 1tb 5400rpm hdd + has an empty msata slot for later ssd install. all for ~$899 + would need to add OS tho.
just priced out the M1 and its close to the same price as they wat like $35-45 for shipping and thats for like 2-4 week shipping.
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