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Why not get a bigger desk?
probably just needs to be broken in.
imo what would make me happy is if everyone would be offered a 100meg up/down connection for $60 a month with a unlimited or 500gig cap.
title shows you can choose 45g or 55g
Ill take it
i had the same feeling about browns for me also. i have clears and they are a lot nicer to type on.
now i see i thought you meant that a shine 5 was on the way to your house.
there is a shine 5 out now?
imo look into if the laptop has 2 hdd bays. if it dose you may want to keep the standard hdd that comes with it and buy the ssd separate so you can use both bays.
Welcome to the quacky side. You should experiance better build quality and just an overall sturdier keyboard.
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