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im thinking after i get some new storage for my server ima update my main computer. still on the old but kicking Lynnfield ie I7 870 at 4ghz. it dose good for daily stuff but just getting the itch so im thinking the i7 6700 k is in my future. kinda stinks that even my server has at least a sandy bridge xeon in it making my daily driver seem old.
it will probably be fine also because its not like you need to circulate air threw the case just the area around the case. having the air in that "closet" leave and circulate 2-4 times a min then it should be fine. probably even have the fan off unless the "closet" reaches ~80 degrees F and have it turn on for 10 min or something along those lines.
Im down for some doom.
true. i work for a high school as a tech and see a lot of laptops if the charger isn't high enough it wont charge the battery but can still run the for earlier, you can use a 20volt charger to charge a 19.5v laptop. they usually have a +/- 10% rating on it so its within margin.
im going to have to say this was a tight fit. added a super micro CSE-M35TQB, fans a little louder then i would like but i have another one in the mail that should fix that. as for @Tokkan i think you got a fair deal. sounds like you may have a nice little file server going. i don't know much about them but what you are going to end up with is close to what i have and should do you good. as for ram i would stay with 8gb at the moment and see how full they are...
just spend the 26$ and you will unlock all the common but one. i bought it and got the jugg healing ward
look up the GWX control panel
well it is worth it. but if you ask nicely there may be another way in. however if you buy a founder pack i think i saw them say it also includes the full version of the game but not sure on that.
if you buy the $10 founders pack you get guaranteed access to beta.
hopefully i didnt kill you yet
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