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I know you found the table/desk setup you want but if some one else is looking bowling ally wood woud be another table top idea. Found a place neer me that i think i could get enough for arend $100. 4ft wide 2.5in thick and upto 19ft long.
i agree all the way was just putting it out there.
i like the idea that Azefore posted about using butcher block top with steel pipes. found that ikea sells some tops although they are thin. would have to go look first to see how good they are.
I like it. I do game on it and have no problem with it. I will say that when just surfing the web i do notice it gohsting a fair amount but its not that bad i have gotten use to it. Mostly happens going from a white to black color. It doesn't have a pixily picture when reading text pr other things like most would think. My head is about 4-5ft away from the screen and once in game all the negatives can be overlooked as it just takes it to all new level. I would love to try...
been using my mid grade samsung that i got for $450 i think on black friday. UN40f5500
watch out when windows 10 comes out they may make you pay for those apps.
Well since you have been given a awesome chance to do the basement i would look into the u shape desk, some couches, and an awesome sound system. Paint the walls a matt colors so it doesn't make reflections. Maybe if your handy enough put some wooden floor.
Didnt want to get into the monitor debate but im using a 40" samsung tv that dose 1080p and i can tell the pixals and all that. Its not that bad once set up and you get use to it. I will say i dont want to go back to my 23" that is on 2048x1156. I only sit like 4ft away but its nice to game on.
sounds like it would be a beast for a thin client server or vmware server.
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