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they take away the cap if you pay the extra $30 or if you bundle. at least last i looked.
was looking at the bios collection and that the seahawk power limit is way lower then the gamer x and gamer z. any one know why that would be when the whole board would be under water.
Computer Desk/Bench - not really clean but serves me well.
also my msi 1070 seahawk ek x came with samsung memory.
Oo i wanna join. Just got a msi seahawk 1070 ek x and its been nice. As far as oc i didnt really push the memory but im at 2088mhz core and 4101mhz on the vram. If i try for the 2100mhz on the core it starts to crah the drivers.
only time i hears a faint wine is when in games or start menus getting 200+ fpsbut in my fractal define r3 it isnt that bad.
just got mine this past yesterday and im kinda at the wall on mine. boost to 2050-2100mhz. it seems like i can do 2100mhz but it is giving me a little trouble and stuttering/crashing driver. if i back to around 2088mhz it seems fine. memory for me is at 4101mhz.
imo look at the cryorig r5 ultimate
can you back that up?because from what i see from the pics they have up and what my hands and eyes see with the one i linked that is sitting in front of me sure look to be the same.
if you are going to try and point that out then no i haven't they both are the same thickness, both have the embroidered edges, both have a "rubber" bottom, and they both have a very fine smooth weave top that let mice "glide" over with little resistance.why would you want to pay more for something that you get less of just to say " i have a Razer mouse pad"?
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