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well it is worth it. but if you ask nicely there may be another way in. however if you buy a founder pack i think i saw them say it also includes the full version of the game but not sure on that.
if you buy the $10 founders pack you get guaranteed access to beta.
hopefully i didnt kill you yet
been playing the beta and it runs perfectly. with my system in the sig it is getting around 50-70fps on epic all around settings. im still getting use to the game play but looks like it would be a fun team game or lan game if they allow that.
you i also have 2 beta guest passes
well it looks like the beta is starting soon as they have released some battle packs that allow early access to beta and the downloader is now available to download threw my user account.
my system specs are in the sig below and the beta right now is running at 11.5gb of ram and my 970gtx is full. im running the game on ultra settings and seems to be doing just fine. im thinking that all the ram usage is becasue the game is kinda open world and you can choose your mission/side missions when you want so it loads a good amount of the map in the ram as you are running around. i notice little loading and nice gameplay.
ill find out in a few hours, just got the beta invite and downloading 13gb file now :D:D:D
i had bit defender on server 2008 before i went to 2012. was able to get norton on 2012 with an extra license i have but said it didn't like the idea lol.
Ill suffer and take them off your hands if they take up to much room.
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