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it bright enough for me, never had any issue and color looks perfect as far as i can tell. after a week im sure your eyes will adjust to it and not care much any more.
umm imo maybe a little bigger cpu cooler and the gfx card get the amd 580 update that just came out.
well from what i know the am4 socket is going to to around at least 1 if not 2 revisions and would be good for updated cpu. but im not sure if i would put a non tech savy person on a platform that is still going threw its baby stages as they may run into a few issues like bios and driver updates.
imo i would focus on a backup/archival set of drives and pick up a nice 500gb ssd to use vm's on. just have that ssd do full backups every so often and be golden.
if you are wiling to step down to 8tb drive you can get the HGST nas 8tb drives. very nice drives and 7200rpm.
it should be ok. just about the minimum for the stock stand. could push it back farther if you mount it to a arm of some sort.
could just buy longer screws and some spacers to fix the recessed issue
i never seen it go below that unless it is a referb or open box. new lowest i seen and got mine at was $1099. is it worth it, i feel not really but it is a really nich market. if i had a price in my head it would be a killer $800 monitor. the things that really raise the price would be the gsync and the fact that it dose 100hz. other then that its more of an $800 monitor.
i been using bitdefender and it doesn't bother me other then saying there was a scan results (i set the time they happen) and the weekly security report is available. other then that i see nothing. maybe you need to go threw the settings to figure out what your issue is.
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