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my sis and aunt has this. they seem to be doing ok
imo a nice laptop would be better if he only uses it for web and work stuff. nice little i5 laptop for the 500 mark would be fairly easy.
well i got the one in my sig free but that's for another time and site.
i actually have 2. 1 i know of 2 i think. but its been a while and tried it on my laptop but you have to have win8 pro to use them not just win8.
my biggest problem with 8 is i dont want to have to pay for WMC. i use that for videos and also my network tuner tv card. so far i havent found anything up to par with that. yes i have used VLC player for dvds but its jsut not as simple.
dont forget to check craigslist as i got one for $100 in mint condition. it is however an older one without hdmi but didnt need it.
i always use silver solder in what ever i do. but where i solder it isn't under much stress
imo im not dropping my gtx480 just yet as i can play all the games i play just fine. if it dose fine then why replace it?
every single ranked match i play i have lost lol
id say it will be ok but a 480 would be better. im running my sig rig on a xspc rx360 and its just fine. and the gtx480 is one of the hotter cards out there.
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