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Imo the color of the room woud depend on the furniture you get. Im thinking something with a black ceiling and gray walls with an acent color somewhere like a brown, green, or red. Also adding a server rack would be sweet.
doesn't have to be that desk just something like it. my job is installing computers for big companies and do a lot of work around these kind of desks. just go to a used office place and they should be able to hook you up.
something like this desk
could always go threw this thread. imo i would do some kind of earthy tones or a nice gray with a deep red/orange accent wall. also go to an used office furniture place and get the biggest L or U shaped desk that will fit. throw some nice shelving in there and some framed posters and bam a pimped room. well you also need some nice chairs and a nice size tv hanging on the wall.
you just need to get a clean copy of win 8 and install it. not sure if there is an expiration on 10 but if you go win 8 all you have to do is install as it will see the bios has a oem key. your just taking the hard way around.
idk why but i was able to put a msata ssd in my y500 and load the os easy. not know what is up with yours.
imo if you can save for a 970gtx then do it, because you cant upgrade them down the road. idk when they changed the panels in the lenovo series because i love mine. bright vivid and good viewing angles, but that may be because i was use to the crappy one in my last laptop. imo if you don't save up just get the one i linked you earlier as its sub $1k now and add a 256gb msata ssd for boot drive.. oo and also check this...
I have the older lenovo y500 and i honistly think i would not go with the 4k display just for the fact the gfx card isnt powerful enough to game on it. With my sli 650gtx and i5 on medium settings with bf4 i get around 30-40fps but i think my i5 is holding the cards back just a tad. Wiuld probably look in to the gs60 apache pro 003. From what i can tell there is a unused msata slot in it so you could add a msata ssd with whats left over to have a nice...
would buy but dont feel like dropping another $150+ on a keyboard. biggest thing that has that i want is a built in cable not a plug in like my ducky shine 3.
just wanted to not that i looked at the ge60 pro-003 and it seems like you would be able to add a msata for the os along with the included hdd for storage if you want to. mine has one but i think lenovo took out the msata in the y50 series so your stuck with one drive. notice where it says ssd on the board that should be where the msata is.
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