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thanks you two i just ordered 2 free sample to try out.
well just got the game today and its nice just have to get use to it. im surprised my laptop plays it fairly well compared to the 5fps that it got during beta.
but the screen is too small might work id just recommend that you may want to lower the run time or up the weight a little. not sure how well some ultrabooks would do if you you decide to run a dvd or youtube.
best thing would be to test it. i know for a fact that some games dont play well with sli/crossfire. with your laptop its just linking the cpu gfx and the dedicated so im not sure how it is. my laptop has sli 650m in it and it plays the games i need on one or bolt just fine.
altho i dont have the titch but i have at times noticed that it would be better to have it go virtual for some jobs im at.
first thing is you need a res in front of the pump. next would be to just buy enough for the cpu loop and add a gpu later but saving to do all at once is another thing you just have to price everything out and look at it from there.
super glue or clear nail polish.
I know it is possible but but the chipset only supports the pentium and celeron chips. No i3 i5 and i7. Some people tried a i5 in the but wouldn't stay up under then 30min.
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