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if you have some money to blow and tools to make your own sub. i haven't bought speakers from the store in over 10 years. same with amps. all the ones i make are clear and loud.
i don't have a use for a M.2 slot but that is from what i skimmed when they are talking about the samsung 850 pro version that it can get pretty hot during heavy use.
M.2 is faster but can run hotter and cleaner install. 2.5 is cooler and slower. for me i like having the cleaner install but to me the difference in speed is not that big of a deal to me at this time as ssd's are fast enough.
so no one is interested in this game ether? im surprised that this is under everyone's radar. Dreadnought seems like its a up coming game that will be pretty awesome. cant wait if i can get in the closed beta.
man just had a 2v5 and won with brood. feels good to pull that off. match #2223108450
if you can foot the bill you can check out the DAN a4-sfx and hopefully it comes out soon.
welp my server has been upgraded now to a e3-1230v1 and a supermicro x9scm-f, from a cheap biostar 775 board and a q8400. now i can host vm's and stuff better. next up when i get to it is some more storage. probably 3-4 3tb WD reds.
whats the bolt spacing? maybe if its worth doing right you could get a bracket made up for it lol
thats an awesome set. those and the asrock board would be nice start.
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