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Its alright and will do but id get a 1060 just for the more vram.
imo for you just get a synology device. also not the single bay, minimum a 2 bay for a raid 1 set up. may cost more but unless you want to pull a linus you are doing it half way. Synology DS216+II $299 Hdd HGST Deskstar NAS 3TB 7200 RPM - $119
found this for $190 OBO its an i5 tho with 4gb of ram but you can get more ram at a later date and for not much imo. another with a good backplate and an i7 xeon but 2gb of ram.
depends what you want and how much power you want to have on hand. was able to snag a hell of a deal on ebay if you look and wait. got a i7 xeon e3-1230 v1, supermicro x9 matx mother board and 8gb of ecc ram for $200 from a server farm pull out. dose everything i need from serving files to hosting a ark server and even a media/movie streaming computer. all this is in a $30 case from microcenter and dose it all perfectly. recommend watching ebay for a similar deal....
what about a 1080p ultrawide? best of both worlds. other then that i would go with one nice 27" 1440p monitor with what ever sync you can use. been thinking of getting one my self but i am liking my 40" tv i have been using.
I looked at the rad specs and fans you are using and they seem a little missmatched. You need fans with hich static pressure to get good air flow threw the rad. The ones you chose are more case fans not rad fans.
Also could be rad flux could clogg the cpu block if not cleaned properly.
just use the OCCT to test it.
the amd cpu pins are just soldered on also if you want my old 870 stuff i have it for sale in my sig
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