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ended up using pfsense as it just feels better. im still taking my time getting all the settings right but its getting there.
i had the ram, laptop hdd, and laptop charger already. so everything else was like $315 off amazon.i had a small 30gb msata drive in cart also but decided to try it out with the hdd i had to save a little money. the brake down should be in the rig build in my profile or sig if it shows there.oo i also have a wifi card that i could put in there but i would have to buy the small cables and antennas for a few bucks if i wanted.
sounds like a fun learning project. but wouldn't it of been easier just to use a dedicated unix os that was setup already to do this?
yup its the 1.4L and yah would make for a nice htpc or what ever you want. the case dose come with some brackets for mounting off the back of a monitor. lastly this is over built is the motto.ill probably mess with pfsense but wanted to try others also.
Just want to show off my new tinny pc/router that i just finished. my plan is for it to be the new router for my home network running IPfire and have all the addons running. wanna get at least web cache, virus scanner, and a network firewall. if that fails ill just use it to upgrade my parents pc. Specs are: CPU - Intel i3 3240T MB - Intel DQ77KB Ram - 4gb left over stick from laptop Case - SilverStone PT13 Cooler - SilverStone AR04 HDD - 120gb old laptop drive - wanna...
i can see that but it also has a dedicated gfx card in the keyboard where as the surface pro has just integrated gfx.
is there a reason not to consider the surface book?
im not seeing anything better out there.
that's perfect, basically instead of taking out the hdd that it comes with you can add an ssd to the msata slot so now you have a ssd + a larger hdd to store stuff on. i have seen where some of the laptops dont come with a msata or m.2 pci connector so your not able to do this.
imo buy the best processor, gpu you can because you can always add more ram and ssd later. as for screen resolution i think 1080 is enough for a 15" laptop as most mobile gpu's can't push 4k at decent frame rates. out of those 3 i would get the gigabyte. never really liked acer laptops and dell is ok. i would first before buying look to see what ever laptop your about to buy has a m.2 pcie slot in it so you can buy a ssd that goes their so you have a ssd and a hdd. did...
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