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could ether be bad mounting or could be that the thermal past between the die ad the heat spreader is fubared some how. what dose the paste look like when the heat sink comes off?
i dont see why not. as for rocket leuge you could alway limit the FPS to something like 150fps to lower the load on the gpu/cpu.
well my new 10keyless showed up and i have to say the build is really nice and sturdy. this is a Royal Kludge RG-987 with some greetech browns. over all the switch is a nice but dose have a little looseness but not bad compared to my cherrys you can feel it. still think it was worth the $74 for it.
if you end up modifying the pig wouldn't it be considered cannibalize if you eat the pig after you got the organs you need?
i prefer bitdefender free edition. review for the seasonic g 550. He nearly givs it a perfict score and only complains that it is not fully moduler and that it bearly meets 80+ gold but everything else was on par as to be in his top 5.
love my asus hero def a good board. its really up to you. since it really is this close i would plan on waiting till x270 but keep an eye on the black friday and cyber monday sales and see whats up.
my HifiMan HE-350 from massdrop came in and i gata say they are some really nice sounding headphones for the money. did the quick sticker remove mod and sounds just right. highly recommend them to anyone that wants some cheapish headphones.
imo the reality for me is that 7 was like that too. was re-installing every 6months to a year. went win 8 and didn't have a problem like that any more.
Imo woulsnt use more then 5 drives in raid 5.
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