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i think it is possible but you may want to run one of those delid spacer so that it doesn't fully squish the silicon. just be carfull not to over tighten the cooler.
i agree i been slapped for posting a music video that maybe had maybe 5 bad words "bad" word in it. -- Thrift Shopthis is an awesome site but some times it feels like daycare with pillows on the wall.
So since i have upgraded to skylake i can now have my old stuff for sale. the stuff is still in my sig and what everything was running at. pretty much since i got it the i7870 was under water and running at 4ghz at 1.3v core with a 20multi at a blck of 200. all this on the asus maximus gene iii. CAUTION!!! if you buy this the bios was not reverted back so make sure you have good enough cooling before running it or chnge the bios back to default!!! those speeds were...
im thinking thats about on par for a 6600k.
I actually just took mine out as i just went skylake 6700k. Not sure what im going to do with those parts. At the moment im ether selling so i can get a 1070 or build another computer for parents/sister.
Im dissapointed. My lower i7 870 was at 4ghz on less volts. 1.3v core with a 200mhz x 20multi. Rovk solid for the past 5 years. Think you got a dud. But thats some awesome work deliding. I wouldnt of thought of doing it that way.
so it seems like it was some rad flux blocking the cpu block some causing the temps to go high. imo i think temps are right in line now. my skylake is at 4.5ghz and hovers around 58-63*c max temps with a cpu only loop and a 360 rad. i know its a different cpu core but seems legit.
Can we git a good pic of the loop?
not sure what to say other then maybe its ether not a good overclocker or the motherboard may not be up to snuff on overclocking that high. i see that the motherboard you are using only has 7 or 8 phases of power. it may be fine but its a little on the lower end. another option is to just back the ram back down to like minimum specs like 2166 or something just to make sure thats why its not crashing. i have the 6700k and was able to do 4.4ghz at around 1.2v in bios/idle...
usually its set motherboard all on auto and let it do its thing. check vcore then ether if your bios will have a readout or when booted while idle then see what it is under load like with prime 95, intel burn test, or OCCT. mark those and see where it is at.1.41v seems a little high unless that is overclocked. at stock settings 1.264v seems ok but it is higher then mine nah 1.41v at stock is too high imo. mine at 4.4ghz is sitting at 1.2v and boosts to 1.232v under load...
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