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I think it would be fine. Its only power not data. Also at such a short run doubt emi would be that big of a deal. I braded my headphone cables and they didnt have any issues.
one option i just thought of is that you may be able to find a older ipod of some sort and jailbrake it/ custom firmware and it can use looseless stuff but i haven't seen that in like 5+ years
I see the last paragraph and if you were able to or interested look into the htc 10. Would fit most of the categories. If not that then im not too up to date on what good stand alone players other then the whole apple line. I would have to look into it later
welp after all this time i had an itch to get this back going and actually found Sophos UTM v9 works very well and is easy to use. way better then pfseanse imo over the ease of use. was able to set it up so that i can do network file scanning and web cache. also has a lot of ways to manipulate the security of the network namely blocking websites you don't want or even blocking whole countries if you feel like. took a little googling how to get it installed but after...
Imo the only reason to get a m.2 drive would be no cables needed or a nvme speed. I also like crucial ssd's as they have a good value to them. I dont think you would loose anything getting a m.2 other then it may be a pitb to take out once the system is put together.
To be fair a 34ft monitor i wouldnt want too cles to me. Maybe 15ft away Now thats over mine is on a arm so i can swing it closer, farther or even 90° so i can watch in bed when going to sleep. Mine sits maybe 3-4 ft from my face and been good. I came from using a 40" tv to this so all the nitpicky stuff like blb and scan lines i haven really noticed.
sorry to burst your bubble...... i was on a phone typing that out real quick and being generic in specs. i guess i should of just said any seasonic psu......
How soon do you need it? Im asking because the brand nre amd cpu should be comimg out in like a month or less. If asap then probably I5 6600 or 7600 Matx mb from asus or gigabyte 16gb of 3000mhz ram Atleast 500gb of ssd storage and 1tb or more of spinning 600watt psu gold or better Gtx1070 Case that you like Shake it in a box, pore out on a cookie sheet, put in oven for 20 min at 350° and done
My guess best way to figure out is to decompile the bios and start reading code.
get a small suction cup and out it over that area and pull gently. had that happen with a tv and that got the bug that was under the screen out.
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