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depends who sees it but ima say for the box i would range the $950-1100 range may vary depending how fast you wanna sell it.
my 6700k at 4.5ghz - 1.264v sits nicely while playing games at 58-60Âșc with a 1070 in the loop and all on a 360 rad. the block i am using is a swiftech XT and its been fine but i have a ek block coming to try that out. also haven't delid yet and have the stuff but not sure if i wanna. seems to be doing fine at the moment.
id be down for it
imo i would lower the internet to 100mbps and get a newer router at the same time. 100mbps is more then enough for a few people on at a time. saving money a month is also a nice thing. could use that for more upgrades or be responsible and put into retirement. as for a new router i just got the lincksys wrt1900acs and its a awesome router so far. if you are worried about money look into the lincksys wrt1200ac or tp-link c5 archer
why don't you download it and play with it as that's about all you can do right now. im not a sales person trying to get you to use it but seems like it has the features you want and its free to try. the folder sync feature you do have to pay for but most everything else to get up and running is free.
i haven't tied to use that feature or plug in on emby. from a quick look you need to ether try a plug in to sync folders or donate for the built in one. ether way it looks like the movies need to be populated in the server then it will sync to a newtwork or external drive.what emby/plex is is a server application that serves the videos to play and not really meant for being put on the htpc.
imo emby>plex but both of those are kinda like personal netflix at home. the way my emby is set up is so that it watches a folder that i put all the movies in and by the file name tries to match it with whats on imdb and imports all the info and pics. makes for a pretty sweet setup. if you want to see what it looks like let me know and i could set up a temp account so you can look at mine.
imo if you don't trust the drives i wouldn't run them.
i got em too just waiting to be delivered. from what i read they may be a hair less bass and to fix it you need to remove a little circle off the driver. other then that they are decent for the price.
been lovin my ducky with cherry clears and see no way i would want to change.
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