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money and honestly not needed.
whats yall thought on me being able to get a hp z800 workstation/server with dual 4 core processor i think with HT, 16gb of ram, and no hdd for ~$450+ tax? would be adding a perc 5 i and eventually some WD red drives and ssd for boot drive. would be replacing my server with a q8400 and 4gb of ram.
little over but would be a starter. i7 4700m gtx 850 2gb 8gb ram 1tb 5400rpm hdd + has an empty msata slot for later ssd install. all for ~$899 + would need to add OS tho.
just priced out the M1 and its close to the same price as they wat like $35-45 for shipping and thats for like 2-4 week shipping.
couldn't find the kickstarter but he is planing on making it a $200-250 case may be a little out of my price range.
oo my that's awesome. if i didn't use as many hdd's as i do now that would be a buy like right now.
could you link or pic the case?
last in
ar05 is the same way. 65watt unless going full blast and good case flow.
the scythe kozuti says its good for 65watt tdp and only 95watt if fan full speed. sounds like its bearly up to it but going to run hot. only other option is get a new cpu that is in the 65watt range and have many more coolers that will work. just a bad mix of components.
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