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meh i only have maybe 2 other pople on mine that jump on every once and a while. i don't have an internet connection that can handle more then 10ppl at a time so its fine with me. as for usage mine isnt that bad ether, mainly its when it loads the ram jumps around 4gb of usage for the server but other then that its fine.
not sure but i love my cherry clears. almost a year on them and never crosses my mind to look for another board.
not sure but it may be a setting in the motherboard health making it 70º is max temp before it throttles it. may need to see if you can find it some where burred in there. my 870 is under water and my bclk is ~200mhz and multi of x20 with 1.29-1.304v. temps reach around 65ºc. been solid for over 5 years.
whats there to manage? i just plop what ever movie file in the "movie" folder and emby takes care of the rest. not all that hard to take care of.
i seem to remember jaystwocents seems to like this
Im guessing you updated the server?
not bad. ended picking up the ac lite access point for $66 and its been awesome so far. only problem i had was running the cable threw the attic but well worth it.
my guess is they have lowered pokeball drop rate so people start paying for the balls instead. from what i see and guess they arn't looking for the long haul of the game and just going for the quick money.
finally found another like mine but they want a little more but it can work if you haggle with them.i7, 32gb ram, and mobo.'s one with a quad core, 4gb of ram, and mb. no...
if you build your self this may be a decent start. just add some more ram and a raid card.
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