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from the pics and the link you posted it uses a blower type fan like that are on gfx cards and it states the specs of the fan to be "Fan noise level: 36 - 42 dB(A)"
yah thats nice but gunna be loud as heck
here we go
at the moment nothing much. i do have pfsense on it with snort and squid with clamav. plan was for a router as soon as i feel like its stable but im just playing with it every once and a while. iif i get board with it i may give it to my parents with a msata ssd in it so it would be an upgrade for them.
in again
that case is on the OP post and is on like the first line. imo it is an awesome case. but its only compatible with only like 5 boards. case was kinda expensive considering the size but it's pretty sweet. also the power brick is probably half the size of the case
imo you could look into the laptop and see if it has a msata or m.2 slot so that later down the road you can add a ssd in there easily and keep the large hard drive in there. i would also look at maybe one that has a ips screen over the tn or what ever else some are. also from what i hear some RAW image files can get pretty big while editing so depending how much she is doing maybe budged for getting 16gb of ram or more.
heh i was just saying a case because it mounts in something or can hide it a little. also a 4u uses 120 fans so it wont be loud like the skinnier ones. i agree no need to get fancy stuff unless you want to. just throwing options out there.
maybe expensive but not too hard. its probably best to take it in steps then trying to tackle it all at for space you can get small computers mainly if you know how much space and if you are willing to sacrifice some stuff. imo to i want to get a 4u server case with a bunch of hot-swap bays and mount it on a 48u server rack case or even to the ikea "lack" side table. as for the router side something small like how my tiny pc would be easy and small but then you...
Here's my little power house: CPU - Intel i3 3240T MB - Intel DQ77KB Ram - 4gb left over stick from laptop Case - SilverStone PT13 Cooler - SilverStone AR04 HDD - 120gb old laptop drive - wanna add a msata drive if i do give to parents PSU - random 90w laptop brick
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