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while i agree clears do tend to be around $10 more on average then the same keyboard in the normal red/black/brown/blue models.i do think they are worth it to me over browns as i like a heavier key.
What dose event manager say the blue screen is for? My guess is a bad gpu.
well just opened the immortal treasure and just got the gyro's inscribed thrusters.
if i was in the place to drop some money i wouldn't mind that Rapoo V500 but i cant right now.just the the .4 ones
had to censor it some.
not really as it was my screw up not the keyboard. if it was like it stopped working one day out of the blue then yes. but i screwed it up my self not the keyboard.
well in all fairness my 2nd board was bought because i broke my first one when taking it apart.
Why not get a bigger desk?
probably just needs to be broken in.
imo what would make me happy is if everyone would be offered a 100meg up/down connection for $60 a month with a unlimited or 500gig cap.
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