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so no comment on mine?
im thinking some kind of atx mb with a lga 2011 xeon e5 26xx series cpu and 32gb or more of ecc ram. throw a nice aio water cooler on the chip and a 120gb ssd and 3 4tb or larger hdd's with zfs running on them.
Im in
im in
idk doesn't seem like that big of an overclock, but its respectable. mine is un-moded and boots to 1300mhz core with just a modified fan curve. never really tried pushing it farther.
ended up using pfsense as it just feels better. im still taking my time getting all the settings right but its getting there.
i had the ram, laptop hdd, and laptop charger already. so everything else was like $315 off amazon.i had a small 30gb msata drive in cart also but decided to try it out with the hdd i had to save a little money. the brake down should be in the rig build in my profile or sig if it shows there.oo i also have a wifi card that i could put in there but i would have to buy the small cables and antennas for a few bucks if i wanted.
sounds like a fun learning project. but wouldn't it of been easier just to use a dedicated unix os that was setup already to do this?
yup its the 1.4L and yah would make for a nice htpc or what ever you want. the case dose come with some brackets for mounting off the back of a monitor. lastly this is over built is the motto.ill probably mess with pfsense but wanted to try others also.
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