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i always use silver solder in what ever i do. but where i solder it isn't under much stress
imo im not dropping my gtx480 just yet as i can play all the games i play just fine. if it dose fine then why replace it?
every single ranked match i play i have lost lol
id say it will be ok but a 480 would be better. im running my sig rig on a xspc rx360 and its just fine. and the gtx480 is one of the hotter cards out there.
p/p works but its not needed and with you having hundreds of dollars difference in pricing i don't see the need especially with you already over rading the setup. if you want something on the other side just get some grills for them. its a lot cheaper.
the rads are fine especially because your using way more then you need. don't worry. just get 16 fans and be happy. you shouldn't of needed 15 pages of post to tell you that.
you never followed any of my post didnt you? i was saying no push pull from the fist time i posted here.
well it's ether16 fans at $17 for $272or32 fans at $7 for $224
i never said it wouldn't benefit. any heat sink will benefit a p/p setup unless its with those 200+ cfm delta fans. expecially when your more or less going to have enough rad space for each component to get its own 480 rad, a p/p setup is overboard unless you have the money or want to do it. and by the way you are not wanting to buy 32 fans at 16-17$ your limiting you fan choices to yate loons that are like $6 if i were in your shoes id just get 16 to start off and see...
they aren't a bad fan but still panaflo's are higher end fans then the gt15.also if you don't mind shopping on ebay not really unless your using like
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