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i hope yall have opened your dota presents that's in your innovatory, you be getting a tone of stuff.
you sure you cant fit the bookshelf? i had 2 cheap 5.1 systems when i was younger and it was a fun novel kind of way but never great in sound. they all had like a 3" woofer and with that size of a woofer there isnt that full of a range so what they really used was a small 5" "sub" that covered some of the speaker thinking if you can swing it 3 pairs of the dayton b652 and a dayton sub-1000. the speakers you wouldn't use one as you only need one center but it...
well imo its best to spend as much as you can on the front and then what ever in the back but thats up to you. whats the full budget you are looking to spend?see i liked it too but with all these people beating around the bush not able to say what it really is was kinda funny.
they mean vinyl wrap from 3m this is some that i warped the bow tie up front with a black with small silver flakes
imo not really sound is more important to me.
good thing i have the jbl's in my lenovo but that's besides the point because if im gaming id be wanting headphones anyways, especially if i was some where public.but if im paying $3k for a laptop i better hope it has the best of the best in it because if it didn't i would be looking elsewhere.
only thing that helped u prove your point was stating it had a i7 in it the rest of it has no point in how well it plays games. just sounds like a guy at best buy saying it has all this memory so it bust be fast.
imo fractal > lian li
mine came in i got 3 in the Dip-8 style and 3 in the TO-99. TO-99 are more liked supposedly but im still waiting for the conversion boards from china to test them. Dip-8 on mouser are $2.68 ea TO-99 on mouser are $7.88 ea
Meh ill stick to my lenovo y500 as it dose everything just fine. Also 1080p in a 15 is more then enough.
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