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not sure about a favorite as all the ones seasonc makes are top of the line. i been using a gold series x660 for the past 5+ years. just got a g-series 550watt for my sisters computer and that was pretty nice. all tho making all the cables black would of been perfect for the price.
look for my post a few pages back for the mount it! mi-751 i even have a pic of it in use. been working fine and have had no issues with it. post
you have to over clock it threw the monitor menu then it restarts it self.
for me i like my hardware raid card as if the system decides crash moving the card and drives area basically un effected. i like the idea of the snap raid, unraid, and other variants but never tried them first hand. i only raid 3 x 3tb hgst drives right now but if i need to or have some money to blow i could add more. for a plex server im not sure how much load you would be putting on the server but most of the time you will be limited on the network connection as...
that hp omen x35 looks pretty sweet. 100hz gsync VA panal for the same if not a little more then the asus ips. love the back design and stand seems imo better looking but has all the connectors coming out the back not down like the asus. also how often will you be looking at the back side of the monitor.biggest thing for me is i would rather save $200 with the asus that i got a $1099 vs the hp oman that msrp $1299. use a little of that saved money to get a monitor arm and...
to be honest its not that bad when typing or using a mouse. maybe a little jiggle but not bad. i will have to say tho my desk is like 2 1/2" thick of solid maple. really have to bang or nudge the desk to get a good shake.
Reporting in. The mount it! Mi-751 came in today and seemed to work perfictly for the monitor. I did use a plate steel piece between the desk and the mount to distribute the weight a little better but seems to hold good once some of the bolts were tightened a little mor holding the monitor up just fine.Little messy but here it is after install
for me i would go with ether the acer or dell. mainly because of the stands.
at the moment i have this coming to me and i plan on placing a larger piece of metal between the mount and top of table to distribute the weight some.
not a big pool but mine was made in September bought from Fry's and didn't have any issues at 100hz so far. have kept it at 100hv overclock for the last 3-4 days since i have gotten the monitor.
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