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i was hosting my own server at home and was doing just fine with 6ppl on and playing. its actually fairly light on server needs as my server was just ideling most of the time. it did eat up like 4gb of ram on start but that was fine. had "the center" running and was doing good. just turned the server off because my room was getting hot and no one was on for over a week. i can start it up if some one wants to play it and i give free dinos if you want them.
power to the video card plugged in?
well i had wd blues that just threw a raid 0 fault, still worked but faulted some how, and replaced them with other drives. this was a week ago and when took them out they had a birth date it 2009. they have been in raid 0 their whole life so 6+ years. also looks to be that wd blue in 1tb or smaller are 7200 rpm where as larger then 1tb are the 5400rpm.
nice should be a good server. just like mine but slightly different hard drives.
you may want to put some ESD mats down over it. looks like you have a mouse infestation.
for router use you dont need that much power. if you are trying to use an i7 setup to be a router that should be able to handle say 2,000+ people. for home use you can get off with just a duel core pentium 4 or amd athlon if you wanted.
maybe, only thing you would gain would be ecc ram but i dont think it would matter much. not to mention you wont get it in a smaller package then mine and the power use would be a lot more then the 30-40watts this thing uses max.
im going to say not really. it may be fine but the problem is that it only has 1 NIC not 2. yah you could do a router on a stick config but not the best imo. if you want to do something i got something for sale that would work perfectly for it but will cost more.
seems good to me. a little older then whats out now but i would run them just fine. also get the biggest you can afford to buy.
imo any main stream ssd now should be pretty good and not have any problems. i would get some kind of small ups for the computer to protect from blackouts.
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