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Hello OCN, These are Elpida Hyper's. If you want to trade, I'm looking for a good set of 2 x 4GB DDR3 1866+. Thanks for looking. Bleached
Hello OCN, I'm looking to sell or trade 4GB 2x2GB Corsair Dominator GT CL 8-8-824 ver. 2.1. The IC's used are Elpida Hyper's. For trades I'm only looking for 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 1600 and up ram. Thanks for looking, Bleached
Don't see the point of this either. They are making tons of money. Expansions come out costing $40. That's as much as a new game for just one zone and a few dungeons. They make more on expansions than on the initial development of a new game. Easy way out is to reskin WoW using Starcraft. That would make tons too.
USB is Intel for those who didn't know. I wonder why they are pushing for it right after USB3 launched just months ago.
Open beta is on the 2/15. Easiest way to find your answer.And yes there is open pvp where you can take outposts and maybe small towns. Only on pvp servers though. Rifts also take over those areas too on every server.
I wanted to see a real FX core. I guess it isn't wise since those usually aren't money makers.
Sorry double.
There is a parsing program that is out already. It is suppose to have a graphical overlay when you play windowed mode. I don't think you can use it while playing full screen. Not sure if it works real-time since it looks at your combat logs.I did like the fact that there would be no meters. The only problem is I got use to threat meter. That made the game too easy though.Only some of the builds need to be full. The reason they did this was because those souls were working...
You don't have sands of time? I beat that in one sitting!!! It was just that great of a game for me. Played it 3 times. Too many games have been bought and played for only seconds. CS addiction use to make me drop other games.
No one likes vi? Greatest FF ever? vi and vii are usually ranked as top FF of all time. Anyway, I love ff i - vii. viii had a bad combat system, but the story was good. ix just felt a bit redundant. x was decent and i did enjoy the blitzball. I also played ff xi for 2 years. Was good until the economy went crazy. ff xii got boring and I never touched xiii. xiv is the worst mmo I ever played.
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